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The Easy Way to Stop Drinking
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u/cliveholloway · 20 pointsr/todayilearned

That should worry you. Your liver will be fucked by the time you're 25.

I got up to a bottle of whiskey a week (plus beer in between) before I quit. I had liver damage and thyroid issues. Even if you don't think you want to quit now, read this.

Funny thing is, I thought I'd want the odd drink after cleaning myself up. I don't. I'm sat here looking at two bottles of rum I brought back from St Maarten for my girlfriend. Now the addiction's gone, I don't see the point of it.

I think the biggest point is realising you're addicted. Once that settles in your head, everything else starts to fall into place and you can move forward. Good luck with finding your path.

u/pollyannapusher · 8 pointsr/stopdrinking

Why not try breaking the loop and focus on something else?

u/troll_herder · 8 pointsr/loseit

That's indeed a bit much to drink on a daily basis, depending on how long that's been going on it might be considered a problem indeed. How long have you been cutting the beer? See my edit above (you replied very quickly ;)) for a strategy on how I coped with cigarette cravings when I stopped smoking. It's from Allen Carr's book "The Easyway to Stop Smoking" - he has a book for stopping drinking aswell, if this is an ongoing thing you might want to have a look at it, the problem is similar. (original version) (updated version including CD)

u/InbredNoBanjo · 5 pointsr/stopdrinking

That's the secret. Here's a thread from several months ago, where I shared my experiences with this issue, around OP's age. I didn't quite make it to the bridge. But I still had the epiphany.

>So what is the point in prolonging this awful, muted, sober existence?

I'm going to get truckloads of shit for this. But it sounds to me like you need to go drink. As much as your body can stand. If alcohol drinking is truly as euphoric as you describe, do it.

By the way, have you read this book, which is linked in the SD sidebar? It helped me pierce through the utopian fantasies, mostly advertising-induced, which I'd associated with alcohol.

u/Worsel77 · 5 pointsr/stopdrinking

allen carr the easy way to stop drinking:

also check out 'this naked mind.' there is a free download on the right hand side bar of this site.

u/rogermelly1 · 5 pointsr/stopdrinking

Make sure you utilise your family and friends, and don't forget the other support systems that are free for all to use. I presume you have used them before.

Resources and Groups

Other subreddits

u/somehiddenname · 5 pointsr/stopdrinking

I'll tell you what, I own this book, it's in mint condition (and I can absolutely prove it). If you want this book, I'll send it to you. I have no use for it and was going to post if anybody wants it. However, I want to send it to someone who is absolutely sure they want to stop. My only thing would be that you pass it along to someone else after you're completely sure of yourself. If you don't want it, I'll post a new thread.

u/sefrus · 4 pointsr/atheism

Allen Carr's book for getting out of the trap. He goes into AA's many contradictions and fruitless methods quite extensively and why they don't work and what does work.

Kindle edition: (Different title, seems to be the same book)

u/play4hours · 3 pointsr/alcoholism

You couldn't be more right. I never realized the "kick" alcohol has. Telling myself each morning "I will not drink tonight" only to find myself at the store by 5pm refueling for the night. It didn't matter how much I was hungover, or how much I wanted to quit. I would ultimately be pouring a drink by 5pm on a weekday, and 11am on weekends. Alcohol is a poison, and it will catch up to you at some point. For me, rock bottom was the hospital with severe abdominal pain due to a swollen pancreas.

78 days sober and counting, I never realized how much I valued life. Life is beautiful when you don't drink. Drinking clouds your surroundings and everything beautiful in it. I thought alcohol made the moments great. It didn't. And it's not necessary. You'll see.

You recognize you have a problem. Run with it. You can do it. Listen to the audio book by Allen Carr. It will help more than you can imagine. It did for me. Very eye opening to a problem crushing society.

Good luck friend. Better days ahead.

u/gerp · 3 pointsr/alcoholism

Ok. So I know this is going to sound like bullshit but the Allen Carr book worked for me. I read the book and followed the instructions. I also stopped smoking using his book on stopping smoking.

They even do day courses pretty much wherever you are.

Also, a good psychologist is helpful. I live in Europe so mine is in my health care package. Almost every alcoholic I know has gotten to the point of why does it fucking bother.

I mean to be honest if I did not have my wife and my dog I would probably be dead already.

That is about all I can say really. Hold tight.

u/offtherocks · 3 pointsr/stopdrinking

Read this book. First few pages say don't quit drinking until you're done reading.

Edit: And/or do this. It's free.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/stopdrinking

By the way, this seems to be the latest version of the book (might want to change the sidebar link):

or for Kindle (the older version I read):

u/littleweep · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking

Thanks for the encouragement. I still feel awful. As far as "rock bottom" I meant to say I just wonder how many things I'm going to fuck up (personal health, relationships, etc.) before I realize just how bad drinking is for me. I bought The Easy Way to Stop Drinking a while back and will be giving it a read in full.

One thing that worries me is that networking events (tech industry) which have so many open bar functions. I worry if I don't drink I might be seen as antisocial or some kind of pariah.

u/new_weather · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Get him this book. It worked for me & my dad; the hard part will be getting him to finish reading it.

u/georgesoyros · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

You're very welcome brother. I'm glad you're still here with us.

Forgot to mention, about the drinking part, you might want to give this book a try.

u/EverybodyIsBitches · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking

Carr, Allen - The Easy Way to Stop Drinking (2005) [GoodReads|Amazon|Google] - Carr offers a startling new view of why we drink and how we can escape the addiction. Step by step, with devastating clarity and simplicity, he applies the Easyway™ method, dispelling all the illusions that surround the subject of drinking and that can make it almost impossible to imagine a life without alcohol.

