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The Human Figure in Motion
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u/OldSkoolVFX · 2 pointsr/blender

Find a copy of Muybridge's the 'Human Figure in Motion'.

This is a must have for any animator.

OpenSVideoEditor's suggestion of videoing yourself or someone performing the motion you want to animate is a tried and true method. Place the video on a plane (Import > Image as Planes) and animate to the video.

u/glancedattit · 1 pointr/visualization

I would check out Ben Fry's book first.

Then Beautiful Visualization.

There is another good McCandless eyecandy.

Manuel Lima did an amazing book on network visualization with excellent essays from other people. Visual Complexity. Network vis is very difficult and if you want to "game up" understanding the taxonomy he built for network vis will give you a real perspective on the taxonomy in other types of vis.

There are things outside of the "take data and render visualization" world that are critical to data vis, imo. For moving data vis, start with the godfather, Muybridge

And look way way back for the long human history of data vis in cartography with stuff like Cartographia.

Hope to see some more books and discvoer a reading list on this thread! Great idea for a post.