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The Original Disposable Flask - Black Set of 3 Plus 1 Free Funnel
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7 Reddit comments about The Original Disposable Flask - Black Set of 3 Plus 1 Free Funnel:

u/URnot_drunk_Im_drunk · 4 pointsr/Dodgers

Get your booze before the end of the 7th, after which they cut off all alcohol sales.

Or get a some Shark Skinz disposable flasks ( and keep drinking after the 7th.

(Just don't get the silver ones...I've heard from others that the silver ones go off in a metal detector because of the coating on the outside while the black ones don't).

u/doughtyc · 4 pointsr/Lollapalooza

Security is meh for the most part. No metal detectors or drug dogs at the gates or anything like that. They do pat you down, but the severity of that depends on who's doing the patdown. They hire out a third party security to do it, not like the Chicago police, so the security is people who aren't getting paid enough to give a shit. Try to eye ahead and see which people are patting down the hardest and avoid those lines.

Keep an eye on this subreddit and people should post about security as the festival progresses.

As for a flask, that shouldn't be an issue. Last year, my friends and I bought collapsible plastic flasks, filled them up, and stuck em in the freezer the night before. Then just took some string and tied the flask around our inner thigh/gooch and walked right in. We then went to the bathroom, took it out, and put it in our camelbak packs.

Here's a link to those:

u/SkidMk · 2 pointsr/Survival

I snagged a few of these a while ago for smuggling booze into concerts. They clean out pretty easily and can be reused. They're durable enough if you don't abuse them.

u/knate1 · 2 pointsr/houston
u/drfish · 2 pointsr/Coachella these plus the brief would help you avoid the hard flask aspect. I usually just put them in regular boxer briefs because they're usually tight enough to hold it in place anyways rather than spend $20 on one pair of the pocket briefs

u/sistermc · 1 pointr/Frugal

These flasks are great for sneaking on liquor, just fold them into your pants in your suitcase. Then you can buy a soda card and mix drinks in your room. You can also order virgin drinks for half the price of alcoholic drinks and add your own alcohol. Most cruise lines let you carry on one bottle of wine per guest.

Don't book excursions through carnival, they are always overpriced. Just do a little research about your ports and you can find lots of fun things to do. A lot of times you can find similar tours for much cheaper.

They will try to sell you a bunch of stuff the first day. It's worth it to drop by the spa because they often do raffles on the first day where you can win a free spa treatment. Stay away from the gym, they will likely be trying to sell you some miracle herbal supplement.

Another extremely sneaky frugal thing I do is bring sandwich bags - I'll fill them with a sandwich or fruit or granola at breakfast to have a free snack/lunch later when you're off the ship. Eat large breakfasts so you don't have to spend too much money in port. Snag an apple or banana for later when you're at breakfast.

Remember that they are constantly trying to sell you stuff - duty free perfumes, cheesy portraits, "fine art", excursions, spa it might be best to set a budget beforehand and decide which things you want to spend money on.