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The Fraternity Leader: The Complete Guide to Improving Your Chapter
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  1. Be a deeply good guy - honorable, loyal, affable, social. Have personal standards you are willing to stand for. Don't be a pussy. Protect your younger guys.

  2. Have concrete ideas about how you want to execute your office. As Pres, your job is to define the mission and overarching goals of the Chapter - that vision needs to be clearly stated in your speech for the office - and communicated individually to your guys. You need to know how the other Exec jobs and Committee Chairs usually run, how they run in the best Chapters, and how you want to improve. Usually, the VP directs the Committee Chairs (who do the heavy lifting of the overarching agenda - planning the socials, keeping up the House, executing Rush...). The VP assures the Committee Chairs plan and execute according to Exec's agenda - and that they do so with an adequate budget from the Treasurer - and that they stay within their budget.

  3. Elections are won or lost well before the election night speeches and vote tally. You have to network individually with your guys, sell them on your outlook and on you as their primary leader. You have to listen to what they want from their Chapter during their time on campus - do they want Exec to focus on sparking Brotherhood in the Pledge Classes - or do they want the security that comes with transparently following the rules so they don't get shut down? Do they want mentoring from Alumni and Internships? Do they want more and better socials with sororities? Do they want more Brotherhood adventuring off campus? That's where you secure the votes you need.

  4. Read and learn. Patrick Dailey was President of his Chapter and IFC President at North Carolina State. His books, "The Fraternity Leader - The Complete Guide to Improving Your Chapter" and "The Chapter President" are short and worth a read. He also runs Read Matt Mattson's book on recruiting (he has some bad ideas, but his bad ideas admittedly work to Bid large Pledge Classes - but maybe with borderline quality and loyalty) "Good Guys" Read Nik's Blog, - he has good insight and some very non-Nationals prescriptions for Chapters. Read our group's first statement of the problem facing fraternities at Know what other smart guys think about fraternities and their issues and how to help - even if you fundamentally and deeply disagree with some of their advice (as I do). Knowing the thoughts, ideas, and advice of others in fraternity life informs your own ideas and makes your ideas better.

  5. Be amazing.