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The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America
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5 Reddit comments about The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America:

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Intelligence

Oh, fuck off. How great could they be if they got caught? James Angleton said it best:

>"You will never read about successful spies in the newspaper or watch them being interviewed on TV talk shows. Only failure makes a spy famous. Success guarantees that the public will never know the spy's name--and neither will the victims who suffered the results of his efforts."

You really have to wonder what's up with with an agency that glamorizes the idea of betraying people's trust for a living. Getting manipulated into doing somebody else's dirty work while being run by a handler is one of the shittier jobs I can imagine--but all the "strategic messaging" being pushed through movies, TV and video games makes being an expendable patsy seem downright awesome.

And when you have serious, well-respected senior defense analysts being script advisers for crappy "comedies" like The Interview? JFC! It's really the icing on the cake. Wisner's Might Wulitzer delivers.

All these fucking Cheese Wizards are really outdoing themselves lately, I tell you what. lol

Recommended reading: The Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion.

>Americans create 57% of the world's advertising while representing only 6% of its population; half of our waking hours are spent immersed in the mass media. Persuasion has always been integral to the democratic process, but increasingly, thoughtful discussion is being replaced with simplistic soundbites and manipulative messages.Drawing on the history of propaganda as well as on contemporary research in social psychology, Age of Propaganda shows how the tactics used by political campaigners, sales agents, advertisers, televangelists, demagogues, and others often take advantage of our emotions by appealing to our deepest fears and most irrational hopes, creating a distorted vision of the world we live in.

Bonus track: George Formby on the MidiTizer: When I'm Cleanin' Windows. lol

u/tit_curtain · 2 pointsr/The_Donald_PDX

>something I can't say to my liberal friends because it's like government corruption isn't that real to them

For the far left, government corruption is well known. For a lot of moderates, it's not. Tell them about some of the CIA's covert operations targeting Americans during the cold war. This book can be a good place to start.

Tell them about the NSA targeting Americans, including notable anti war activists. Check out the Church committee, the post watergate look at misuse of CIA/FBI/NSA facilities.

Look for liberal groups talking about what bothers you. Groups that are well respected on the left.

Civil asset forfeiture has been widely misused. Heritage foundation and libertarian groups have been big on talking about that for a long time. Attention from the left is more recent. If you want to criticize it, bring up reporting in the nytimes. Don't make a big deal about heritage being on that crap years earlier, even if they've done real quality work. (nytimes)

Focus your argument on known abuses. Don't use right wing talking points. Use left wing reporting.

Tell your liberal friends about the NSA working with ATT, and ask if they trust ATT not to have misused any access they got from the program. (nytimes)

Don't twist liberal reporting to fit your point, use the stuff the left has done that you agree with. Don't go further and discuss the implications you see in the reporting. Tell your liberal friends what the president's private army and the rest of the shadow government has done wrong in the past. Look at stuff under Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1/2. Then ask what they think the CIA, NSA, and others might be doing wrong today. Don't tell them that Obama or the Clintons are worse than Satan. But you should be able to get them to agree that they aren't saints.

If your argument is take away too much power from the feds, liberals will recoil. Because taking away that power would create a vacuum they would fear (not wrongly) would be filled by corporations that capable of their own abuses. Approach your liberal friends the right way, and you can find common ground with them, even if they don't end up completely red pilled.

u/ee4m · 2 pointsr/JordanPeterson

This book (I've not read it) goes into all that stuff, and details Gloria Steinhams role as a counter maxist activist.

u/dgerard · 1 pointr/Buttcoin

The deleted post:


Another (very very small) possibility is someone (with the means) who wants to damage bitcoin's reputation. Some possibilities:

  • A Bank's dirty tricks department, working with one of their day traders, collaborating with other financial elements. Quite an easy thing to compartmentalize.
  • Organized crime elements (a variety of reasons - laundering eg) - could be working with financial elements - see deep capture / overstockCEO's site if you don't believe that this stuff happens, eg:
  • Central Bank / National Security apparatus - see threat in crypto, and have been slowly buying throughout the past few years, knowing the effect of a well planned dump, and negative media can slowly kill bitcoin. Conservative / Right Wing anti-socialist, or anti-communist powers behind the scenes may see Bitcoin as part of some socialist / communist plot (yes these guys are that crazy), and Yes people, this media manipulation stuff is possible:
  • An competing alt / crypto project that bought up btc for a while (with a lot of backing) and dumps to pump theirs (they assume that their coin will succeed and be THE crypto)
  • A few early adopters who started alt-coins and want to destroy btc to pump theirs
  • Professor Bitcorn, conspiring with Jeff Robinson, and Ken Hess (jk)