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The Curve of Time
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2 Reddit comments about The Curve of Time:

u/smithee2001 · 4 pointsr/VictoriaBC

Have you read The Curve of Time?

If I had 6 weeks off, I would go to some of the places mentioned. Not all of them are on the island though.

u/BrokenGroup · 2 pointsr/DIY

This is so freakin awesome! My SO and I are in the process of building an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) behind our existing house. At almost 700 sq ft it's not a tiny house but we're still constantly looking at blogs and websites for inspiration to do more with less space. Our architect specializes in tiny house so he has tons of great ideas.

You also live in one of my favorite places in the world. I LOVE the the west coast of BC and have been there probably 20 separate times. Last year me and 4 friends spent a week in the Broken Group kayaking. A few years ago my SO spent 10 days kayaking around Desolation Sound. A couple years ago I hikes the West Coat Trail solo. It was awesome but incredibly crowded. Each night camping was like being in a tent city, but I loved doing that trip solo... I had never done something like that before and it's great to have all that time to be introspective. I did a half marathon in Ucluelet last summer which was really fun. Someday I want to do a ski trip to Smithers but it's so isolated!

If you haven't read it already I think a great book to enjoy in your cabin is Adventures in Solitude. It actually inspired me to do the kayak trip in Desolation Sound. I also really liked The Curve of Time and it's follow up.

Thanks so much for sharing! I get all fired up when I see these and someday I'd like to spend 6 months a year in a cabin like yours and 6 months a year in a tiny cabin near the bottom of a ski lift!