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Tekken 7 - PlayStation 4
Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 sets a new benchmark for graphical fidelity for the fighting game genre, pushing the new generation of console hardware and PC visuals to the limit.Hollywood-like, over-the-top cinematic action sequences blend flawlessly into fierce battles.Select characters from an impressive roster of fan-favorites and all-new fighters, each with a distinct set of deadly techniques, martial arts moves and combosStreet Fighter's Akuma flawlessly transitions into the 3D space and joins the fray in an epic franchise mash-up complete with all his shoto-style moves and fireballs
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7 Reddit comments about Tekken 7 - PlayStation 4:

u/Quique19_96 · 2 pointsr/Tekken
u/bmierror · 1 pointr/Tekken
u/spacemonkey86 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is no secret that I've been saving up for Tekken 7

I'm huge in too playing fighting games that have been waiting for the game to come out too console for couple of years now since it was announced too bad I had to come out When my finances aren't up to Snuff

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this

u/AznAesthetic · 1 pointr/Wishlist

A game under $20 is Tekken Tag Tournament. A non-canonically tournament that chronicles the endless feud inside of the Mishima-Kazama family! I've been playing the sequel nonstop lately with no regrets. Basically you play as 2 Tekken characters and fight like you would in a canon game... only with interchangable characters.

Over $20 is Tekken 7. COULD this be the END of the Mishima-Kazama feud?! Who will make it out alive?! I have no idea because I haven't played it.