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The Avalanche Handbook
The Mountaineers BooksIncludes the latest information, techniques and research on understanding and surviving avalanchesContains new information on the unique characteristics of alpine snow, snow slab instability, terrain variables, skier triggering of avalanches, and the nature of avalanche motionBrand-new chapters on the elements of backcountry avalanche forecasting and the decision-making processAn essential reference for outdoor instructors, snow management professionals and backcountry users everywhere
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u/micro_cam · 3 pointsr/Backcountry

"The Avalanche Handbook" is a good, thick reference though drier then Trempers "Staying Alive."

Tremper has a new book that I haven't read.

"Snow Sense" is a classic but short.

I just recommended this book on another thread and it is really great and covers lots of emergency shelter style stuff. Written by two NOLS instructors one of whom happens to be a brilliant cartoonist. They have other books on avalanches and telemark skiing too.

Some good blogs are,,,

u/panamapete · 1 pointr/Spliddit this is a good starting place. And pretty cheap as yell.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/skiing

Even if it's just a friend who told you things, you're ahead of most people there. It's definitely worth getting a level 1 cert. if you're gonna be out in the BC at all, plus learning about avys is really fucking cool in my opinion. Also you can read some of the 'classic' books. For example:

Staying Alive in Avy Terrain

The Avy Handbook

Because once you know what you're doing and are confident, you can ski every day fairly safely.