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The Halloween Tree
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4 Reddit comments about The Halloween Tree:

u/Hobgobbe · 7 pointsr/halloween

October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween, and The Halloween Tree are two must-reads this season. My girlfriend recently stumbled upon something called Gods of The Nowhere: A Novel of Halloween, too, and it sounds awesome, but I haven't acquired it yet, so I can't say anything definite about it. Last, but not least, if you like graphic novels, there's always I Luv Halloween. Disclaimer: You have to be a fan of dark comedy to fully enjoy that last one.

u/Oatmealmz · 3 pointsr/halloween

I start reading books in September and then transition to watching more movies in October. This month I've read A Natural History of Hell and The Hellbound Heart. Last year I went through the entire Hannibal series and Scary Stories to tell in the dark. BUT every year, right before Halloween, I read The Halloween Tree. I still need one or two more book to get me through the month!

u/apollymipanthos · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Like I want anything from YOU.

All I do is curl up next to my puppies and read books all day long. You'd only be fueling my bad reading habits and keeping me holed up at home.

u/ChrisWubWub · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dd d t rght? D:

N vwls ths Hllwn!