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Stansport Propane Converter
Converts liquid gas style stoves to propanePressure regulated for safe, consistent performanceBrass fittings for years of useEasy to useCompact
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u/quarl0w · 18 pointsr/CampingGear

The Coleman stove can use this part:

That converts it to a propane stove. With that part it's interchangeable between liquid fuel and propane whenever you want.

Also this:

Let's you use one 20lb tank for the stove and lantern at the same time.

u/TheFanIsAPostman · 6 pointsr/camping

You can buy a little propane adapter that slides into these, instead of the normal tank. I keep it in mine. That way I can run it off Coleman fuel or propane.

Edit: here it is, Stansport Propane Converter

u/m0ntyhall · 5 pointsr/camping

Coleman fuel

You can also covert them to propane to with this

u/mbwinter633 · 2 pointsr/camping

They actually make a propane adaptor for these old stoves. Best of both worlds.
Stansport Propane Converter

u/ItsBail · 2 pointsr/camping

I have one. It works but I will only use it in a pinch. I much prefer the white gas.

u/RhodiumHunter · 1 pointr/trailmeals

if you go for this style for car camping, (and you absolutely should, as they're a joy to cook on as long as weight doesn't matter), then get the propane adapter.

Not only does it make cooking on the stove a joy, the cost is lower too. Coleman fuel costs a mint, and you need to fill and pump the tank. You could buy the Unleaded gas version, but you would still need to pump.

There's got to be a million good used stoves like this out there, they're built like tanks. Mine's like 50 years old and the only maintenance I do is oil the leather gasket on the piston pump once a year, just to keep the Coleman white gas option open to me.