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Starmark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large
Exercises and feeds your dog at the same timeThe Large bottom Chamber fits up to 3 cups of Food - enough for a full mealAdjustable openings at the top and bottom accommodate most types of dog Food and allow you to regulate the difficulty levelWeighted anti-slip bottom makes the toy wobble erratically enticing your dog to play
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56 Reddit comments about Starmark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large:

u/victorialol · 39 pointsr/Dogtraining

The thing that causes this behavior is that he is a working breed dog who is extremely energetic. You basically described almost every lab I have ever trained. His owners need to give him a lot more mental and physical stimulation.

Since he is a lab, a chuck it ball thrower would be a great way to play fetch. A flirt pole is another really great toy for tiring dogs out.

For mental stimulation, mealtimes are a perfect opportunity. Have them get either a Bob-A-Lot or a Kong Wobbler for daily feeding and get rid of his food bowl. I recommend the Bob-A-Lot because you can make it easier or harder. This gives him ~10 extra minutes of brain work every day and you don't have to do anything extra.

Then basic obedience and chew/puzzle toys (kong marathon ball, nobbly nubbly, squirrel dude) will also help.

u/carry_on_phenomenon · 13 pointsr/Dogtraining

Oh Lordy I have a ton...I'll try to categorize them...

Best for Puppies
These are all easy toys that dispense a lot of kibble with very little movement. Perfect for baby puppies or really low-confidence dogs. These can also be upgraded in difficulty later by stuffing them with wet food and freezing, or stuffing with a large, hard to extract treat (like a slice of lunchmeat).

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n pain in the ass to fill if you put more than half a cup of food in it, but it's a great "intro to puzzle toys" for a dog that has never had to work for food before. Also very easy to clean.
  • Soda Pup Coffee Cup...representative of a whole genre of "rubber toys with large holes" that make great easy kibble toys or challenging stuff and freeze toys. Some other toys in this genre are the Kong and the West Paw Toppl. I like the Soda Pup ones best because they have higher capacity and a flat bottom.
  • Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop...pretty easy by itself with kibble, can be made more challenging by stuffing a Mazee ball in the large hole.
  • Plastic Milk Jug...or a water bottle, raid your recycling bin. You'll have to supervise to make sure your puppy doesn't shred and eat the jug, but it's a relatively easy and fun (and free) enrichment item. Another puzzle toy you may find in your recycling bin is a cardboard box filled with paper balls. Sprinkle some treats in the box, fill with the balls, and let your dog forage around in your DIY ball pit.

    Easy Rollers
    These basically just dispense kibble by rolling. Not particularly complex, but good for the dog that prefers to solve puzzles by brute force.

  • IQ Treat Ball...this toy takes the longest to empty out of all my toys, but it is way too freaking small and loud as hell on my hardwood at 6am. Really easy to fill and clean though, as it comes completely apart.
  • Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball...a lot quieter but it empties faster and isn't as easy to fill (or clean).
  • Kruuse Buster Cube...this one is also ungodly loud, but it takes a good while to empty despite the fairly consistent payoff per roll. It's a cube (but they also make a spherical one) and the insides have a few baffles to keep kibble from just falling out.

    These require a more finessed rolling motion to empty, so they're the next step up from just batting a toy around.

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble...more of a wobbler/roller hybrid. Surprisingly time-consuming for how huge the holes are, and it gets an A+ for filling and cleaning. Unfortunately my GSD knows how to unscrew it, so it's not much of a challenge for him.
  • Starmark Bob-A-Lot...lots of ways to adjust the difficulty on this one, which is nice. I had a foster chew the yellow piece off of mine, but it still works well.
  • Kong Wobbler...pretty standard toy, I actually do not have one of these but I know a lot of people that like them. They're available at big box pet stores which is nice.
  • Nina Ottosson Pyramid...very similar to the Kong Wobbler, but the hole is in a more difficult location. Good toy but the bottom could use more counterweighting for the wobble action.
  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom...really good wobble action, but for some reason it's common for dogs to try and chuck this one down the stairs and break it. I've heard of a few dogs doing this, including my GSD. I have no idea what about this toy screams "fling me down the stairs!"

    Complex Action Toys
    These need movement in more than one direction (or very specific movement) to get kibble out of, which makes them pretty challenging.

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug...this toy is hard to learn but easy to master. Once your dog figures out the mechanism it doesn't last long. Also that rope gets SUPER GROSS.
  • Nina Ottosson Board Games...I don't personally have any of these because my dogs cannot be trusted with small parts, but I've heard people say good things about them.
  • Trixie Mad Scientist...this toy is cool because the dog has to learn to spin the tubes slowly or centripetal acceleration holds the food in. Good exercise in impulse control. I had a DIY one for awhile but my dogs decided to brute force this toy.

    Soothing, Low Energy Toys
    Along with the stuff n' freeze toys, these are good for dogs on crate rest or who need some extra help relaxing before bed.

