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The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President
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20 Reddit comments about The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President:

u/Buffalox · 30 pointsr/politics

I warned that Trump is a sociopath already during primaries.

The most common response was "Are you a professional?".

Then came the arguments that you can't diagnose without having examined him professionally in settings.

The denial was absolutely astounding even into his presidency. Of course many could see it as easy as I could, but there were many that simply refused to see it, even when it was pointed out with numerous examples, and even after a book was published by professionals that warned about it too.

Trump is delusional, and he is a malignant narcissist and sociopath. But not just that, he is a very bad form oof one. I've met many diagnosed criminal sociopaths, but very few are as bad as Trump.

And yes he is absolutely dangerous, and there are alarming rumors that are absolutely believable, because Trump has zero empathy and zero decency or regard for norms or the law.

u/sculptedpixels · 19 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

read this a few months back. it's fucking terrifying. it's actually outdated, but when you read it, you start comparing those events to present day chaos, and it magnifies the conclusion: the man is a dangerous combination of textbook narcissist and pathological liar. And his performance to date has done absolutely ZERO to detract from this conclusion, if anything, reinforced it's validity at every turn.

so here we are today. an entire party aligned behind this man who's not only wacky af, but actively working with foreign powers to subvert our own goals and destroy our historic alliances.

mueller save us, please.

u/idlevalley · 4 pointsr/The_Mueller

He's unfit and has dementia.

Also a whole boatload of psychiatric conditions.
''The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President'' Hardcover – October 3, 2017

u/UltraMegaMegaMan · 4 pointsr/PoliticalVideo

I hate Trump a fair bit, and that goes back to well before he was elected. He's a garbage human.

That said, there is really good body of evidence that he is just not well physically, and most likely has dementia or Alzheimer's. The anonymous op-ed in the Times is only the latest confirmation of it, not the first time it's been pointed out.

I mean, there have literally been books written about it. As much as it pains me to say it, Donald Trump is not completely to blame for every horrible thing he does because some of it is caused by a medical condition that affects him mentally.

What's important about that is that he shouldn't be serving as President because he's not able to do it, and everyone paying attention, especially everyone who interacts with him, knows it.

The other thing is that people shouldn't mock someone for medical problems or mental illness, even if that person is Donald Trump. I have great confidence that Trump would be just as shitty even if he didn't have dementia, but since he does I just want him to stop endangering the country, get help, and be taken care of. Get him out of office, let him watch as much Fox & Friends as he wants and rant on Twitter all day. It's what makes him happy, apparently.

I know what it's like to see people disappear slowly over time due to dementia, and it's horrible beyond imagining. I would not wish it on anyone. Not even Donald Trump.

He does a lot of horrible things, but he's also old and sick. If he was just some guy in a nursing home it would be just another Wednesday. The difference is he 's in the highest office in the land, so that needs to be removed from the equation.

u/crappydew · 4 pointsr/Maher

Godddamn, can you not be such a sucker? "A fountain of psychological information regarding this administration." LMAO. trump and his followers are absurdly simple organisms, and trump's mental instability has been examined and explained AT LENGTH by very well-qualified experts.

There is absolutely nothing complicated about the trump phenomenon. Each faction within the republican party is fueled by their primary ideology, be it abortion, racism, xenophobia, corporate greed, preserving power, etc... and trump, a colossally corrupt con man is simply lying about absolutely anything and leveraging their hatred, fear, greed and stupidity to rip the country off, stay out of prison and avoid the repercussions of displeasing Putin, who has a staggering amount of kompromat against him. That's pretty much it, dude. You don't need some slimy Wall St. fuck to tell you what should be painfully obvious.

u/jmatthews2088 · 4 pointsr/The_Mueller

This book breaks it down well, from a variety of psychological perspectives.

u/dimitrov1 · 4 pointsr/AskTrumpSupporters

>No they aren't.

Yes. They are.

You might call these sources biased or the psychologists in them unethical, but that doesnt change the fact that the presidents menthal health is in question by professsionals.

I wont pretend to know as much about clinical diagnoses and the ethics of psychological evaluations, especially if you are who you say you are. But cant you admit that there are signs that cause concerns? Especially in regards to his narcissistic personality disorder? Dont you realize that inherently people with narcissistic personality disorder dont seek help, how can you diagnose it if they never actually sit down in a clinical setting?

u/unidan_was_right · 4 pointsr/AskAnAmerican

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

Apparently, there's a lot of influential people saying he is crazy/dangerous.

I wish I was joking.

u/godmakesmesad · 2 pointsr/exchristian

Thanks. I fear Trump will take us into a war. I even worry a demented narcissistic delusional rage could destroy us all. The fact a president can stay in office even when 27 psychiatrists sign off on him being mentally ill is deeply disturbing.

u/SnapshillBot · 1 pointr/EnoughTrumpSpam


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u/mjjdota · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

There's also a book in which many mental health experts agree on his mental impairment.

u/mwhter · 1 pointr/politics

>Are you a psychologist?

These people are, and they think he's nuts.

u/Nadarama · 1 pointr/politics

Is that quote supposed to support your assertion? The 27 psychiatrists who wrote this book disagree. Trump is the prime exemplar of malignant narcissistic personality disorder.

u/Snufffaluffaguss · 1 pointr/politics

Reading this book has given me so much more insight than I ever really wanted. I'm still thinking it's a personality disorder with a dash of dementia.

u/tau-lepton · 0 pointsr/TruePolitics

There are literally books written by expert psychologists on Trump’s mental state.

