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The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Teal
BABY BATH TUB: Three stages of transition from newborn to toddler, comes with a comfortable slingERGONOMIC DESIGN: This bath tub for baby features an Infant hammock like sling inside the tub and holds a growing baby better during bath timeCOMFORTABLE NEWBORN BATH: Mesh sling provides extra support and comfort during first bath timesTODDLER BATH: Toddlers are supported on the upright side of the baby tub with plenty of room to playEASY CLEAN: Mesh sling is machine washable and dryable, and anti-slip pads are mildew-resistantMesh sling can be found on the back of the package contained within a plastic bag with assembly instructions
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24 Reddit comments about The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Teal:

u/lavender_ · 45 pointsr/AskWomen

> He's American so to him, babies should be bathed in sinks.

I'm American. I would probably prefer to use a baby tub in the bathtub. Like one of these

u/athousand-words · 10 pointsr/BabyBumps

We had the very basic sling-style one ( Worked just fine, never had issues with the sling. My LO was pretty petite at 6.5lbs, I think I remember other moms in my bumper group saying they had issues with bigger babies not fitting quite right.

My biggest bath-time tip is to run a hot shower before bringing baby in so the room gets warm and steamy. My LO loved baths - it was like spa time for him!

u/halfdoublepurl · 9 pointsr/BabyBumps

We're going to be using this tub. My sister used a similar one for her 5 kids and loved it, it fits pretty much any sink, and is shallow enough I can find a spot to stash it in my older house, which is lacking in storage.

u/luckyloolil · 9 pointsr/BabyBumps

I agree with you about the towels and wash cloths. I found a full sized towel easier to use than the tiny baby one, but to each their own. I was given a TON of wash cloths, but didn't use them until my kid started solids, then they came in handy to wipe off her face and hands. You don't need baby specific ones though, any will do.


Since you're having a winter baby, I recommend reading this article on keeping kids and babies warm and safe in the car seat. Bulky coats are actually quite dangerous. And I recommend one of these if you live somewhere where it gets really cold. Kept my winter baby in Canada nice and warm! No matter what bunting bag you get, make sure it goes on the carseat like a shower cap, not behind the straps at all. Once your kid is in a convertible seat, it's tougher since the seat stayed in the car and therefore was quite cold. So I would use lots of fleece layers and made a carseat poncho.


Clothing: I also recommending getting a couple sweaters for a winter baby. I had two in each size. I also don't see any sleepers on your list, they are an essential for me! One item of clothing instead of many is WAY easier in the constant diaper changing days. On really cold days, we'd actually layer pants and a sweater over a sleeper, to keep her extra warm (and have built in socks!) I'd say have at least 5 onesies, and 3-5 sleepers.


Pacifiers: I recommend only having one or two on hand. I ended up having breastfeeding problems, and my LC discouraged the use of pacifiers because it was apparently encouraging my kid to CHOMP. I never used one again. It was actually nice, since it was something I didn't have to worry about in the diaper bag, and we never had to wean her off them. I have picked up two for this upcoming birth though, I will use them if I need.



My essentials, but many people do without:

- For me, sleep sacks are essential. I never figured out swaddling, and sleep sacks made things so much easier. I love the halo sleep sacks, and the newborn one has velcro flaps for swaddling.

- Baby bathtub. I really don't know how people bathe babies, especially tiny ones, without a baby bathtub. They are so tiny, delicate, and very slippery when wet.

- Travel system stroller. Being able to click the carseat into the stroller was amazing. I'm a c-section mama who has disastasis recti in pregnancy, so baby wearing doesn't work very well for me for very long. A stroller helped me get out of the house, which saved my sanity. This also meant the carseat was never left in the car to get cold, which I felt was important with a winter baby.

- Carrier. Though I couldn't use it for very long because of my core, sometimes when we were out and about she'd start to fall apart, and popping her into the carrier solved that right away. If you don't get a stroller, you'll definitely want a carrier. I loved my Tula free to grow carrier. Easy to use, and worked on both my husband and I.

u/binderclips · 9 pointsr/AprilBumpers2018

:( That does sound hectic. My registry is kinda all over the place because I've already bought a ton of stuff, but just some suggestions of some things (FTM so no idea really if these are good or not, some were recommendations from friends, some were recommendations from various online resources).