  • Snuffle Mat...great toy for activating a dog's foraging instincts and calming their minds. This is a good DIY project, or you can get extra lazy and chuck a bunch of food into the grass for nature's puzzle toy.
  • HyperPet cats eat their wet food from the orange kind ("buddy"), and my dogs use the green kind ("soother") with some PB or cheese as a distraction during grooming. You can spread a thin layer of something tasty on them and freeze for a long-lasting treat that promotes the calming behavior of licking.

    My dogs (and cats!) eat all their food out of puzzles so I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges! I'd be happy to provide more details on any of the toys I have, or buy and review any toys people have been wondering about :)
    EDIT: btw this Jackson Galaxy Asteroid is my favorite cat puzzle toy. They really need to make one for dogs because it is kinda quirky with its bounciness and super quiet.
u/eggsaladmanwich · 6 pointsr/Dogtraining

You can feed him exclusively through food dispensing toys which will help occupy him and drain some energy. I'd pick up a couple different ones like this and rotate their use. See the recommendations below that, most of those toys are pretty good. The Bob A Lot is nice because you can put a decent amount of Kibble in before you have to refill. For hard puzzles, there's one called the Tug-A-Jug which lasts a long time. Freeze creamy stuff or wet food in Kongs to make them last a bit longer. If you can find a type of bone he really likes, keep a bunch in stock; chewing can be great for tiring him out.

And like other posters have suggested, practicing a little training every day will make a difference. Teach new tricks or mix in some basic obedience cues with a game of fetch or tug, using the toy as the reward.

u/JaylieJoy · 5 pointsr/dogs

Something interesting to get is a [bob-a-lot.](
) Or a flirt pole!

Both are fun, interactive toys that you don't see too often and I would love to get them at a dog birthday party.

u/redchai · 4 pointsr/puppy101

Every dog is different! This is just a rough list, but hopefully some of these things will entertain your puppy:

  • A good tug toy. Either a rope or something long and durable (we use braided sheepskin) that your puppy can get ahold of without putting your hands at risk for chomps.

  • A couple tennis balls and a chucker. 99% of dogs love tennis balls.

  • A soft stuffing-free plush toy for them to carry around and cuddle. Stuffing-free so you don't have to worry about them swallowing anything. Bonus if it has a squeaker.

  • A couple puzzle toys. I personally like Starmark's puzzle toys, in particular the Pickle Pocket and the [Bob-a-lot] (

  • A chew. They sell puppy-safe plastic chews that are probably best for dogs under 5-6 months. Once he is old enough you could try him on bully sticks or twizzies.

  • Bonus toy that provides a different texture/movement/challenge for your dog. Maybe one of those really tough toys made out of firehose material, or a wood burl, or ?? Some dogs just like empty water bottles.

u/sydbobyd · 4 pointsr/dogs

Here's a great comment with an overview some food toys.

I like to rotate through several different toys. She gets a quieter toy in the morning so as not to annoy our downstairs neighbor - usually her Omega Ball, Orbee-Tuff Snoop, or homemade snuffle mat. In the afternoon she might get the Bob-a-Lot, Magic Mushroom, Tug-a-Jug, or IQ Ball.

u/kornberg · 3 pointsr/Dogtraining

My less intelligent dog gets this [Starmark toy] ( I like it better than the Kong wobbler, it's much quieter.

The top end has been gnawed on a lot because I am not great about picking it up, but the toy is still more than functional, if a bit raggedy. He's not the brightest, but he's crafty and loves to dismantle things. You can adjust the difficulty if you like, which is nice.

The smarter one gets the [Kong satellite] (

It took him 3 months to destroy this one, but I bought a spare because I know him. It's a really difficult toy to solve. The hard plastic was worrisome at first, because his default solution for a new puzzle is to carry something to the top of the stairs and fling it down. He grabs the little satellites and flings this thing all over the house.

I tend to feed them in the morning with these and pick them up when they have gotten all of their food. Most of the hard plastic toys will be destroyed pretty quickly without supervision.

For a longer lasting puzzle toy to pacify them when we can't go out, I like softer toys. [This] ( one was a bit difficult but I accidentally got the big one, and they can't get their mouths around it to crush treats small enough to get out. We got [this] ( in a bark box and they love it. I don't love it as much because of the squeak, but squeak > stir crazy dogs.

And when all else fails, a 2 L soda bottle with a small hole cut in it is awesome. It's too big to get a good grip on, especially if you cut 2 of them in half and duct tape the bottom halves together, so it lasts a long time. And if they tear it up, it's no big deal.

u/Vectorbug · 3 pointsr/AustralianCattleDog

As long as you tire her out every day you will not be disappointed! Welcome to the club.

It took me a few months of pushing myself to get more comfortable trusting our adult adopted ACD (adopted in Feb this year) but after I realized he's not going to take off sprinting when he's off his leash, the bond really solidified.

