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Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal
Supernatural John Winchester s Journal
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6 Reddit comments about Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal:

u/mithrim · 4 pointsr/Supernatural

Alright. These two books are based off the series and seem like a cool bit of memorabilia.

(Bobby's guide to hunting)

(John's journal) (very important in the early seasons)

Or there's a nice supernatural themed travel mug that your friend might enjoy. It has a well known quote from the pilot episode on it.

All of these are around $12 each so you could do a bundle of all of them and still be under budget.

u/TehKita · 4 pointsr/Supernatural

This is John's journal, yeah? Isn't there something they published with/alongside the book series? I don't know anything about it, but I remember seeing it when I was looking into the books for my mom...

edit: I believe this is what I was thinking of...

u/HarleyQ · 1 pointr/Supernatural

There's a book called John Winchesters Journal, I've read it and I'm sad to say it's one of the single most poorly written things I've ever read.

It has "experts" from his journal, but the rest of it is half from the brothers point of view (you're never sure which because it changes mid sentence some times) and parts of it are written from the authors point of view. He'll switch between calling them "The brothers" and explaining their life, to having the brothers talking about their lives but you never know which one is talking some times.

However there's another book called Bobby Singers Guide to Hunting and it's absolutely amazing. It honestly almost brought me to tears because it's so good.