  • car seat, extra base if you have more than one car, and stroller
  • baby carrier - I got the ergobaby 360 with infant insert but the Lillebaby 360 is also super popular.
  • swaddles - aden & anais seem to be hugely popular.
  • bathing supplies - washcloths, bathtub
  • first aid kit supplies - NoseFrida, nail clipper, thermometer
  • feeding - bottles, sterilizer (some people told me I had to have it, some said it was totally unnecessary), bottle cleaner brush, drying rack (seems like everyone else loves the Boon grass, but I don't have the counter space!) You can get a pump through your insurance if you plan to breastfeed, I ordered mine through Aeroflow. I ultimately chose the Spectra S2 over the Medela PISA because it's a closed system, which apparently means less chances of bacteria getting into the system and thus easier cleaning.
  • burp clothes - I was told to just get a ton of cloth diapers to use as burp clothes, and to have them everywhere.
  • diaper pail - I have two friends who say this is good enough, so I went with it. They also said to use doggie poop bags to contain the smelly diapers.
  • humidifier
  • Boppy for nursing
  • Backpack style diaper bag
  • baby may need a more convenient place to be set down other than the crib, something you can have near you in the kitchen, shower, whatever. Popular options are the rock n play, Boppy lounger, or a pack 'n play. I plan on getting the Chicco FastAsleep pack 'n play because the crib/dresser/changing station is on our 2nd floor, so I figured this could double as a changing station/napper on the first floor.

    Lucie's List is probably the best resource I found online.
u/wcuhatter89 · 6 pointsr/beyondthebump

I second the bath! We bought this tub and started giving our LO a bath every night and I think it's helping her get the hang of a night time routine. She used to stay up past 11, but now she eats around 8, we give her a warm bath and she is dozing off at 9-something.

Also I recently bought The Wonder Weeks for my Kindle and it has helped me feel like I'm playing the right "games" with her. It tells you about what new changes are occurring when and what you can do at that time in baby's development.

u/slowly-but-surely · 3 pointsr/parentsofmultiples

We used something like this one:
The baby-hammock thing worked great when they were infants. Then they graduated to the firm reclining side, and then later to the firm upright side. So, it got a lot of use.

That being said - we were too nervous to try holding them in the shower with us at first, but once we got the hang of it it's way easier than going for a full bath.

u/sloanerose · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

It worked out great actually! I figured that most people have a target nearby and for those that would prefer to online shop, there was Amazon. I also found better deals on certain items on Amazon vs target. The bath tub we have is - The Blue Tub We don't fill it up every time we bath LO we just put him in the sling part and pour water over him (and keep a washcloth on his belly to keep him warm).

u/sewmanybees · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Currently using this . Right now we just pour warm water over him and use a wash cloth but we got it on recommendation from two friends who still use theirs

u/Flewtea · 2 pointsr/amazon

It's items like this, not the Elements line.

u/therealdoop · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Hi! Mom here, we rent and didn't have a tub, so we used a baby bath until our daughter could sit up on her own, then put her in the bottom of our shower with bath toys. She loves it. Honestly having the baby bath at counter height is so much more comfortable than kneeling and hunching to bathe them in the tub.

That's the one we got, we loved it, and the bottom is designed to fit over the kitchen sink as well.

Edit: Also, my mom just bathed her in the kitchen sink without a tub, which she also enjoys.

u/erich0 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

I was skeptical because it was so cheap (< $20), but this tub worked great for us: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub Blue

u/DarlingDestruction · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I was/am in the exact same boat - first kid, limited funds, starting from scratch, going through reviews and prices drove me insane. It took me probably three months to get my registry together, and, even then, I am still switching things up, lol. was invaluable while picking everything out. I highly recommend you check it out.

What we have bought ourselves that fit our tight budget:

Graco Comfy Cruiser Travel System. We had already decided to go with that car seat, given that it seems to be the top-rated budget option, and the stroller ended up being a much-needed bonus. We go on walks a lot, so it works for us. If you don't need the stroller, the seat itself is, I think, only ~$100.

The Pack N Play, which I've heard from literally everyone and their mother is almost a necessity.

