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The Dreamers: A Story of Sam Kullen
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4 Reddit comments about The Dreamers: A Story of Sam Kullen:

u/Wataru624 · 4 pointsr/teenagers

Website. Amazon. My work here is done. Oh and cool book OP.

u/magicmalek · 3 pointsr/IAmA

how do you feel about these reviews? Do you take them into consideration for your next book?

u/OliverWDahl · 2 pointsr/YAlit

The Dreamers by yours truly, Oliver Dahl. I am (quite) biased when I suggest it, but it is YA, and might be an interesting read. Sorry for the past and following self-promotion. :) I am 14 years old, published it when I was 13, with a sequel coming fairly soon. It's about a kid named Sam, who becomes a Dreamer, which means that he can live inside of his Dreams, and also affect events on earth through his dreams, so... Lots of cool stuff. It's in 1st person, full of Sci-fi/modern fantasy, explosions, and cheesy knock knock jokes. I've had 2nd graders enjoy it, and I have had grandparents read and enjoy it. Everywhere in between has so far, as well, too! Here's my amazon link, if you want to look into it a little more. Thanks!

u/capitalzero · 2 pointsr/YAlit

Oliver, congrats on the publication. I started writing my own YA book around that age, and I envy your courage and ability to put yourself out there while you're a YA yourself. Wishing you all due success, I hope you don't mind me offering you a marketing tip. is also a direct link to your book, just shorter and so more... elegant.