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The Adult ADHD Tool Kit
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7 Reddit comments about The Adult ADHD Tool Kit:

u/Randi_Butternubs · 10 pointsr/ADHD

I borrowed this book from the library a while ago and it had some time management strategies. I remember one I practiced was making a list with 3 columns. In the first column, write a to do list of tasks. In the second column, estimate how long each will take. Then time yourself doing each task and write the actual time in the third column. It’s to help you notice actual time.

u/tentkeys · 5 pointsr/ADHD

Good luck... I hope you are able to get appropriate diagnosis and treatment!

If you are not, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't get any help... here are a few things that can still be helpful:

  • Exercise. Intense enough to raise your heart rate and make your sweat. Not as effective as meds, but it does help, and it's available to anyone no doctor required.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. If you can't find someone in your country who can do CBT for ADHD, you can do it from a workbook like The Adult ADHD Toolkit. You can get this book and others like it without a doctor.
  • Provigil/modafinil. A very common treatment for daytime sleepiness, but studies have shown it to also be a successful off-label treatment for ADHD. Not a controlled substance in most countries, so it may be easier to convince a doctor to let you have this than other ADHD meds.
u/glycine · 3 pointsr/ADHD

The Adult ADHD Tool Kit has personally been very helpful.

Let me also just say that I've never liked "self-help" books (on any topic not just ADHD) because they tend to be wishy-washy feel-good bullshit. This book is not. It's direct and to the point and has actual ideas and strategies for building good habits and curbing bad ones.

u/kalechipsyes · 3 pointsr/ADHD

The different types of ADHD medications work differently, and ADHD can come about by several different mechanisms. As such, if Ritalin isn't working, it could be worth trying a different medication.

Also, diet, sleep, overall stress, and overall health can play a big role in not only how bad your symptoms are, but how well some of these medications work. Other medications can also interfere or interact.

Many people also opt to not use medication, either because their ADHD is controllable without it, or the medications just aren't tolerable for other reasons.

That being said, some generic are also just better quality than others. I've certainly felt differences.

I'd say - listen to your body if this medication isn't working for you, and demand that your doctors take your concerns seriously (you don't need to wait the full month between appointments - I've set up emergency appointments after a week when it was clear my new Rx was causing problems), but don't give up on your diagnosis just yet. I know how frustrating it can be to try a bunch of medications that don't work or make matters worse, meanwhile life still needs to go on around you. It's very hard. Do your best to educate yourself on how these drugs work and what other drugs are out there. Perhaps Adderall, a nonstimulant drug, a anti-depressants, or a big green vitamin smoothie and a jog every morning, will be better for you. We're all different :)

I can recommend a great book, if you're interested:

u/formicarium · 1 pointr/ADHD

Have you read the Adult ADHD Tool Kit?

It's meant to be a client's companion to CBT, and the writers are both super well respected experts. I can't really recommend it enough. Most importantly they explain their reasoning behind each strategy, so it doesn't have that feeling of 'do it because I said so' which is normally so frustrating.

u/janeylicious · 1 pointr/ADHD

Sorry, I get the appeal of sharing tools you find helpful, but I do not want anyone in this community to get in trouble for sharing a book that is not theirs to share. It being a PDF does not mean you can freely share it - it was probably part of your diagnosis cost in some way.

If you would like to view or purchase a copy of the book, please visit your local library or bookseller. Here's a link to the Amazon US store:

u/mwd410 · 1 pointr/ADHD