Because we don't have an IKEA near us to get our hands on a swanky $99 crib, we bought this DaVinci crib. We still only ended up paying $100 for it, as we found it on sale, however, we would have paid the $200 for it, given that the reviews are good, and, when compared to some other cribs that cost $400 and up, the price isn't bad at all.

As for the rest of the registry, we have on there a Moby wrap (affordable baby wearing, yay!), nail clippers, outlet plugs, nursing pads, a wipes case, a baby tub, baby wash, assorted crib sheets, waterproof crib sheets, Pack N Play mattress, and sheets to go with, crib mattress (we actually bought this one when we found it on sale for $20, and it's just fine), receiving blankets, dirty diaper bags (because we aren't getting a diaper pail, just a small can with a seal-able lid), changing pad, and a cover to go with, pacifiers, Dr. Brown's Gia Nursing Pillow, a bottle brush, bottle warmer, thermometer, booger sucker, camera to monitor the baby, and a few other assorted things that I couldn't really find a definitive "best in class" for, so pick at your own discretion: diaper bag, swaddles (although I've read good things about the Summer Infant brand), bottles (we're going with Phillips Avent), a bouncer (we got this one), and a swing.

I agonized over this stuff for what felt like forever, lol, so I hope it helps you and saves you some hair-pulling. It's all so overwhelming!

u/Bmorehon · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I also have a bunch of stuff on my registry that is inexpensive ($10-$25) for friends and if my coworkers decide to do a shower here which they have done for other new moms in the past. Here are some of the things I have on mine
Sleeping gowns so you don't have to unsnap the onesie for midnight changes

A baby tub

Tub Thermometer

Baby thermometer

Nose Frieda which others have mentioned

preferred bath/care products

Cloth diaps which make fantastic burp cloths/cleanup

Nursing pillow also good for tummy time

Plus some other odds and ends. People will also buy stuff that they like, so you'll probably get stuff that was not on your list and that is ok. You can also request to have a "diapers n wipes" shower which a friend did since she was on her 4th child, and she probably got 2 months worth of diapers and wipes out of it if not more. Also, make sure you get multiple covers for your changing pad, it'll be nice to have more than 1 when it needs washing! Congratulations!

u/BabyCalebsMommy · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We have a bath tub, but our 15 month old son still hasn't had a bath in it. We started with this infant tub and when he got too big for that we got this duck inflatable tub. My son is in the 99th percentile for height and still fits in it, so if you have an average baby you could use it for a while.

u/deceasedhusband · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I love bath time! What kind of tub are you using? I have one of those fancy Puj tubs but I hate it. This one is so much better. My newborn can sit in it securely enough that I can take my hands off of her for a second to get soap/wash cloth/towel prepped.

But really there is absolutely no reason to bathe a baby (or most adults for that matter) every single day. I love bath time and we still only do it 2-3 times a week.

u/ff2488 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Just found out my wife is pregnant. This tub could be useful.

u/mawema · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

This one worked for us - convertible from tiny baby to little baby to unstable kiddo who wants to sit up.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Teal

u/smartzie · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I loooved using a tub with an infant net. Something like this. Once she was big enough, we took out the net, but it made bathing a newborn so easy. I wasn't afraid I would drop her or drown her. I highly recommend something like that.

u/InannasPocket · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Sympathy on the insurance/pediatrician front ... my hospital let me preregister without actually filling out that part of the form, though now I'm thinking I'd better check with my insurance and make sure that's ok with them!

For baby bathtubs my sister gave us the standard cheap blue tub which looks like it will work in the sink too, but we'd also looked at this one which seemed compact yet roomy enough for an older baby because it's more upright. But I haven't tried either out yet.

Oh and for furniture, I've had a good experience with Schneiderman's (several locations around town), but I have heard of other people getting delayed delivery. Some friends went to Becker Furniture and seemed happy.

u/mcb5175 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Thanks for the info on the grooming kit - I'll look into other options. Did you return because the items looked low quality? is the tub I have.