They are very smart and have a lot of personality. I've only been able to find one toy that mine wont destroy within a half an hour.

Above all other advice make sure you get pet insurance (I think we have healthy paws). Within a couple of months we had to have a few teeth extracted from ours before we enrolled. $700. They are hearty pure breeds, but they're still pure breeds and have genetic issues sometimes, or they just play hard and tear their ACLs often (my vet recommended fetch with a ball rather than a frisbee).

I also highly recommend agility training. My ACD loves it and can do a full hour before getting brain drain. I've been tempted to try taking him to a dog friendly sheep ranch but I don't want to unlock his heeling instincts, I'm fortunate to have an ACD that is more of a retriever than a nipper.

u/012166 · 3 pointsr/pigs

First of all, thanks for saving those babies! I've never actually raised a piglet, but I know there's an underage pig Facebook page and they're very helpful. I do think piglets can start eating very milked down pellets pretty young, but, again, they would be your best resource.

When your pigs start getting older--please find a vet and get them fixed. I cannot tell overemphasize how important this step is, so I'll just leave it there. When they're old enough to get fixed, GET THEM FIXED!!

I would also recommend harness training them early on, since my 4 year old thinks his harness is the devil and won't go near one for all the cheerios in the world. Ditto car riding. Give them lots of praise (and, more importantly, treats) so they want to wear their harnesses/go places.

As far as toys go, our pig is super lazy, but he loves this for indoors and he has one of these for the yard. Either of those can keep him occupied for an hour at a time, though you might need to check in on them from time to time to make sure their ball hasn't gotten stuck or they haven't knocked anything else. (I once got out of the shower to find my entire living room rearranged because of the path the ball had taken...)

Good luck! Your pigs are lucky to have you!

u/cookingwolves · 3 pointsr/Dogtraining

One of my favorite things to buy myself some time is what we affectionally call Bob (or the bob-a-lot by StarMark). I had my eye on one of these when I first brought my puppy home and didn't buy it for awhile but when I did it revolutionized my life. This keeps my pup busy and entertained forever. We will give her some food in the bowl for meal times but we put aside a lot of the daily food to be fed out through this. Our pup is incredibly food motivated but sometimes is super selective about what she'll chew.

u/norberthp · 3 pointsr/dogs

Here is a food dispensing toy. Here are some treat and puzzle toys. Kong wobbler is also pretty good if you have larger treats/kibble.

I recommend looking into crating until she can be trusted alone

u/drewskie · 3 pointsr/corgi

I am thinking of getting one too! Found them on Amazon (

u/Krystal907 · 3 pointsr/pitbulls

Try getting him some toys that will keep him occupied while you're gone as well as crate training! He is bored, has separation anxiety, or both and would benefit greatly from crate training and toys to keep him occupied. We feed solely out of "puzzle treat dispensers", the Starmark Bob a lot being Lucy's favorite, and give her a bully stick to chew on as well. Most people seem to use filled frozen kongs since it will hold the attention of the dog longer. Another thing that would help would be to exercise more before you leave.

Address the problem of destructive behavior now before it gets worse and it will solve a lot of heartache for you and your pup!

u/jormaboo · 2 pointsr/dogs

Kong is good. Get two: one to keep in the freezer and one to give to her. The frozen ones will take longer for her to get through. Put some peanut butter and treats in there and she'll be occupied for awhile.

I also have one of these things for my smart dog and it's great for her meals. I put her full serving of dry food in it and it takes her a good half hour to get everything out. It's also great because you can adjust the size of the release points to make it harder or easier for her.

u/txladyvoter · 2 pointsr/AustralianShepherd

You might get one of the treat dispensing balls like this one.
The dog really has to work at it, gives the brain a workout too, and that might divert her for one meal. And the antler is a good alternative because it takes awhile and gives teeth and tummy a workout too.

u/Scrunchi · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

This is what I used to slow my dog down:

He is really terrible about eating so fast he forgets to chew. Been using this for a year and have been slowly starting to phase it out as he's been doing a lot better. He got good at this toy but it still prevents him from getting more than a few pieces of kibble at a time.

u/wdelrizzo · 2 pointsr/dogs

I've had success with a Bob-a-Lot

Just put regular kibble in there and it can last a few hours

u/4x4prints · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

We have a beagle who is highly food motivated (doesn't play with toys unless food is involved) and the bob-a-lot is a great toy: It is a bit heavier, and difficult to pick up with dog teeth, so probably less incline to be thrown.

u/midnyghtchilde · 2 pointsr/Hounds

Oh, Premier Pet makes a bunch of them - [on Amazon] ( but most pet stores carry a few of them too.

I use the Kibble Nibbler Ball for his meals, and other toys for some kibble throughout the day - he loves squirrel buddy, but I also have the waggle bone, large twist n'treat, the mushroom, and the barnacle. He figures them out fast, but it does slow his eating and make him think!

