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Sticky Rice Steamer Pot and Basket
Authentic way to make Thai sticky riceA premium quality aluminum sticky rice steaming pot, imported from Thailand, made by the very best manufacturerThe pot is just the right size for American stovetops, allowing you to make a generous portion suitable for large parties or just a few handfulA premium quality sticky rice steaming basket, imported from Thailand, handwoven from beautiful natural reeds and sewn across the top. Will last for years.100% Natural Wooden Basket
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u/lyndygates · 6 pointsr/VegRecipes

Yummy mango & sticky rice!!

Check out my blog for tasty pictures and details on the recipe!:


1 cup of sweet rice soaked in water overnight

1 mango

1 cup of coconut milk

3 tbsp of sugar

A big pinch of salt

Sticky rice steamer basket & pot (linked down below)


  • Soak your sweet rice in water overnight!

  • The next day, drain your rice and place in steamer basket

  • Fill a pot with water a little less than half way and place over the stove to bring to a boil

  • Once the water is completely boiled, place the steamer basket with the rice in it over the pot and cover with a bowl or damp towel

  • Let the rice steam for about 20 minutes, checking at 10 minutes to stir the rice to give an even steam

  • Once the texture reaches sticky rice, remove from the pot and place in a bowl or on a plate

  • To make the sauce, place your coconut milk, sugar and salt in a pot and over the stove on a medium heat. You only need to HEAT UP the mixture so DO NOT bring to a BOIL. The coconut milk cooks very fast and will turn into an oil if you over cook it. Just mix everything together and wait till the sugar dissolves and your mixture is heated. Once you see a little steam come out and the sugar is dissolved, remove from the heat and place in a bowl.

  • Add a little of the sauce to your rice and stir, just to coat the sticky rice and bring out a little more flavor. Don’t pour too much because it will make the rice soggy. Plate your rice however you want and slice your mangos. Place the mangos next to the rice and drizzle a little more sauce over the top. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds if you would like and serve!

    So simple! This recipe is PERFECT for any occasion, fancy or casual. It is a huge hit for everyone and it’ll having you crawling back for more! I know it might be hard to find the steamer basket and pot so here’s one I found on amazon that’s very similar to what I have (NOT SPONSORED):

    Enjoy! :)
u/OncePenniless · 1 pointr/Cooking

This has helped me make perfect rice since my wife bought it. Every time. We have only tried sticky and sushi rice though...