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u/[deleted] · 21 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

>This is retarded, a bunch of immature neckbeards on reddit who've never met an actual feminist, and probably spends no time with women, posting and feeling all proud of their straw-man.

Haha, because ad hominem attacks are ok?

>I just saw an episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie is trying to encourage the city to hire more women, and facing male bureaucrats saying women can't pick up garbage.

TIL: Parks and Rec is actually a documentary.

Look, just because somebody criticizes and ideology doesn't give you a right to call people names and spout nonsense.

If you want to actually discuss things please read some of Warren Farrell's work, specifically The Myth of Male Power. Feminism tells one very biased side of the story, so instead of getting mad and yelling, try to understand your fellow human being better.

u/kanuk876 · 16 pointsr/

The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell.

> This seminal work challenges, debunks, and redirects many of the paradigms held about men and their relationships with women. Farrell calls for a gender transition movement not specifically limited to men or feminists. He shows how men's workshops and feminist organizations promulgate sexism and support limited goals while not fully addressing the issues and responsibilities involved in fully empowering both sexes.


> While some feminists may assert that [the book] is an attack on women, the book attempts to show areas in which males operate at a disadvantage without claiming that women are responsible for their plight. Psychologist Farrell stresses economics, pointing out that the 25 worst types of jobs, involving the highest physical risk, are almost all filled by men. He also considers warfare, in which virtually all of the military casualties are men; the justice system, where sentences for males are customarily heavier; and sexual harassment, which has become a one-way street.

u/Maschalismos · 11 pointsr/MensRights

>It seems i have a LOT of reading to do now.

May I make some recommendations?

  1. The Myth of Male Power By Warren Farrel

  2. The Girl Writes What videos on youtube. This woman is widely regarded as our most eloquent and powerful ally
u/DaneWhitman · 9 pointsr/MensRights

To learn more about the MRM, I would suggest reading Warren Farrell's The Myth of Male Power. It's pretty much the movement's foundational text, and covers most of the major issues.

u/TroubleInTheCosmos · 9 pointsr/politics

News flash: Mainstream, modern feminist are not concerned with issues men face.

If you're interested in the troubles that men are facing, then you might want to read something like "The Myth of Male Power" by Warren Farrel. Dr. Farrel founded the National Organization for Women in NYC as a result of his support to the second weave feminist movement.

Though, feminist were quick to ostracize him (and other founding feminist) from the community once he started to look the challenges men were facing as a result of women redefining themselves, and for wanting to help men redefine themselves too.

The fact that people dismiss men's rights activist as misogynist just shows how well feminist (now propaganda) has its influence over us. It began with good intentions, but now is ridiculous.

We ignore how men are still expected to support their family, fight in wars, work the most dangerous jobs, pay child support, and lose their children and homes after a divorce. Yet women have the options now to get an education, enter the work force, join military (optional), or be a stay at home mom.

Men are still stuck with working their whole lives to support their family, or to pay child support, and with this financial quest that men have to go on, it's no wonder they work the most dangerous jobs, have the highest rate of suicide and homelessness, and are dying earlier than women are. (And don't get me started on how the law over-looks female and male domestic violence)

We are programmed now to think about saving women and children first, and to see women as these innocent little princesses who could do nothing wrong. I don't hate women, and I"m not making shit up out of frustration. Look around at the world yourself or read some literature that isn't polluted by feminist bias. Women have more options and are valued more than men now.

Like I said, if you think men's rights activist are full of shit, look for yourself, don't take my word. I hate modern feminism, not women, and I hate how they dismiss issues that men face or label MRA as white, misogynist, men, all while screaming patriarchy. When in reality, we are men and women with different ethnic backgrounds.

Edit: If you think my sources are unreliable, and patriarchy is overwhelming, then how about TED:



Edit2 It seems like there's a mens right group here on reddit, and here's a thread from there

I wrote a longer post here:

u/soulcakeduck · 8 pointsr/MensRights

> This crosses more into anti-feminism than Men's Rights. It's also not a good article.

MRA/MRM is explicitly anti-feminist. Historically, it is an off-shoot of the Men's Liberation Movement which was feminist-informed.

Moreover, MRM's modern leaders all reject the core claims of feminism. Feminists believe patriarchal society and gender roles oppressed women (and harmed men) and that this understanding is useful today. MRA leaders disagree, from Warren Farrell (himself a former feminist who broke from the movement, and whose seminal work claims male power is a myth, and feminism hurts men), to Paul Elam (the founder of A Voice for Men, which is one of the blogs on the sidebar and is related to 5 of the 7 blogs there, who argues that women were never oppressed), to Girl Writes What who makes the same argument.

