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9 Reddit comments about Teaching Kids to Read For Dummies:

u/KerbalFactorioLeague · 18 pointsr/SubredditDrama
u/lollitics · 3 pointsr/POLITIC

you're a fucking idiot LOL. Sea_Still is officially illiterate. here's a book on teaching kids how to read for dummies, it's about $16 so I'm sure you can skip out on some meth for a bit so you can afford it!


here's another one for you, some easy to read books for beginners. after some practice you can probably learn to read the reports rather than listening to morons talking on AM radio.

u/althaj · 0 pointsr/DotA2
u/bigladfrompakistan · -2 pointsr/BattleRite

Ah yes, let me tap into impossibility and assume my rank before even getting placed!

u/delta_77 · -4 pointsr/realmadrid

That's not the only thing he said. Not even close. Learn how to read

u/xevrai · -19 pointsr/news

Link for you since I guess you can't understand that 1) I'd never do anything, 2) I'm not encouraging anybody to do anything, and 3) nobody, especially me, is going around threatening to murder everybody who disagrees with them.