I am getting the Medela pump, so I will look into the Medela bags - THANK YOU!

u/greensthecolor · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

We used this one and were so happy with it

Great for newborn, infant and toddler. We used it in the sink then moved it to the tub before switching to real tub baths at some point. Thanks lucies list!

u/vyndree · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I am due in November so this is more of a blind-leading-the-blind sort of list, but take what works for you and leave out what doesn't:

  • Car seats (yes, seats. We went with an infant seat that was part of a stroller+car seat combo, and a convertible seat for when it gets older.) - we wanted new ones for safety since you can never be sure that a used car seat hasn't been in a crash, even if it isn't expired yet... plus... re-use for baby #2 someday (it shouldn't expire before my ovaries do)

  • Pack & Play - I know some people use these, some don't. We know that my partner's family is a good 1.5-2 hours drive away, and his mother especially is super baby crazy so we're likely to be doing several weekend visits. Plus, we plan on setting it up in our downstairs living room so I don't have to tromp all the way upstairs every time baby naps.

  • Diaper bag - we were really lost choosing one. I let my partner choose whatever he thought he'd feel comfortable carrying around. I just requested the option that it could be carried backpack-style (I like having some hands free), so he found one that converts from tote bag to backpack.

  • Baby carrier - we chose the Lillebaby complete all seasons because we wanted something that worked for newborns.

  • Car seat cover - "shower cap style" so it sits over the infant seat and doesn't interfere with baby or the car seat straps. November baby in a harsh winter climate, and I personally preferred this style to the tent/blanket style ones that hook onto the handle of the car seat

  • Car Mirror - because I'm paranoid and want a way to be able to visually check on baby when the car seat is rear-facing. These usually attach to the headrest of the seat.

  • Baby Spoons, bowls, snack and sippy cups - for 6+ months old

  • Baby Bottles - despite our goal of having baby exclusively breastfed, I know there are times (i.e. babysitting, partner bonding time, I'm-too-tired, car trips where it's inconvenient to stop) when I'm not going to want to breastfeed at the boob. So we registered for a few bottles that should be compatible with the breast pump we want, along with the uber slow flow nipples.

  • Drying Rack - we went with the Boon Lawn/Grass style drying rack. It is currently being used to dry dishes, and we love it. I don't care if we never dry a bottle on that thing, it's an awesome drying rack.

  • Boob pads - I asked for Bamboobies, but nobody had gifted any so I ended up buying some myself when my boobs started leaking. I'm not thrilled with the quality - I feel like I could've sewn some better ones, but I wanted those because of the purported wrinkle-free heart shape. If I were to do it again, I'd just buy whatever generic circular boob pads had the best reviews and price, or make my own.

  • Feeding Pillow - we went with a boppy, and registered for a spare cover. Turned out we just ended up getting a used one and gifted a spare cover, so it worked out just fine. The spare cover is because I hear it can get messy.

  • High Chair - for 6+ month. Husband specifically wanted the kind that you can take camping (baby will be 6+ months for camping season next summer), and I managed to find one that specifically had a hard tray, because I heard the foldable fabric tray just dumps all the food into baby's lap.

  • Bibs - we originally registered for the sleeved Bumkins bibs, but our friends gifted us a Aden & Anais Burpy Bib with rave reviews about it, and we loved that it was both a burp cloth and a bib so we shifted gears and asked for more of those. They don't have the food trap, but I love that they're multi-purpose.

  • Hooded bath towels - yeah, we could use regular towels... but I heard these are more convenient because baby is likely to void themselves after a warm bath, and they're smaller than regular towels so you won't be doing an excessively large load with adult towels.

  • Washcloths - for some reason we have zero adult washcloths. We just use those poufs. So having some on hand for baby seemed like a good idea - I doubt baby needs the pouf to exfoliate.

  • Bath rinser - the kind that keeps the water out of baby's eyes. Necessary? probably not. Useful? we'll see in November.

  • Tub spout protector thingy - because I already gave myself a giant bruise bathing the dog and hitting my back on the faucet - so this is half for me, half for keeping the baby from bumping their head on the faucet of the tub.

  • Baby tub - I hear this is also unnecessary, but they are also super cheap. We got "the blue tub".

  • Nursery decor / wall art - because I'm too cheap to buy it myself if it's not a necessity. Our walls are currently bare.

  • Baby clothes hangers - we like the ones with clips so they keep the clothing sets together.

