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The Last Policeman
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u/testtoob · 2 pointsr/audiobooks

The Last Policeman is a mystery story set six months before a giant asteroid slams into earth, ending all human life. It's got a lot of really interesting stuff about how society would react if people knew they only had six months to live. It's about a cop who's trying to solve a murder even though everyone is about to die anyway. I really enjoyed it.

u/EmpathyJelly · 1 pointr/audiobooks

I listened to the Last Policeman trilogy by Ben H Winters, narrator Peter Berkrot.

I have mixed feelings on this. The narration was pretty good, but there was really off affect choices often enough to detract from my overall impression. The stories themselves were pretty interesting (a detective continues to solve cases as a coping mechanism despite the world-ending meteor headed to earth) and I love how the trilogy ended. They were each only about 8 hours so that is a little disappointing. It did make me realize that I am more interested in post-apocalyptic fiction than I am in pre- becasue I am really left wanting to know what happened next.