Grace, Annie - This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life (2015) [GoodReads|Amazon] - This book, without scare tactics, pain or rules, gives you freedom from alcohol. By addressing causes rather than symptoms it is a permanent solution rather than lifetime struggle. It removes the psychological dependence allowing you to easily drink less (or stop drinking). Annie’s clarity, humor and unique ability to blend original research with riveting storytelling ensures you will thoroughly enjoy the process.

u/Franks2000inchTV · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking

Well if that's not a wake-up call, I don't know what is.

You can make the change you need to, but first you need to see that you need to.

Are you ready to stop drinking? If so, we're here to help!

If you're not sure how to start, I recommend Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Drinking it's $9.95, it's a short read, and it WORKS! It's the easiest way I know of to stop drinking.

Now once you stop, you're going to need to work hard to stay sober, but worry about that later. You've already taken the first step in coming here.

Talking to a doctor will help. Talking about this stuff helps. Get it off your chest. Start making positive changes. Show your girlfriend that you're serious by living a different life.

u/coldbeers · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking

I have it sitting on a shelf :) but the smoking one worked like a charm on me, 13 years smoke free now and boy was I addicted, it was easy.

Maybe I'll get round to reading my copy one day, if I decided I wanted to stop for good (and I'm not there yet) this would be the first thing I'd do.

u/drivers9001 · 1 pointr/DecidingToBeBetter

Check out The Easy Way to Stop Drinking by Allen Carr: I read it because I was only curious about his methods (his smoking book is famous for being good at helping people stop smoking), but after reading it I stopped drinking. The gist of it is that there is actually no good reason to drink and once you debunk all of the myths and cultural conditioning about it, you just stop without requiring willpower. I linked to the out of print (available from 3rd party sellers) version that I had read. I'm not sure if other versions of the material would be as good or not.

With that out of the way, next I'd recommend the books of Cal Newport. He's a really smart guy:

Deep Work is about setting up time to work on the things that really take advantage of your abilities -- to focus on something for a good block of time without distractions to produce your best work.

So Good They Can't Ignore You is one I'm in the middle of now. It talks about career advice. He advocates that you should get really good at valuable skills, and that "follow you passion" is actually terrible advice. Some of the things you mentioned is what made me think of this. In fact the title is a quote from Steve Martin.

Finally he has several books specifically targetted as students. I haven't read them but if I were a student (like you are) I would definitely check them out. I did really good in the classes for my major but the rest were not so good. The descriptions are really intriguing so I might just read them anyway.

u/Your2ndUpvote · 1 pointr/stopdrinking

You are a wise (wo)man! The eurofolks and affluent gringos have been fooled, as have the estimated 90% of adults who consume alcohol.

u/ControlSix · 1 pointr/AskReddit

This may well be a Sham, but I know plenty of people who have used the "Easy way to quit Smoking" book and loved it and had great success with it. I'm not sure how well that method translates to drinking, but the ratings and reviews seem to speak very highly of it.

One of the most critical things that I tell people with the Quit smoking book is that you can't just expect to read it and stop, you have to really want to quit. The book won't be able to help you against your will, but if you are committed it should be cake. A commenter on the Quit Drinking book made the same point "The book really does work - but YOU have to work on your desire to WANT TO STOP. "

u/Brad_Wesley · 1 pointr/legaladvice

Buy or torrent this book. It worked for me, and has worked for a number of people I have given it to:

u/My_cat_is_cute · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Heaps of people quit smoking by using another book by the same author, Alan Carr, you can see it has 4.5/5 on amazon.

u/_then · 1 pointr/barstoolsports

I've heard from multiple people that Allan Carr's book Easy Way to Stop Drinking helps and is a great resource

u/AdolphEinstien · 1 pointr/keto

Your story sounds way to familiar.
I started brewing when I was 19. First bottles then to soda kegs, it got to the point were we joked that my house went through more home brew than water. I lOVED beer and crafting it...
Around my late 20s I started to realize that the relationship had changed and I was no longer in control of my drinking. As the years went on I enjoyed drinking less and less but did it more and more. I realized it was costing me in so many ways (DUI, Relationships, Self respect,Health...) but I couldn't find a way out.
I tried over and over but always ended up with a beer in my hand after a couple days.
I quit drinking for the last time when I was 33 (it will be 10 years next month).
It was one of the hardest and the most rewarding things I have ever done.

I'm telling you all this because I want you to know you can do it and it's worth it.

Once I got my mind in the right frame it it was actually easy and I never want to go back.
I was at a particularly low point when I picked up a book by Allen Carr about how to quit.

When I finished the book I opened a beer took a swig and puked, I choked down about three beers this way and finally gave up and never really looked back.
Sometimes I miss beer but I never miss being drunk, and drinking is simply no longer an option I consider.

I was done when I picked up that book it was just a tool that helped get the job done.

When you conquer the drinking the rest will be simple and just fall inline.
Let me know if you have any questions.

u/ItStartsAgain · 1 pointr/stopdrinking

Amazon: kindle($3.91), paperback($5.33), hard cover ($13.23).

Based on your realization (not drinking is winning against alcohol) I think you'd really enjoy it and find its perspective helpful. Congrats on your day 3!

u/The_Real_Baldero · 1 pointr/stopdrinking
u/digger_ex_pat · 1 pointr/

I don't see your port in r/alcoholism. It may be stuck in the spam filter.

I just quit a little over two weeks ago. It can be done. You will feel better eventually. Try AA or try

You cam PM me if you want.