He also [loves this toy] (, which is way better than the similar Kong Wobbler in that its slower to dispense and better balanced (he figured out how to get the wobbler to balance on its side and just dump the kibble out in on big pile!)

u/GeektasticCatLady · 2 pointsr/dogs

My dog gets her dinner in this. She loves it!!

It keeps her busy for a bit and helps get some of her her wiggles out at night. She does "protect" it from one cat, though. Any time Tobey comes in to the living room, she picks it up and sets it on her bed. Tobey has never shown any interest in the treat ball, but whatever.

u/paroxyst · 2 pointsr/dogs

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large

I got this one from amazon. It's pretty big, so unless you have some really high couches it should be okay. It has little sliding doors to make the food easier/harder to get out too.

I haven't had it long though, so I can't vouch for durability or anything.

u/MightyFineLions · 2 pointsr/puppy101

We have the StarMark Bob-A-Lot and our puppy LOVES it - though it took him a while to figure it out.

I've read in a couple of places that using it for all meals is fantastic; I haven't tried doing that yet, we usually have our puppy eat all but one meal from the bowl.

u/googoogoojoob · 2 pointsr/Pets

Bob-a-lot is one idea.

But I recommend that you practice his training for a few minutes every couple hours and then give him a toy to play with. The training will burn off mental energy and the release from training will make him eager for the toy.

u/sadiethegreyt · 2 pointsr/Greyhounds

I would agree that settling into a routine seemed to help the most with our grey. It took about 3 months for her to settle and for the separation anxiety to fade. We also got her some puzzle toys that we give her only when we leave. She now knows that we give her a toy before we leave and we always come home. The best one I've found is this one but we also have this one and this one.

u/vvvfffccc · 2 pointsr/dogs

We have three not including Kongs! She gets bored easily lol.

This is my favorite one because it's really easy to change the difficulty and it's too big to get caught under the furniture.

You can change the difficulty on this one too by closing it more tightly but is pretty easy

And this is the easiest one out of the three we have but she still really likes it.

There are like hundreds more to choose from! Someone posted this and I'm probably going to pick a couple from there, too.

u/kathalytic · 2 pointsr/aww

We got ours a Bob-a-lot; she gets all her meals that way and loves it!

u/drawling · 2 pointsr/dogs

I've posted this before, and it's a great list! Originally posted by u/manatee1010 and I have tried several:

I keep this list of brain toy links handy to send to friends who get dogs. It's getting pretty long...

Toys that get stuffed with food and frozen:

  • Kong Classic (15-20 minutes) (it sounds like Watson is lukewarm toward this… have you tried mixing a spoonful of canned food in with some kibble and freezing it?

  • Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy (this can be a stand-alone toy, or if you get a big one and little one they can fit together and dispense kibble) (15-20 minutes)

  • Starmark Pickle Pocket (my big dog really likes this one… we put cheese in it) (20-25 minutes)

    Kibble dispensing toys, hard material (good for carpeted areas)

  • Bob-A-Lot (~10 minutes… this one can be adjusted to make it harder)

  • Tug-A-Jug (10-30 minutes, depending on the dog)

  • Magic Mushroom (10-30 minutes, depending on the dog)

  • Kong Wobbler (~5-10 minutes)

  • IQ Treat Ball (~10-15 minutes)

  • Pet Zone IQ Ball (this is the ONLY toy my dogs can’t get all the kibble out of. They’ll usually persist for half an hour or so before they give up)

  • Buster Cube (I think this has several difficulty settings… my guys now don’t have one of these, but my dog when I was growing up had one. I’d guess this is probably a 20-30 minute toy depending on difficulty and what you load into it)

  • Treatstik – I have NO idea how long this one takes to load, but it’s on my to-purchase list because it seems like it’s one of the longer lasting toys on the market. If anyone has/gets one, I’m super interested to hear about it!

    Kibble dispensing toys, soft material (good for hardwood/tile/laminate)

  • Barnacle (this can be stuffed like a Kong as well… I lost this one when I moved but I think in terms of kibble dispensing it was shorter lasting, maybe 5-10 minutes)

  • Tricky Treater (I REALLY like this one; super easy to load and clean, lasts 10-15 minutes)

  • Tricky Treat Ball (another super easy one… <5 minutes)

  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toy – this one just arrived yesterday so I don’t have a solid rating of its durability yet, but so far it seems great… easy to load, takes the dogs awhile to empty, and super duper quiet.

  • JW Pet Company Treat Puzzler Dog Toy (this one is super easy for them to empty… I’d say 3-5 minutes)

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy (this one is okay, not my favorite… I didn’t like that I had to make a decision about cutting it immediately after opening. It takes ~5-10 minutes to unload)

  • Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball - this one is new! I almost bought it the other day but haven't yet; I think it's most similar to a Buster Cube in terms of adjustable difficulty, it's just a softer material.