  • Crib/bassinet/co-sleeper - we'd have registered for a crib and bassinet if we weren't getting loaner ones. Heck, we're registered for a crib anyway because it matches our nursery colors - so either we get one gifted, and it matches - or we're just gonna use the borrowed one that doesn't match because we're very frugal

  • Changing table / pad / covers - We got a good deal on a used changing table at a rummage sale, but it didn't come with the pad. So we just registered for a generic $20 changing pad and a couple covers (because apparently accidents happen and these things need frequent washing). We might not have even bothered with the table and just used one of those portable pads on the bed/couch, but we can't pass up good rummage deals.

  • Portable changing pads - see aforementioned changing table. We want one to go in the diaper bag.

  • Crib sheets - we want the QuickZip ones. I would register for 2-3 in case there are accident(s) at night or naptime.

  • Humidifier

  • Diaper caddy - totally not necessary - just use whatever bin/basket/container that you want to hold a few diaper changing supplies in. Or just use your diaper bag. Whatever floats your boat. We just wanted something nice looking to leave in the living room, so we registered for a cheap basket style thing. Totally reusable after baby is out of diapers.

  • Baby Monitor - all we cared for was sound. We registered for one with video, because it's almost the same price. If it were reasonably cheaper to just get the sound version, we wouldn't have bothered with video. Depends on your level of comfort.

  • Baby safety kit - with thermometer, nail clippers, bulb syringe, that sort of thing.

  • Baby gate - we originally registered for this, then removed it when we just bought it ahead of time to keep the dogs contained.

  • Baby Medicine Kit - we registered for the little remedies kit. Yes, we're within 5 minutes of a 24-hour grocery store. No, we don't want to have to do that when baby is putting up a fuss because of gas or whatever. We'd rather have some meds on hand in the medicine cabinet.

  • Diapers - we went with cloth. Go with whatever you choose.

  • Diaper pail

  • Booties, hats, & scratch mittens - basically the articles of clothing nobody thinks to buy

  • A couple outfits we REALLY like in sizes people aren't likely to get us - to be fair, we didn't announce gender and have gotten very few articles of baby clothes. Usually, when we do get them, they're 0-3mo and 3-6mo sizes. Make sure you're registering for clothing sizes for the correct weather of that age range - for us it means winter clothes for 0-6 month, and summer clothes for 6+ month.

  • Sleep sacks / swaddles - we got a lot of these

  • Baby socks - I specifically requested and registered for these, and have not been disappointed. People love baby foot items, like shoes and socks. I hear you can lose a lot of these, so I wanted a lot of them.

  • Infant "tummy time" gym - I made the mistake and registered for one of these. I got three. This is apparently a favorite off-registry gift to give people. Beware.

  • Teething toys - Sophie the Giraffe was pretty obvious, but I'm concerned the dogs will take it as a squeak toy.

  • Soft toys / lovies - We got one from our registry, and people also love gifting teddy bears, so we got a bunch of those.

  • Baby Links - I registered for these because I heard it's great for attaching to strollers/high chairs so toys don't get thrown and lost.

  • Bouncer/Rocker/Swing - I literally registered for it like that (thanks BabyList). I want EITHER a bouncer, rocker, or swing. Just basically a place to set the infant so I can cook/clean/shower/laundry/whatever.

  • Activity Center/Jumperoo/Exersaucer - another "pick your favorite" registry item. I just wanted one that could be used for a partially mobile infant to be set down so I can get stuff done around the house.

  • Baby Books - I registered for a couple as examples, and have been a couple off-registry ones. I asked for board books on the registry, because I feel we'll just use the library for most other books that aren't likely to be chewed on.

  • Gift Certificates - I registered for gift certificates from Goodwill, Once Upon a Child, Half Price Books, as well as the online shop that sells my favorite type of cloth diapers.

    Our goal was to register for anything that could be used in the first year - but we own our house and have storage space. If we didn't, I think we'd just have registered for items used before 6 months.

    I did get a lot of receiving blankets despite not registering for any. I also got a lot of basic white gerber onesies, which I hear are awfully tiny and shrink in the wash so I haven't opened those at all.
u/bebebey · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We bathe only once a week. We got this baby tub and love it! It's so simple (and cheap) and the hammock part is really comfy for baby (ours is about 2 months old too)