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TEC Accessories P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip for Everyday Carry Stainless Steel - Heavy Duty Low Profile Car Key Holder and Organizer, Key Chain for Men and Women (1 Pack)
MULTI PURPOSE TOOL: Great multi-purpose tool to hang your keys, flashlights, knives, tritium fobs, flash drives, RFID tags, bottle openers, etc. End key fob pocket bulge.HEAVY DUTY: Made from spring tempered stainless steel for consistent, long term grip, so it maintains its grip when clipped onto thin or thick material. Bead blasted to a uniform matte finish. Bead blasted finish prevents scratches and finger prints. Chemical passivization and stainless composition ensures the clip can never rust.SLEEK DESIGN: The clip is stylish, distinguished, and discrete. An understated compliment to a tactical keychain. Only the outer fold of the clip is visible. It slides on to the top edge of your pocket, allowing anything clipped to it to be suspended part way into your pocket. Your keys will lay flat.EASY TO USE: This low-profile clip attaches to your pocket or purse, and the open tip design makes it easy to grab the clip and pull it free. The clip has the perfect clamping force to ensure easy attachment while never accidentally disengaging.DIMENSIONS OF CLIP: 7mm (0.28") wide x 39mm (1.53") long - 3.0 grams [.11 oz] - Less than the length of a door key and lighter than a penny
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29 Reddit comments about TEC Accessories P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip for Everyday Carry Stainless Steel - Heavy Duty Low Profile Car Key Holder and Organizer, Key Chain for Men and Women (1 Pack):

u/S13pointFIVE · 7 pointsr/EDC
u/porkbullet · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/Gearward · 3 pointsr/EDC

Ranger Bic keychain lighter:

Leatherman Squirt PS4:

Photon II microlight:

P7 Suspension clip:

--> Your EDC keychain is now complete and you're ready for 90% of the EDC tasks likely to be encountered.

u/VaguePeeSmell · 3 pointsr/EDC

Buy one of these and clip it to the inside of your pocket.

u/talnlikejordan · 3 pointsr/EDC

Not OP, but it appears to be the P-7 suspension clip.

u/IronPentacarbonyl · 3 pointsr/EDC

Well, most of them, but ok, I'll bite. I really like the Bellroy Note Sleeve that I replaced my old, very fat, wallet with. I'm trying to settle on a knife carry right now, debating whether I want to pair my much-loved-but-I-wish-it-were-bigger Rambler with a larger knife or not. The Rambler really is great, though. It punches way over its weight class, which is half the problem - it covers everything I really need day to day, but I like to have a knife that fits my hand a little better. If you have trouble with things balling up in the bottom of your pocket, the Tec P-7 suspension clip solved that quite well for me. I guess that's about it, really.

u/gattijam · 3 pointsr/EDC

This little piece of metal literally changed my life. Check for the P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip Online. I’ll try to post a link to it on Amazon.

Basically it’s a clip that keeps your keys from sliding to the bottom of your pocket and lumping in with everything else. I find it clips onto the top of a jeans pocket perfectly and doesn’t do too bad in slacks either. Keys are right where I can grab them not tangled in all my other crap.

P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip

u/afrobafro · 3 pointsr/EDC

It's hard to find small multi tools with clips the SOG Baton series has clips and is a little larger than a sharpie. the Boker Tech tools all have clips and are about the same size as a traditional swiss army knife. If you want to go smaller I'm a big fan of these suspension clips and a small leatherman or SAK.

u/ardoin · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Loop it through the hole at the end of the tailcap. This works.

u/marcoaml78 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

since you didn't got any replies, i can recommend what i did to my Tool AAA, ditch the clip and use a Tec accesories P-7 clip.

Pics of mine here:

u/slyevilhomer · 2 pointsr/EDC

Also, suspension clip. Tec Accessories

u/SubmersibleGoat · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/NoMansKing · 2 pointsr/EDC

Excluding a custom installation of a clip you could use that loop at the end to attach a pocket clip, such as popular the TEC P-7 for example.

If you prefer the knife itself to keep the original look, or maybe you want a lanyard on the loop and you don't want a modern looking clip, you could consider a pocket slip with the clip built-in. Here is one example I remember:

u/aboveavgskeptic · 1 pointr/EDC

been using this for a few years now. holds up great and is nice and slim.

u/dj_boy-Wonder · 1 pointr/Survival

I have one of these, Great Choice. Get one of these to combat the weight of it

u/aprofessional · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Most of those SAKs have a lanyard / keychain attachment point. You could attach an s-hook or suspension clip with a split ring.

u/b_jams · 1 pointr/AirForce

If your keys in the bottom of your pocket are causing your drawers to ride up on you, look into getting a key chain suspension clip

u/mattjvalenzuela · 1 pointr/EDC

For me, I keep my notebook, wallet, phone and pen in pockets. Knife, sharpie, multitool, and flashlight are in a bag. I don't get enough use out of them to justify weighing my pockets down any more. I'm also a teacher, and this limits my carry by a lot when at work. If I'm working, I leave nearly everything in my bag except for essential items (phone, pen, occasional expo pen).

Having a bunch of items doesn't make much sense to me when you can't carry them in an efficient manner. I struggled for a while carrying too much and having my pockets bulging when I wasn't getting a lot of use out of my gear.

My suggestion(s):
Get a bag. Leave less-used gear in there.

Limit your pockets to a single sharpie or pen. 2 pens in 1 pocket gets clumsy.

Slim your wallet if you can. Less weight, and wallet and notebook can go in the same pocket.

Mount multitool and flashlight on a single clip. I like the P-7.

u/mossington1911 · 1 pointr/knives

There is a recessed clip around the internet like this. There are others too. It's just one I found.

u/Sparks_MD · 1 pointr/EDC

Sorry guys, I thought this comment would show up but it didn't so here's it again!

Info and such.

Info and such.

Picture one is my work (garrison, not deployed) EDC and picture two is my normal EDC.

  1. IPhone 5 with LifeProof case

  2. [Fisher Space Pen] ( (This is my third one, last two flew off.)

  3. Just a normal sharpie

  4. Two diffrent types of Rite in the Rain

  5. Gerber Flick Multi-tool and belt carrying case

  6. Southord Jackknife lock-pick set

  7. Kershaw Cryo knife

  8. CREE LED flashlight

  9. Keys with a TEC P-7, a tritium key FOB, and a 2 GB flash drive

  10. ID tags

  11. A very cheap Armitron sports watch

  12. Carmex

  13. A BIC lighter

  14. Standard ear Protection

  15. Standard tri-fold wallet (will upgrade soon)

  16. Oakley Flak Jacket (These were given to me)

  17. Standard issue gloves (do not buy these)

    So I do carry much more stuff with me while I'm working but I'm quick to shed it when I get back to the barracks.

    Hope you enjoyed and I'll be happy to answer any questions about my getup!
u/leatherdenimcanvas · 1 pointr/rawdenim

Only need a house key, a work key, and a car key fob. All three are hooked to this tiny clip and sit inside my right pocket, clipped to the pocket, next to my knife. This part is always the first to fade from all the friction and ends up with near white fades after just a few months. Eventually it does tear up the top of the pocket, and sometimes the pocket bags, but those are easy to fix (and look awesome with some repairs).

u/Vic_the_Dick · 1 pointr/flashlight

Agreed, I’ve been meaning to add one of these to my aluminum Tool.