To be clear, it would be possible to support men's rights and men's issues from a feminist-informed perspective. And it is also possible to criticize feminist movements or feminists themselves without being anti-feminist. But the modern MRM is explicitly anti-feminist, so saying "anti feminism" doesn't belong in this sub is, I think, mistaken.

u/truthjusticeca · 5 pointsr/MensRights
u/Truewords · 5 pointsr/MensRights

the youtube series is nice if you dont like to read, but it doesnt even come close to all of the issues covered in the book.

If any r/Mensrights redditors havent read it they need to.

u/redditbannedmeagain · 4 pointsr/Equality

Warren Farrell, specifically The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Earn More.

u/white_cloud · 4 pointsr/MensRights

The fact is that you're just woefully uninformed. It positively oozes out of your comments. You would have to spend a few months just educating yourself on the issues, reading a few books, watching a few videos, poring over a few blogs, to get a grasp of what this is all about.

Honestly, trying to educate you in the comments of this self-post would be like teaching calculus to someone who doesn't know basic arithmetic. You just have to educate yourself.

I can give you some resources to start, but I can't make you read.

u/aetheralloy · 3 pointsr/MensRights

You might consider the following:

Raising Cain - Although this one is not inherently anti-feminist, it is "feminist approved" and indicates a lot of the current problems boys are facing.

The Myth of Male Power -

The War Against Boys -

Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men -

u/iamhdr · 3 pointsr/SquaredCircle

Modern feminism promotes ideological beliefs that are hypocritical, misandric and often cowardly. Modern feminism veils these positions behind socially acceptable slogans and terms like "women's equality" while never honestly addressing the criticisms.

You seem like you're arguing for an agreeable position of treating women with equal respect as men but I don't think you're aware of the reality of what modern feminism does or advocates for. Read some of the more highly regarded critiques such as former National Organisation for Women boardmember Warren Farrell's book The Myth of Male Power, read some of the better feminist response to Farrell's book and then read some of Farrell's responses to that.

I think this sort of exposure helps the intellectually honest person to see through the sort of mindless sloganeering and misdirection modern feminism uses and cuts to the heart of the matter,

u/TRPACC · 2 pointsr/MensRights

> Then share with me the other side, I'd love to be informed about it. There was definitely discrimination against men, but the fact that women were not even people under the law (therefore couldn't even vote and still can't even get paid the same) is so huge, I don't understand how you can just ignore it.

>Not true. Laws in the states that prohibit abortion. In something like 36 states, if a women is impregnated by rape and she carries through with the pregnancy, the rapist can sue for custody of the child.. And I don't know of specific laws that discriminate against men, but I know that the system does (women typically gaining the child) but I don't think that's as a cause of feminism, that's more of the patriarchy because of the roles that we've put genders in. Because a women is a mother, they're expected to take care of the child.

Again, totally one sided.

That's not discrimination. Women can rape and commit reproductive abuse and make the victim pay child support - and they have more reproductive rights, options and privileges than men do - when it comes to reproductive law, women dominate men.

>That doesn't happen in mainstream feminism.. They acknowledge that domestic violence against males is an important issue, but only 7% of men reported being a victim of domestic violence, where as its 30% against women. I've personally seen videos demonstrating how society sees domestic abuse against males, and its sickening, but the actual domestic violence isn't as common against males as females. So logically we should go after the more common issue.

You're just repeated the same lies that mainstream feminism tells people. Its not 7 % of men verses 30% of women.

Men and women, are equally likely to abuse their partner - this is the truth that feminism has been deliberately covering up since the 1970s.

The awful things you have been taught to believe about men and women by mainstream feminism simply aren't true.

u/karmasutur3 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Actually, It's here.

Here you go

*Edit: Who is that girl? I've heard of the book but I also heard it was bullshit, so I haven't gotten to it yet.

u/Hamakua · 2 pointsr/MensRights

>My frustration largely stems from the fact that what envision this subreddit to be, it isn't.

I know where you are now, as far as perspective of how "hateful" everything feels. I have been at this for quite some time (about 10 years, not this subreddit, but as an MRA) and in that time you sort of get a thick skin and "troll X-ray" glasses.

I can tell you the "secret" but it's not so much knowing, it is building up the expertise to spot. Basically I read everything and analyze it by essentially ignoring opinion (very large portion of content) and confront either opinions presented as facts, or facts (and citations) themselves.

this is just a small part of it. I really, really (believe) I know where you are now, and what I probably don't have the ability to relay is that "No, we don't have some central leader, government backing, social support system" or ANYTHING of that nature.

People outside of this reddit imply that "Anywhere that isn't a female space is a male space" That MRA's are redundant.

When your own experience in trying to make a club showed you, no, "The MRM gets less support than even a LGBT club". How does it feel to be ignored even on that level?