    Time-release kibble dispensing toys (good for work days)

  • the Foobler is great because it works on a timer that rotates to the next of six, ¼ cup food hoppers at set intervals of time (you pick, the options are 15-30-60-90 minutes), which makes it last way longer than most of these toys. This is hard plastic.

  • CleverPet – this has a December release date. I’m way pumped about it and have been in touch with the company… hopefully I’ll be getting one of the first models off the line!

    Lastly, there are also these two that I haven’t tried yet, so I’m not positive how to classify…

  • Starmark Crunching Barbell

  • Starmark Treat Crunching Multiball

    ETA: If you have any others you like (or don't like) that I've left off this list, please chime in!
u/iamAshlee · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Dogs need two types of exercise, physical and mental. Although what you are doing with him does have a lot of mental stimulation it's mostly physical. Spend some time every morning and evening doing some type of training, either a new trick, or reinforcing the things he already knows.

Also get toys that will keep his mind active. I feed my dog with this every evening. You could also try a Snuffle mat.

I've found that most dogs chew because they're either bored or they teething. Keeping them active both physically and mentally will help cut a lot of unwanted chewing. After that just keep consistent and when you find them chewing on something they are not supposed to chew give them something they can.

It's up to us to teach them what is or is not allowed, they eventually catch on, but sometimes it can take a bit.

u/DumbShoes · 2 pointsr/shiba


It's interactive, and it's fantastic. I put Yumi's daily serve of dry food in it, and she is far more interested in it than she is when it's in a bowl.

I second toys, toys and more toys. I actually tend to buy her Ikea toys cause they're cheap so I can replace them when she destroys them (toys will be destroyed), they're made for babies so there's nothing she can rip off and swallow, and some even have squeaky things which she loves.

Give them more toys than you can poke a stick at. Thus far, they have saved my furniture and house from destruction. Well, except for the computer chair. For some reason she's obsessed with the wheels.

u/ReluctantlyHuman · 2 pointsr/corgi

My Blanco did not eat so fast that he seemed to be getting sick, but knowing that he would enjoy being engaged for his food, we bought him this:

I won't say he loves it, but he knows how it works and never leaves a piece behind. I've heard of dogs getting bored/frustrated by toys like this and refusing to eat if that is how their food is served, but he has been using it for a few months now and nothing has changed yet.

Plus it gives me like twenty minutes of me-time where I don't have to worry about entertaining him.

u/Devlik · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Second vote for the Tug a jug, Buster Maze also the Mushroom are also good the Bobs A lot Also works great as it has variable settings for difficulty. Puzzles like this are great but they tend to be useless once the dog figures it out.

u/MissTre · 1 pointr/DogAdvice

Here are some we've had luck with:

Hyper Pet Lickimat Slow Feeder Dog Mat & Boredom Buster there are a ton of recipes out there. I've learned Maisey prefers savory more to sweet recipes.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy This seems pretty darn sturdy. Ours has small teeth marks on the top from when Maisey pushes it into a corner and picks it up to move it, but otherwise she uses it exactly as intended and no destruction involved. Our blue heeler, on the other hand, knew where the treats were coming from and would actively paw at the opening to try and dig them out. She would NOT push it around. Dot was special though. Being a blue heeler, she was a stubborn, intelligent dog who wasn't playing anyone's games.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Pet robot that cracks me up to see Maisey play with. It has an app on your phone that you drive it around with. It's like a sphero that dispenses treats.

Starmark Everlasting Bento Ball I highly recommend this. Maisey can spend so much time on it, we've started setting a timer.

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole You'll see a lot of recommendations for flirt poles. They require training (for both you and the dog) to use properly - there are a ton of videos on YouTube about how to use it - don't get me wrong, it's pretty easy. Maisey didn't really go for it. It wasn't her thing. Her prey drive isn't very high.

We also have a Kong but it isn't my favorite. I don't like squeezing the toy in, I have problems every time. I know people will put in food and freeze it, but I don't have that kind of forethought. They are great for destructive dogs though.

You can also look up indoor games. You can put a treat or toy in a blanket and have them dig it out. You can setup obstacle courses. Just google something like indoor dog games or something similar.

Hope that helps!

u/LMGagne · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Basically, never feed your dog out of a bowl again. Every meal is an opportunity for mental stimulation!
Frozen Kongs - these are super easy to prep in advance. I usually have 3-5 in the freezer at any given time.
Puzzle toys like these are good for treats: 1, 2, 3

These are good for kibble: 1, 2, 3

For training, an easy way to get started is to go through the 101 Dog Tricks book. It's 101 tricks/skills to teach them with step by step instructions. Super approachable, and the tricks range from simple stuff like sit and down to more advanced skills like leg weaves. Any of the Do More With Your Dog series is good. I think they have a puppy specific book as well.

