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Electronics Replacement USB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter - F/M - USB keyboard to PS2 Adapter - USB to PS2 Adapter (GC46FMKEY)
Connect a PS/2 compatible USB Keyboard to a computer through a PS/2 portUSB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter / USB to PS/2 AdapterNote: This is a replacement adapter that can only be used with USB keyboards that are both USB and PS/2 compliant. If you keyboard shipped with a similar adapter than this adapter will work with your keyboard. If your keyboard did not ship with a similar adapter than this adapter will not work with your USB keyboardUSB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter / USB to PS/2 AdapterLook for “Ships and Sold by Amazon” to ensure you are receiving genuine product. Genuine products come in packaging.
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13 Reddit comments about Replacement USB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter - F/M - USB keyboard to PS2 Adapter - USB to PS2 Adapter (GC46FMKEY):

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Clemson

Dude, just, just, just tossed one away. However,

Edit: Started thinking, I don't know if that will work if no OS. If it needs a driver I doubt it will. I guess I wasn't too helpful. I'll ask my room mates if they have any in the meantime.

u/ARCFXX · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Get whatever cable you like, then spend $2.50 on this.

It'll be a lot easier than searching for that unicorn cable.

u/Dante-Alighieri · 2 pointsr/buildapc

If you have a flash drive, you can do a live boot of Linux (where it loads it into the RAM instead of installing it onto a storage drive) and poke around the files.

And like I said, you can try a PS/2 adapter, PS/2 works vastly differently from USB and apparently still works on W7 with Ryzen and Kaby/Coffeelake CPUs, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume it'll work with Vista as well.

u/akelis · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Wow, wtf. I think they listed incorrect info. :(

Rosewill's listing for the keyboard says absolutely nothing about PS/2. here:

You could try something like this passive adapter, but I strongly suspect it won't work. :(

u/hyggelik · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I'd try several USB ports, if you have.
Otherwise you could try something like this to get the interrupt (this of course requires a PS/2 port on your motherboard.
Last option: Borrow a different keyboard from a friend and try that.

u/freythman · 1 pointr/homelab

I wonder if these would work with that setup.

Edit: Changed link

u/I_play_drums_badly · 1 pointr/Rockband

Not sure exactly what you are doing/have done but I'll explain what I know.

There are 2 units. Unit 1 is a light pod that has a USB cable coming from it & a PS/2 socket. Unit 2 is the Fog box with strobe, this has a power cable & a PS/2 socket. Unit 2 must be plugged into 120v and the PS/2 cable connected to unit 1 to work. Unit 1 USB plugs into 360.

Unit 1 uses USB power to talk with the 360 and uses power from the PS/2 to make the lights work which is the connection to unit 2. If you don't want to use unit 2 then you can use a PS/2 to USB convertor ( ) & use a 1amp USB power source, but this will mean no strobe & fog.

Unit 2 uses the PS/2 connection to unit 1 to let it know when to turn the strobe & fog on. Unit 2 will only make those items work when the power cable is plugged into 120v.

Hope this information helps.

u/NessInOnett · 1 pointr/computers

I've had this problem before. Is it a buzzing sound when you move your mouse?

It's just electrical interference. It has to do with poorly-shielded circuitry on your motherboard, it's not your mouse. A USB hub adds extra electrical noise to the system which is why it's getting louder. There are a few different ways to fix it, in order of cost/difficulty:

  • If your motherboard has a PS/2 port on the back, buy a USB->PS/2 adapter. This is the cheapest solution if your mobo has the port

  • Buy a PCIe USB card in order to move the USB away from the audio circuitry.

  • Buy a sound card to move the audio circuitry away from USB.

  • Replace your motherboard with a higher quality one
u/Bcron · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Have you tried every conceivable USB port?

If you can, find the USB plug in on the motherboard for the front panel USB, and move that to a different header. Headers are those things with pins on them, they should say USB_1 or USB_2 or something right next to them. That might be a possible fix to get you working USB to get into Windows.

The one thing that would likely work without fail is using a PS/2 adapter as it'll bypass the USB... bus.... entirely, they're dirt cheap and usually there's one or two lying around in a box or a drawer somewhere if they don't get thrown away. PS/2 adapter might get you the mouse-ness you need to navigate to device manager and see what's going on with the USB.

u/punk4598 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Your motherboard has a ps/2 port for keyboard. Might need an older style kb to be able to get into bios. Has this issue on older motherboards b4 where USB inputs don't become active till windows boots.

Might need one of these: Replacement USB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter - F/M - USB keyboard to PS2 Adapter - USB to PS2 Adapter

Or see if you have an old ps/2 connection KB laying around or can borrow from friend.

Also, have you tried a different kb?

u/TortTortTheWaterWart · 1 pointr/Windows10

A way to test it is to see if num lock works around the same time you would be pressing DEL key. The num lock light on the the keyboard should go on and off. If it doesn’t, then that may be the issue. Maybe something like this would help?
The reviews say it’s hit or miss though.

u/Rustymetal14 · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

PS/2 actually used to be an incredibly popular peripheral connection, and the drivers are still on most computers. They're old, but most of the people here would know it. Your best bet may be to use a dupont to USB, then USB to ps2. They definitely common, do a search on [amazon]( Replacement USB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter ,PS/2 6 pin Mini-DIN Male to USB A Female - (GC46FMKEY)