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The Girl on the Train
first explosive novel by Paula Hawkins, basis of teh movie starring Emily Blunt
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u/IveMadeAHugeMistake · 2 pointsr/asheville

I need it tomorrow, so the internet might not work. If all else fails, we'll just make G&Ts in glasses for the gathering. The book is The Girl On the Train, it's pretty good, in the same vain, but not as good as, Gone Girl.

u/iambirdie · 2 pointsr/transhumanism

Yes, the first paragraph of each section should not be indented. Look at the interior for The Girl on the Train here:
The first line is flush, and the rest of the paragraphs of each section are indented. This is Chicago Manual of Style, just picked a best seller as it was quick to find.

220k is quite long. I'm currently editing a sci-fi book to go to publishers to get it down from 140k as that's a bit too long. (I edit for pubs and a lit agency).

If it's e-book only it's not as big of a deal, though you may have a difficult time sustaining readers for a book that long. Having said that, it seems you're pubbing independently, so you have the choice of what you would like to do. If this came across my desk for work, I would likely suggest either tightening severely (150k max) or splitting into more than one book.

u/USS_Turtle · 1 pointr/Wishlist

First off, seven? Wow. I can barely manage 2 at a time!

  1. Rumors (from the Luxe series) and The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

  2. I think you'd like this, not my style but it seems to be pretty popular, (and Amazon recommended it to me based on some of the books in your wishlist)

  3. Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. And he was so ugly that everyone died. The end.