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Technology Of Machine Tools
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u/Maleko087 · 3 pointsr/machining

There are TONS of extremely useful references out there, so many in fact that you will probably end up collecting more and more if you stay in the trade. for a start though, here's the shortlist of what you should probably have on hand:

The Machinists Handbook - A must have, doesn't matter what version they all pretty much have the same info -

Technology of Machine Tools - this is the main text that i use in the precision machining technology course that i'm currently taking; it is a hell of a reference -

Blue Print Reading - If you are not well versed in drafting/design, then pick up a copy of this as well as you will find it very useful -

u/DeathCondition · 2 pointsr/Machinists
u/byerdbot · 2 pointsr/Machinists

There's nothing really wrong with your tool path but it looks nicer if it's consistent.
It's also easier to find out what's going wrong if something is going wrong.

If you have little experience I would suggest getting this book.

Any version will do so you might find a older/cheaper edition on eBay or something.
It goes over the fundamentals of being a machinist and the basic stuff you'll need to know.