White supremacists, God yes, that is probably our largest problem (outside of reddit) this subreddit a while back had to scare away "stormfront", Men's News Daily was shut down mainly because it became a conservative talking points hub.... Yes, "Men's Rights" crosses over some paths traveled by less savory individuals, but the paths themselves are not evil.

I am going to be writing a lot because it's the least I can do, (You did try making a club FUCK YEAH!). Trying and failing is almost better than trying and succeeding. The push-back and failure to do so is data in-itself of something that is horribly wrong.

I don't even know where to begin.


I'll try and relay to you in the quickest manner possible as much pertinent information that I think will be valuable to you at the stage you currently are at. A lot of it you may already know. I also suspect you may still have a bit of a "white knight" shell, and am not sure how far through the looking glass you have come. Some of the sources I link to might seem misogynist on the surface, but that, I wish to claim (my opinion) is because society as a whole so conflates constantly "feminism" with "female" that to attack one is synonymous with attacking other. I am cutting the intro short.


Christina Hoff Sommers

Angry Harry


Paul Elam

Warren Farrel

Glenn Sacks (older content)

There are others, but those are the cornerstones that have shaped my foundation


I have read so many articles, news reports, studies and what-have-you, just listing them will be of no service. I think the most valuable single point pieces I have found are below.

Is there Anything good about Men
An American Psychological Association Invited Address

Consad Report - "An Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women
Abstract overture, link to PDF of study on the above page. DOWNLOAD AND READ FULLY. This study was first removed from US government portals then it was moved and hidden a number of times. I know this because I have used it multiple times over the last few years and it likes to go "walk about".

Man, Woman, Myth MRA Documentary series
A must watch, beginning to end, MUST WATCH. He also has a youtube channel but the channel doesn't have all the videos. The above link is the complete collection and really is worth your time. It is UK based but nearly everything has relevance in any western country. (UK, US, Australia run nearly parallel with male issues as it pertains to law)

Male Studies: A Consortium of Scholars
This was the first symposium of the "Male studies" proposition. It is very poor quality and difficult to hear at times, but a very powerful academic perspective of the issues with males in today's society. Christina Hoff Sommers really shines in the piece.

A Harvard debate that focuses not on IF their is a different intelligence distribution between men and women, but why. The data that is covered alone is invaluable. This is not a "men are better than women" issue. It is a piece of the puzzle and explains in part "why" men are over-represented in the technical sciences.


See you in 100 years.
-Not a "direct" MRA resource, but an invaluable account as to why gender roles existed in our recent history that is outside any "corrupt" sense of a patriarchal conspiracy.

The War on Boys
-Beyond the boy focus, it is also a great 2ndary deconstruction as to just how corrupt or faulty institutionalize feminism has become.

The Myth of Male Power

How the Mind Works
-Valuable as it is essentially a collection of studies by all sorts of parties that explain through experimentation as to why humans behave the way they do, including the gender differences. Steven Pinker summarizes but the studies aren't his.

I know it is a lot of data and content,

One thing I want to relay. "Decide for yourself". I was raised a feminist, all the way down to carrying a "Pro choice" sign when I was 7 or 8 in a protest line. I became an MRA when I tried to argue against them. I challenged them for proof, and when they supplied it I sought out counter-evidence to refute the claims, this was 10-11, maybe a bit further ago. And as hard as I tried reality and logic did not mesh with the "cornerstones" of feminism, to the talking points.

I know you aren't coming from the same point, but I wish to state that the MRM, and the history of it is so much more than this subreddit.

u/Wrecksomething · 1 pointr/SubredditDrama

> Like I said, cherry-picking. Also over-generalization.

How is that possible? In general the movement is explicitly anti-feminist:

> [The Mens Rights Movement] branched off from the men's liberation movement in the early 1970s over its rejection of feminism (source)

All of its leaders and prominent figures argue at length that the core scholarship of feminism is wrong, that women were never oppressed. See: AVFM, Warren Farrell, GirlWritesWhat.

All that's left is to poll the subreddit and see if they agree... which you then call cherry-picking.

Whether speaking generally or specifically, the subreddit, its leaders, its orthodoxy, its movement are explicitly anti-feminist. In fact, even the regulars in MensRights are very tired of apologists like you who do not understand the movement frequently trying to say their sub is not anti-feminist.

Maybe some members are not, but those would be the cherry picked, anti-orthodoxy minority.

u/DevinV · 1 pointr/antisrs

If you will not use a metric you cannot posit that we live in a patriarchy because your own definition requires a metric to prove that women are worse off than men. Stop talking in circles. This is becoming a tautology and it's getting old. The burden is on you to prove patriarchy because you posit it is true. You have failed to do so under your own definition.