If your dog likes learning new tricks or skills you might consider getting into a dog sport like agility or nosework or even obedience. They're fun and challenging for both you and your dog - plus it's a great way to strengthen your relationship in general.

u/pullonyourfeet · 1 pointr/dogs

I have one of these that's the UK site but they're on as well :)

u/rigby_321 · 1 pointr/dogs

You've gotten a lot of good opinions, I'll throw mine in for fun :-)

First. I think you're a good dog owner and I think you can make this work.

Many people have suggested a dog walker - I think that is a great idea. I have a coworker who has a dog walker who gathers up a few dogs from his neighborhood, drives them to a park and they have 3+ hour adventures! Plus they get to spend some time riding around to pick up and drop off the other dogs, I think it really fills their dogs day. My coworker does this M-F but even one day a week would be awesome.

Second. Work his brain. I'd start feeding all his meals in a food dispensing toy he enjoys. I used all of the ones I'll link below either for the dogs I work with or my pets.

[Bob-a-lot] ( This one is pretty tough and can be left alone with some dogs

[Tug-a-Jug] ( This one can be dangerous if they eat the 'rope' but I love how ease it is to fill.

[Tricky Treat Ball] ( This one takes my dog FOREVER but holds her interest well. The plastic is really soft so I supervise her using it (while I watch TV or brush my teeth) so she doesn't just lay down and chew at it to get her food. The other thing I like about the soft plastic/rubber is that it is pretty quiet for her to use unlike the other options I've listed.

[Buster Cube] ( Not sure if the buster cube was the first of the roll around style food dispensers but it was the only one I knew about for a long time. They're pretty sturdy and challenging.

There are a LOT more food dispensing toys out there but I think the ones they have to move can be a little more exciting than a tightly packed kong they lick at. Kongs are great too, I'd just include them in a rotation of feeding devices.

Another thing you can do to make life more exciting for your dog is to rotate toys. If he has a lot of toys only leave out 2 or 3 on a given day and swap them out for toys you've kept hidden and occasionally introduce a new toy. Some dogs really love novelty.

Finally I think trick training is great. A few 5 minute sessions a day of learning a new behavior, or building on an existing behavior is a great way to beat the boredom.

Some fun tricks you can teach that you can use to make really complex behaviors are take it (hold in mouth), paw target (touch with foot) and nose target (touch with nose). You can use those behaviors along with others tricks to teach him to close doors, open doors, turn lights on and off, put things away, cross his legs, ring a bell, limp, pretend to pee (targeting with a back foot) etc.

Lastly, I'd teach him to search for hidden items in your house. I like to hide something while my dog is out going potty, then watch her search for it while I brush my teeth.

Hope those ideas for easy entertainment help some! Keep the dog, do what you can, you're doing SO MUCH MORE than so many dog owners already. I think he'd be fine if you kept him and just did what you're doing now. :-)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/shiba

I use this and this to keep Hokkaido occupied in the mornings - it's how I feed him his breakfast. He's got the bottle figured out (bottle in paws, lay on back, prop rope on floor, dump bottle), but the second one he can't do much with other than use it as designed.

To keep him from waking you up, you'll either have to crate him or out-stubborn him. The way he sees it, he just has to wake you enough times and he'll get what he wants. For him to stop, he'll have to consistently not get what he wants (you awake) from the undesired action. If possible, set up a routine or trigger that he can associate with you arising and paying attention to him. A very natural one is an alarm clock. If you set it as a routine, he will learn that the sound of the alarm means you will wake, perform some set of actions, then pay attention to him. Routine and redirection are your friend.

u/I_LOVE_ASPARTAME · 1 pointr/husky

First and foremost I definitely recommend seeking a professional or asking advice from a breeder as well.

If you have a two year old husky/mix it needs EXERCISE. What are you doing to help release her energy? A walk a day wont do it. Our (nearly two) year old goes for about 2-3 long walks a day and we try to run her 2-4 miles when we can. I tired husky is a happy and lazy one.

Also toys to help stimulate her mind and make her work for her food will keep her busy and distracted. We have several types of kings and big ass roller type toys that we put ALL her kibble in. She rarely eat out of her food bowl because of this. I will show a milk bone in a kong and she will work on that for a while, or i'll stick 1/4 cup of kibble in a roller ball that has a tiny opening and plays with that for 30 min. Usually she naps after.

The key to these dogs is to outsmart them. They will own the house if you let them. Do not be afraid to dominate them. I do not mean abuse btw, i mean just using your body and frame of mind to assert that you are the alpha. Dont greet them until they are qquiet and this may be done by putting them in a crate.

Is she crate trained? When we got our husky as a puppy it was much easier since she was small. However, it can be stressful for rescue dogs who arent used to that. You want to make the crate THEIR safe place. Anytime you stick peanut butter in a kong, put in the crate and wait for them to go in there and get it. Reward them with a simple "good girl". Put a tshirt of yours in the crate that has your scent on it also. Never use the crate as a form of punishment. they will just destroy it.

