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The Massage Book: 25th Anniversary Edition
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3 Reddit comments about The Massage Book: 25th Anniversary Edition:

u/IanLeansForALiving · 3 pointsr/massage

Yeah, I'm also willing to show some techniques to any clients willing to listen. I see several couples (not simultaneously...), and I'm trying to get them to work on each other more. If every trained MT got their clients giving some massage, the world would be so damn full of massage it would be amazing.

OP: I heartily recommend The Massage Book by George Downing. Super hippie-ish and super awesome. Some MTs hate it because everyone seems to be naked all the time, but it was the '70s. C'mon.

It takes you through basic Swedish philosophy, gives techniques and routines, and helps you figure out ways of changing the massage based on if you're on the ground or floor. And it's freaking charming.

u/larnen · 2 pointsr/massage

A good book is The Massage Book. It was written in the seventies so it has illustrations of naked people, but if you just disregard the parts about being naked it gives some pretty good tips for the layperson.

u/capilot · 1 pointr/offmychest

OK, some practical advice: let him see you naked, or at least topless. It can be an "accident", or you could go hot-tubbing with him, or whatever else works. Just a taste will flip a switch in his brain.

Buy a book on massage (this one is excellent: -- ask him if you can practice with him. Let him practice on you. This works. Several of my relationships started with a massage.