Worse still, all available empirical data says the opposite of what you claim to be true. Here is a little reading you might want to do, it's called The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrel. It goes in depth about how men experience worse average outcomes than women in society which is empirically supported by your own government's statistics about homelessness, imprisonment, and workplace death, among others.

u/DavidByron · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Sigh. And?

Those statements don't make an argument. Are you saying that nothing bad ever happens to any men so all you have to do to "prove" your case is say sometimes bad things happen to women?

I apologise - I did press you for your thinking on this and so you tried to give it too me. OK the problem with that sort of thinking by anecdote is that (1) suffers from confirmation bias horribly (2) it's not scientific. For all you know men might have more and worse things happening to them but you simply haven't considered those things. That's why if you consider the question scientifically you need to first decide HOW you would go about measuring the question you are asking.

In fact if you only go by the sort of anecdotal "stuff in the news" approach you're actually most likely going to be wrong because the problems most often highlighted by a society are the problems experienced by the most powerful people NOT the powerless. That's because it is the powerful who have the influence to get their complaints heard and attended to. Example : the so-called "War on Christmas"

Your answer was actually pretty good as these things go.

If you really want to explore these issues in depth you should try /r/AskFeminists or /r/Feminism because both are populated by a mix of feminists and MRAs and at least some of them aren't idiots (on both sides). I could also recommend some books, the first of which would be The Myth of Male Power which was written by a feminist albeit a dissident one.

If you hate reading try GirlWritesWhat's video series on you tube.

You'd probably hate talking to me about it for long. I lack patience for it these days.

u/ProffAwesome · 1 pointr/MensRights


Could you give me some of the ideas Warren Farrel speak of? Or a free source of information.

>Again, totally one sided.

The thing is, feminism and the MRM are both one-sided, its in the name. But feminism is trying more than the MRM to include both sides, and it makes sense to be on the side of feminism because throughout history women have been a victim of society much more than men have (largely because men have been the creators and the leaders of the system until quite recently. Even now male senators and politicians outnumber the females by a lot)

> That's not discrimination. Women can rape and commit reproductive abuse and make the victim pay child support - and they have more reproductive rights, options and privileges than men do - when it comes to reproductive law, women dominate men.

They dominate men in which parts of reproductive law? The way I see it, its the women's body and her choice in the end. Obviously the man's opinion should be respected, but for a rapist to be able to sue his victim for custody is insanity to me and the fact you just dismissed that as not discrimination is incredibly one-sided. The law (in a vast majority of the states) ignores the struggle and emotional trauma a women is going through and treats her almost as a vessel for a rapists to gain control of "their" child. And yes a women can rape a man, but again its more common for the roles to be reversed. 1/6 women have been the victim of rape or attempted rape while its just 1/33 for men (, who got it from the National Institute of Justice & Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.).

> You're just repeated the same lies that mainstream feminism tells people. Its not 7 % of men verses 30% of women.
Men and women, are equally likely to abuse their partner - this is the truth that feminism has been deliberately covering up since the 1970s.

That's kind of insulting. I don't just hear things and repeat them mindlessly, I did my own research Here are my sources for the 7% ( who got it from vs. 30% (

The awful things you have been taught to believe about men and women by mainstream feminism simply aren't true.

Here's where I see a problem with that article:

>Among PASK’s findings are that, except for sexual coercion, men and women perpetrate physical and non-physical forms of abuse at comparable rates

How can they just ignore sexual coercion when talking about abuse? That is the worst kind of abuse. Also the fact that they say comparable rates seems misleading to me, but maybe part that is my feminism bias.

u/kanuk877 · 0 pointsr/business

Yes and no.

If this advertising stuff was an isolated incident, then yeah you might call this article an overreaction.

But anti-male advertising is not an isolated incident.

Nathanson and Young have dedicated 1020 pages in two books (Spreading Misandry and Legalizing Misandry) listing and discussing misandry in our culture. Misandry is so pervasive in North America, most people don't even notice it.

But the anti-male advertising is so bad, people are noticing it. We only hear about it occasionally when someone bothers to ask around what people's sentiments are. Because getting upset when men are maligned... that's not PC.

How do you fight something like misandry? Part of the battle is calling people out when they cross the line. And you keep doing it until some semblance of balance is restored.

If you want to learn more about misandry, you can read the above mentioned books or Warren Farrell's "Women Can't Hear what Men Don't Say" or "The Myth of Male Power" are quite good. Farrell was a feminist and served on the board of the American National Organization for Women.

u/Impacatus · 0 pointsr/changemyview

Can I just make a book suggestion? The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell might provide a different perspective on historical gender relations.