On accidents in the house. Female dogs (especially huskies) do not completely empty their bladders once they go outside. We usually for ours to relieve herself at least three times before bringing her back in. Another think that may be causing her to keep having accidents is anxiety. Are you yelling at her when she has accidents? Whenever she has one, do not yell at her, but just immediately stop her by touching her. Put on the leash, then immediately take her outside. Wait for her to relieve herself again and then reward her. This will take the anxiety out of it.

This is my schedule with Lucy. 6-7 AM wakeup call from her letting me know she needs to go out. Walk her and wait for her to completely relieve herself and poop on the neighbors lawn. Then put 1/4 cup kibble in a kong and stuff a medium milk bone in there. Get ready for work. By the time I come out it's nap time for her. I take her out again 10 am before I leave. She goes in the crate with another 1/4 kibble in a different kong (variety is important). She sleeps the whole time. I come home for an hour on lunch break and she goes for a long walk. Usually right after I leave to go back to work, my SO comes home and takes her on another walk. She will get play time, scratches and belly rubs, and cuddles. She goes out ever 2 hours after that generally and then goes to bed around 9-10 pm and she's tuckered out. She sleeps on the bed until lights out and then she just hops off and goes into her crate on her own.

So I know this is a wall of text, but you can see how having a husky takes a lot of effort and attention. It was more than we bargained for but we made it work and everyone "ooooh's" and "aaaah's" when they see her.

here are some of the types of toys to look out for:

u/neonsk1es · 1 pointr/WhatsWrongWithYourDog

I'll check those out! Thanks for the recommendations. I already have the kong for her and I'll freeze PB with some of her kibble in it, which takes her some time to get through. She has an insane amount of energy, so the others will definitely help! She also loves the Bob-A-Lot, if you're looking for something else for yours. But this one is also incredibly loud because of the hard plastic.

u/skylersavesdogs · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Is she getting enough mental and physical exercise? It sounds like she’s bored and is getting into things. Even if you have appropriate chews for her, make sure she’s getting enough physical exercise and that you’re engaging her brain with puzzle toys and training. Both of my dogs eat their meals from Starmark Bob-a-Lot toys because it engages their brains. Nina Ottosson makes tons of great puzzle toys of varying difficulties that are relatively inexpensive. Working on trick training and obedience commands also helps tucker them out - do “commercial break” sessions, as short as 90 seconds and no longer than 5 minutes, a couple times a day.

When it comes to physical exercise, make sure she’s getting walks or that you’re playing fetch with her. Plenty of dog owners just toss their dogs out in their backyards and call it “exercise” even though most dogs aren’t going to actually expend much energy in a yard by themselves. Walks around the neighborhood are also a great opportunity for sniffing new smells, which is great mental exercise. If you don’t have the time or energy to walk her, consider hiring a dog walker, or sending her to doggy daycare one or two days a week. We also play with a flirt pole some evenings when my dogs seem restless despite multiple walks... best $15 I’ve ever spent! You can use it indoors in an open space or out in your yard (if you have one).

If your dog is getting plenty of physical and mental stimulation and still chewing things up, management is your best friend. Crate her when you can’t watch her closely or confine her to a puppy-proofed room. Or use the “umbilical” method - put her on a leash and tie it around your waist so she goes everywhere with you and isn’t out of your sight. You really can’t train a dog out of behaviors you don’t witness, but you’re setting her up for failure (and a dangerous intestinal blockage) if you leave her unsupervised in a room with tons of things she can (but shouldn’t) chew. A 15 month old lab is still effectively a big puppy and labs have an affinity for chewing things up. It might be that the best you can do is manage it now and hope she grows out of it in the coming years.

u/geekRD1 · 1 pointr/AustralianCattleDog

I use these every day for both meals
bob a lot

Kong wobble

I got the bob a lot when I left the other one at my parents house. It allows you to adjust the kibble flow in two places (inside, and the opening size).
The wobble is much easier to fill. I ended up drilling a few small holes near the main hole, and stringing some zip ties across the dispenser hole, so that food comes out slower, rather than Neko being able to empty it in a few pushes.

They are pretty similar, so you probably only need one.

u/silverbeat · 1 pointr/dogs

What was your last one made of? Was it plastic coated wire cable? I have one like /u/tokisushi linked for potty breaks and my dog has broken 2 collars (running after cats/squirrels) but never has hurt the tie-out.

Better than a stationary tie-out might be one of those zipline tracks that you string between two trees, especially if your intent is for the dog to get some exercise. Dogs generally do not "wear themselves out" like you are hoping for but it would at least be more conducive to running than a regular tie-out.