Here’s one

>27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

u/fiztja · -5 pointsr/conspiracy

On the contrary, the article lays out quite clearly the context in which this takes place, and presents a list of actions already taken by Trump. Whether a Trump administration does or doesn't institute more sweeping dictatorial and authoritarian methods of rule remains to be seen, but the groundwork is being laid, and has been laid for some time now. With every successive president we find ourselves closer and closer to living in an actual police state. And your response is: Trump, the duplicitous and stupid pseudopopulist conman didn't explicitly state his intentions, so there's no reason to think he'd do anything so drastic.

We all thought W Bush was a dummy blowhard, too, but that didn't stop his administration from carrying out (probably) 9/11, illegally invading Iraq, the Wolfowitz Doctrine, passing the Patriot Act, illegal surveillance, opening Guantanamo, normalizing torture, and every other anti-democratic measure you can think of.

The point is, this kind of structure isn't erected overnight. It's built brick by brick, day by day, until one day the capstone locks in place and then it's too late. As the article states, presidents aren't flippant with language, and when they are it cannot be ignored or shrugged off as whimsy, or whatever.

Chris Hedges wrote a pretty good article on Truthdig last year called "Signs of Creeping Fascism Are All Around Us", which I think is worth a read. In it, he looks at a book called "How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them", by Jason Stanley.

Stanley examines how modern authoritarian and nationalist—“fascist,” if you like (Stanley obviously does)—politicos have used and subverted purportedly democratic electoral politics to gain power. He finds 10 common themes animating fascist ideology and propaganda:


>1. Invocation of a mythic national past marked by racial, ethnic, religious and/or cultural purity—a supposedly glorious history to which the nation needs to return.
>2. Propagandistic use of outwardly virtuous ideals (including anti-corruption, democracy, liberty and free speech) to advance abhorrent ends that contradict those ideals.
>3. An anti-intellectual assault on education, universities, science, expertise and language, accompanied by charges of Marxism and “political correctness” against liberal and leftist enemies and the advance of simplistic nationalist and authoritarian ideals. This is fertile soil for the deadly denial of climate change that has occurred and for such absurd claims as the notion that whites are now more damaged by racism than are black, Latinx and Native American people in the U.S.
>4. An insidious attack on truth and on people’s ability to perceive and agree on truth. Regular and repeated obvious lying is combined with the advance of conspiracy theories and the promotion of “news as sports” and demagogic strongmen as “stars.”
>5. An ugly faith in natural hierarchies of worth and a rejection of equality as dangerous, unnatural, Marxist and liberal delusion.
>6. An aggrieved and counterfeit sense of victimhood among dominant “us” groups (racial, ethnic and/or religious) that feel threatened by having to share citizenship, resources and power with minority groups (“them”). This ironic victimology feeds an oppressive nationalism devoted to maintaining “natural” hierarchies and uniting “chosen” but supposedly oppressed racial, ethnic, religious groups (whites in the U.S., Christians in Hungary, Hindus in India, and so on.) against the supposedly false claims and unjust demands of “them”—those designated as “naturally” inferior others.
>7. A stern embrace of law and order that targets minority others (“them”) as criminal threats to the safety and security of the majority (“us”).
>8. Sexual anxiety about the threat supposedly posed by minority, criminal and alien others to “our” traditional male roles, status and family values.
>9. A loathing of cities seen as racially and sexually corrupt, ethnically impure, sexually perverse, parasitic criminal zones loaded with a polyglot mass of some inferior, nation-weakening “them.” By contrast, the rural countryside is lauded as the noble wellspring of virtue, strength, self-sufficiency and racial-ethnic purity. The rural heartland/fatherland/motherland/homeland is the sacred and foundational “blood and soil” preserve of “us.” It is the noble native soil of the “volk”—the true ancestral people who embody the spirit of a once-grand nation that needs to be made great again through the defeat of liberal and supposedly leftist elites who have been giving the nation’s resources and power away to naturally inferior others (“them”).
>10. A sense of the chosen-people majority (“us”) as hard-working, upright, virtuous and deserving, combined with the notion of demonized minorities and others (“them”) as lazy, dissolute, shifty and undeserving.

Is Trump’s narcissism a problem for his backers? Not really. As psychologist Elizabeth Mika noted last year in an essay titled “Who Goes Trump? Tyranny as a Triumph of Narcissism”:

>The tyrant’s narcissism is the main attractor to his followers, who project their hopes and dreams. The more grandiose his own sense of self and his promises to his fans, the greater their attraction and the stronger their support. … Through the process of identification, the tyrant’s followers absorb his omnipotence and glory and imagine themselves winners in the game of life. This identification heals the followers’ narcissistic wounds, but also tends to shut down their reason and conscience.

If that sounds anything like “creeping fascism,” that’s because it is. As political scientist Anthony DiMaggio recently observed:

>There are too many red flags in public sentiment to ignore the threat of creeping fascism. Ominously, one of the strongest statistical predictors of support for Trump is the desire for a strong leader who will ‘crush evil’ and ‘get rid of the rotten apples’ who ‘disturb the status quo.’ Half of Republicans say they trust Donald Trump as a more reliable source of information than the news media—more reliable even than conservative media outlets. Nearly half of Republicans think media outlets should be ‘shut down’ if they are ‘broadcasting stories that are biased or inaccurate,’ raising ominous possibilities regarding precisely who will act on such allegations. … The cult of Trump is not an abstract phenomenon, but one that has real implications. … The danger of fascist creep is also seen in the support from most Republican Americans for shutting down the 2020 election, so long as Trump declares it necessary to combat fictitious voter fraud. Conservatives’ acceptance of this conspiracy theory continues, unfortunately, despite the president’s own ‘voter fraud commission’ being disbanded after failing to find any evidence of it.

You'll have to forgive me if I take these things a little seriously.