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Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz, Black, 006131
Heat up water quicker than a microwaveContains a 16oz capacityAuto off with signal lightAvailable in black
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10 Reddit comments about Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz, Black, 006131:

u/BluegrassGeek · 49 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

It doesn't make a good cup of tea. Partly because the microwave won't evenly heat the water, so it's not fully boiling throughout.

Second, dropping the tea bag into the water doesn't let it steep properly. The water has to be absorbed by the bag, then the tea, then pass back out the leaves before you get a steep. If you just drop the bag in, that takes a while and it doesn't infuse well.

So you want to boil the full cup of water, and pour it over the tea bag, in order to fully bring out the flavor of the tea. You're best off getting a kettle, using the "hot water" function of a coffee maker, or even picking up a cheap hot water dispenser.

Finally, tea bags use the cheapest tea you can possibly get. This is equivalent to drinking the cheapest beer or wine you can get: it basically tastes like it should, but it's not good. Which is fine if you just want something to drink, like a hot cup of tea to start your day.

If you want good tea, you have to get loose leaf tea (and there's different quality levels to the leaves, but that's getting picky). Plus, you want to steep the tea loose, not in a bag, a "tea ball" or any other container. The leaves need room to expand as they soak up the water, to get the most flavor from them. Which means you'll just pour the water on the loose leaves, then strain the leaves out as you pour it into a cup for drinking. I like to use a coffee press, but others just use a fine-mesh strainer or have a strainer built into their teapot.

Most mornings though, I just toss a tea bag in a coffee mug and dispense boiling water from our Keurig onto it. Occasionally, I'll use a Keurig pod of tea, but those aren't very good, just fast. I'll spend the time to do proper loose leaf if I'm home and enjoying the day, but tea bags are just too damn convenient.

tl;dr Just boil your water without using a microwave and pour it on top of the tea bag, you'll get a much better cup of tea.

u/QD_Mitch · 2 pointsr/tea

I just got this ( as a present and I think it'd be perfect for you. The infuser is built into the lid, so you can remove the leaves when they're done steeping without worrying where to put the infuser, and when your next 15 minute break comes in, just refill with hot water and get another wash of the leaves. It's incredibly easy to clean, just rinse out the infuser at the end of the day. You can heat the water with this pup right here:

u/upvotesforscience · 2 pointsr/tea

For heating water, the Sunbeam Hot Shot will heat a mug of water in about 30seconds-1min. It's indispensable at my office. I can't speak whether this would be easier than an immersion heater though.

There should be enough empty space in the box to store a mug, strainer and a bag or two of loose leaf, so you could package everything up between hospitals.

u/Aperture_Kubi · 2 pointsr/ManyATrueNerd

Maybe not the same, but I have this one cup thing. Boils just enough for one cup of coffee or tea, or ramen.

Now I picked up something closer to a kettle awhile back, but stuggle to find uses for it. I don't ever need that much hot water at a time for anything.

u/squidgirl · 1 pointr/tea

By far the Hotshot is my favorite appliance for making a cup of tea. Put water in, press button, it boils, press button to pour right into the cup! Love it so much!

Link here: Hotshot

...though I am lacking a good tea kettle, which would be great for larger quantities of tea, and for water for all the non-stovetop teapots I have. I'll have to look at all the other comments later for ideas!

u/sticky-bit · 1 pointr/AskAnAmerican

Sort of like a personal electronic kettle, which heats a large mug-full of water in a minute or so.

They last about 3-5 years worth of daily use and Sunbeam can't seem to figure out that it needs an extra inch or so of clearance for today's larger mugs.

u/turkeypants · 1 pointr/AskAnAmerican

If I had not lived in the UK for a while I would not know that electric kettles existed. We do have them here and I got one because I do pour over coffee in a Chemex instead of in a standard coffee machine, but they are not remotely as common as in the UK.

Growing up, we did have something called a Hot Shot. It's essentially the same thing except it's less water, like just a cup, and it's meant for dispensing straight into a mug such as for hot cocoa or instant oatmeal or something.

u/WuzFuz12 · 1 pointr/AdagioTeas

I ended up breaking down and buying a Hot Shot Water Heater for my desk.

u/RhodiumHunter · 1 pointr/funny

I have a crappy electronic stove and a microwave.

I also use a "hot shot" which you can think of as a tiny personal 0.5 liter electric kettle that works on 110volts and cycles in about 90 seconds.