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The Economics of Health and Health Care
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u/dmstewar2 · 2 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

It's not about morals at all. All insurance does this and in many non-complicated insurance systems like cars, you can choose your deductible quite easily because people don't actually get any "utility" from having their broken car fixed other than the fixing of the car.

With health insurance, especially with health insurance, people will do retarded shit like go see the doctor 3x a month because they're lonely or will imagine things are wrong with them that aren't really an issue, doctors have to treat/diagnose them any way driving up overall costs to higher than it would otherwise be on average for a total population with a co-pay/deductible system.

I could probably find a bunch of studies on the topic, but I can assure you it's well documented and has nothing to with "morals". "Moral hazard" is a technical term, it just refers to the person bearing the risk/benefit being separated from the party bearing the cost.

If you really want to understand the insurance market this book is a good start, but you don't, no one does, that's the problem.

u/Bjarkwelle69 · 0 pointsr/AskEconomics

My health econ professor for undergrad made us use folland's health econ book. I'm not sure how good it is though compared to other textbooks.