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Takmaria (Basil Seeds) - 7oz
Takmaria 200g/7 oz.Brand - SWADLatin name - Ocimum basilicumBasilSeeds
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u/vsnie ยท 1 pointr/Interstitialcystitis

Hi! Oh wow, you're the first person who's said they too got it at around 20. Can I ask -- did doctors think it was every single STD in the book (given the age) and treat you wrongly for all sorts of crap? That's what happened to me, was terrible lol.

My symptoms differ with each flare up, but right now I get a sharp or dull pain on the left side of pelvis which then resonates through my back on the left hand side. I get burning sensations / sharp pains in my inner thighs and generally that pubic area feels very heaty. It gets itchy from time to time. After I go to the bathroom, it feels like that area got a workout. Some mornings, it really stings when I go to the bathroom and that stingy / burny pain really just knocks me out. I have to lie down for a bit to get over it. I try to drink tons of water before I go to bed to avoid that.

There's a general idea in Ayurvedic medicine that some bodies are prone to what translates in English as "heatiness". That body type should consume certain foods and drinks that suit it to avoid inflammation.

The Chinese also believe in maintaining a balance of hot and cool, too hot and its cystitis, too cool and another host of issues show up. There is a traditional Chinese drink called "Three Legs Drinking Water" which is normal water with a Chinese mineral that relieves heatiness and cools the body, this has worked well for me in the past:

Basil seeds are a common ingredient in desserts in the Middle East and in India, where it cools the body after heaty or spicy food. You can get these in the US (if that's where you are) on Amazon:

Just dissolve it in big glass of water, a tablespoon or so, leave it overnight and just down it. Do it for a few days and see how you feel.

Just wanted to point out these are things that have worked for me, that may not work for everyone, but both are natural and harmless to try.

There's a lot of great information to understanding through the body through Ayurveda or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). If you ever have the opportunity to visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, I highly recommend it because for chronic, autoimmune conditions / inflammation, they have a mapping and understanding of the human body that has truly helped me the most. Not saying do acupuncture or anything like that, but they can recommend adjustments to lifestyle and diet that make a world of difference. Because I can't always follow their lifestyle / diet advice, even though I really should, I can almost always predict when my body will react thanks to what they've told me.

Hope you feel better!