I read your other comment about how the dog is not yours and all that, and I totally get where you're coming from. Just thinking out loud, mental stimulation is usually a lot more tiring (especially for puppies) than physical stimulation. Since he's confined to the kitchen a lot, he'd probably benefit from something like a puzzle feeder.

u/cmyj · 1 pointr/greatpyrenees

Game and maze toys are great! They also help to get my pyr to eat since she isn't usually inspired by the food in her bowl. My pup loves these two toys and will nudge them around the house until they are empty. Congrats on the new pyr :)

OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large

u/SocialistCommy · 1 pointr/BorderCollie

You can put her food in this and she'll be distracted for a while. Also, maybe try an alternate walking route?

u/asherdante · 1 pointr/Gifts

I got this for my dog and he loves to play with it. You fill it with treats and hes has to knock it around to work them out. Keeps him entertained for awhile.

u/boredomadvances · 1 pointr/puppy101

[This food toy ](StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy, Large I love everything about it: pup learned how to use it quickly, it's easy to clean, holds enough food for each meal.

I can change how fast it dispenses the food depending on kibble size and how difficult I want to make it. Keeps my pup entertained for about 20 minutes which is great in the morning while I get ready for my day. I've recommended it to many friends and have never had a complaint.

u/jourtney · 1 pointr/puppy101


The Buster Cube (I have this) is an awesome puzzle toy (this is the "large" version, be sure to check sizes). This is a little bit more difficult to use, as the hole that spits out the food is pretty small, and as the kibble gets to be lesser and lesser inside of the Cube, it's harder to get it out. It's cube-shaped (obviously), so pushing it around isn't all that easy, and your dog needs to be firm with it in order to get the food out. This isn't a good toy for linoleum, or hardwood - it's really only good on carpet.

The IQ Ball is awesome too! It is adjustable, which is cool, so you can make it easy at first, and more challenging as your pup gets better and better at it. This is probably a better choice for tile, linoleum, hardwood, etc.

The Bob-A-Lot is another good one. It's more challenging than the Kong Wobbler (again, check the size, I believe this one is a "large").

I also have this Busy Buddy toy for my dog. It's really really challenging for her. The rope has to go inside of it, and then the dog has to pull it out in order to get the food out. This one takes a bit of effort on your part, unless you think your pup can figure out how to push the rope in and then pull it out again.

There are also plenty of food dispensing toys like this one that force your dog to move "puzzle" pieces around to get the food underneath them!

Lots of options!

u/LawyersGunsAndKony · 1 pointr/puppy101

Good news is the more food-motivated a dog is, often the easier they are to train.

In addition to making sure your dog does whatever "calm" behavior you want before giving the food (sit, lay down, go to a special place) - I'd strongly consider feeding her via a Bobble, Kong, or puzzle toy.

This will slow down her eating process, help digestion (so she's not scarfing food down in a single gulp, and if she's super-active may provide mental stimulation akin to a long walk or session of fetch.

When my dog was a puppy we used the Bobble and puzzle toys on rainy days when he couldn't get a lot of exercise outside and they worked wonders on exhausting him without physical exercise.

u/couper · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Our favourite is Bob-a-lot. We used to use a Kong Wobbler, but it was too easy. The bob-a-lot lets you adjust the hole openings so it's more difficult. He has learned how to open the first hole though so it doesn't keep him as occupied as before.

He really likes PetSafe Busy Buddy, Petzone IQ Treat Ball, and Nina Ottoson Treat Maze, but I didn't find them very durable. My 10lb pup isn't much of a chewer, but he definitely cracked the plastic on most of those puzzle toys.

u/lzsmith · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

kibble dispensing toys:

u/amaltheas2 · 1 pointr/dogs

We have one of these and our dogs love it! I put kibble in it and they'll roll it around for hours, even after all the kibble has been dispensed (hoping that more will suddenly appear!).

u/ClaraJustClara · 1 pointr/puppy101

I have a pup who occasionally gets in a picky mood so I got one of these wobbler feeding balls to mix up his mealtime routine.

If he still seems disinterested, sometimes I throw in one or two pieces of a small treat that I know he will smell and go after. It's a lot of fun to watch, too!

Edit to add: Since you mentioned that she sometimes eats it when scattered on the floor... have you looked into a Snuffle mat? They are basically small fringed rugs that the food "hides" in and they have to sniff it out.

u/Chubbybrownbear · -1 pointsr/dogs

Grand Pyrenees are super active dogs that are incredible escape artists. So in addition to a really good crate you should make sure you fix up your fence. Make sure you install a dog proofing system or consider a dog specific fence. Invisible electric fences are useless on them when they get older. They definately need to run around. They are crazy diggers.

Other than that make sure you get dog food toys like this. They have lots of energy. More than regular pups. They also will get annoyed of you crate them for 10+ hours a day like some people think they can do.

The biggest thing with them is to remember that they need to play a lot. Puppy play dates in your own yard will help them out a lot.