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SunPrint Paper Kit
Made in the USA. Ages 6 to Adult.Contains 15 sheets, 20 X 30 cm or approx. 8" X 12".This kit includes a 20 X 30 cm acrylic sheet.
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u/m4gpi · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

I was also going to suggest postcards, or images of things you love, like coffee or flowers or shoes - you can cut from magazines. Or pretty wrapping paper. You can also go weird and put in images of Barney the dinosaur or factory smokestacks (for example).

Or add your own art! If you are not even remotely crafty, Anybody can make sunprints!

u/KaJashey · 1 pointr/photography

I think I've figured out the camera to build as my first 3D printable camera. You know I was gonna get to designing & printing a camera someday.

It would be a large format 4x6 inch camera. Almost completely 3d printable. Extra copies of the middle section could be printed off and stacked as an extension tube.

It would take a modern commercially available lens - Raynox DCR-250 $60.
Or you could print out a pin hole lens.
Could be loaded with this paper as film -- sunprint kit $12
Quarter sheet can be cut just under 4x6 inches. So 15 sheets x4 = 60 exposures for $12 and you develop with water + other cyanotype intensifiers. The kit also has an acrylic sheet that can be cut up for focusing screens/"ground glass" and a barrier to keep the paper flat.
You could load it up with slow direct positive paper as well.

It could do far better exposures than I've yet posted with cyanotypes.

It wouldn't have large format movements. :( Any movements I add would complicate the build and I want it accessible and inexpensive. Would have it's own 4x6 film caddies and I don't think I'm gonna bother with a dark slide or double sided.

Not sure who to approach to ask about sponsorship or something.