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The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade
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u/checkmate-9 · 41 pointsr/de

Und in diesen 70 Jahren sind die bekannten Operationen fast ausschließlich mit negativen Langzeitfolgen für die globale Allgemeinheit in Verbindung zu setzen. Der weitreichendste Schandfleck ist für mich der Coup d'État 1953 im Iran (mithilfe des MI6).

Zur CIA kann ich zwei Bücher empfehlen:

David Talbot - The Devils Chessboard Englisch/Deutsch - Review der CIA

Alfred McCoy - The Politics of Heroin Englisch

Talbot setzt sich viel mit dem Begründer der CIA Allen Dulles außeinander. Der Mann hat eine faszinierende Geschichte und hat sich insbesondere gegen Ende des zweiten Weltkrieges ein Spionageimperium zusammengestellt.

Bei Alfred McCoy geht es hingegen spezifisch um die CIA Verstrickung in den globalen Opiumhandel um Ihre komplett verdeckten Missionen zu finanzieren. Ausgezeichnet recherchiert.

u/bitter_cynical_angry · 25 pointsr/AskReddit

The CIA is or was directly involved in drug smuggling. Specifically, Air America was used to fly in food to the hill tribes of the Golden Triangle so they could farm opium poppies instead; the opium was flown back out on Air America to the refining sites in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and then flown on to transshippers in South and Central America (including Manuel Noriega, the big bad guy of the 1980s, among many others). The money from this drug trade was then used to finance black operations in Asia and elsewhere. After the war in Vietnam dried up, the CIA started doing the same thing with opium from Afghanistan.

Also, the CIA bought the planes that formed Air America from the French, who were using them for exactly the same purpose when they were fighting in what was then French Indochina.

All of this I got from a very convincingly well-researched book called The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade

u/MatheoMouse · 23 pointsr/LateStageCapitalism

> On the supply side, fuck the people that make those things, especially for a profit.

The people growing the poppy that's turned into heroin are impoverished farmers who basically have no other options for crop growth if they want to make a living. Even Myanmar's government acknowledges this.

They are also sometimes forced to grow these drugs by armed resistance groups who use the money to fund their operations. Why are there armed resistance groups in Myanmar? Leftovers of imperialism of course, the entire area is still destabilized from arbitrarily assigning a single-ethnic group complete control over a region that had always been populated by hundreds of groups that, while they didn't necessarily exist in a peaceful balance with each other, didn't live in constant oppression because some one community had the luck to meet the British on the shore first! Yes that's simplifying things quite a bit, but in essence the groups that rule post-colonial countries are the ones that worked with the colonial governments in exchange for power.

We can also look at how the CIA was complicit in drug trafficking around the world and in America in order to understand the modern layout of the black-market and how things like Mexico's cartels came to exist as "lesser evils" for fighting communism.

Finally lets not forget that what we consider illegal drugs aren't the most trafficked things in the black market - Prescription drugs are, as well as things like televisions, cigarettes and that most dire of evils: food.

In short: Shit's fucked, yo, and lots of people have no choice but to participate in this fucked up system just to make a living, and this is the essence of FinalageCapitalism isn't it?

u/countercom2 · 12 pointsr/AAdiscussions

>Am I missing much here?

Ignorance, racism, and hypocrisy. Their precious bible is sexist. Their ownership, control, and exploitation of Native Indian, Black, Asian, and even White women is sexist - during imperialism, slavery, before the civil rights movement, Native Indians in reservations, mass rapes in wars over seas, and even now at their foreign military bases. After they rape you, they blame you. Here, take a look.


Here's BEFORE:

"White women were encouraged to be chaste, while slave women were pictured as outlets for men's sexual desires...Despite the violent or coercive mistreatment of slave women, they were considered promiscuous. Their high birth rates and skimpy clothing--both consequences of their status as property--were used to justify the creation of negative imagery."

"This practice remained the status quo until 1967"

Gender and Legal History Paper Summary


Here's NOW

>Racism and sexual harassment could lie behind the higher incidence of suicide attempts amongst teenagers adopted from foreign countries.

>Adopted teenagers from foreign countries are more than four times more likely to attempt suicide than other teenagers.

>The research team believe they've detected a pattern following interviews with young adopted women of Asian descent. 'People have preconceptions that [women of Asian descent] are promiscuous, prostitutes, have a strong sex drive and are considered to be exotic,' said Frank Lindblad, who believes that such sexual prejudices can be difficult for the women concerned to understand.

Racism behind suicide attempts - The Local


But, because white people tell the world they're great and egalitarian and simultaneously spread lies about Asian men (who are far less criminal across the board), the world ignores these inconvenient facts and goes along with their story - kinda like how "America is spreading freedom" even though they're the world's #1 terrorist group and, and #1 drug traffickers


Here are some more areas where they are the world leaders in.

● World leaders in murdering their own families

>In almost all of these cases, the killer is a white, non Hispanic man. n most cases, the man exhibits *possessive, obsessive and jealous behavior.

Murder-Suicide in Families | National Institute of Justice


● Pedophile profile: Young, WHITE, wealthy | ZDNet

u/shadowsweep · 8 pointsr/aznidentity

Prejudice can develop at the lower levels, but it's the government's job to clamp down and diffuse the situation and foster understanding. That's what Asia does to an extreme degree to the point of self-harm by presenting white pedophiles sepats as "honorable gentleman". The western government has been the polar opposite for much of its history. Not only do they not clear up the confusion, they are one of the main instruments of confusion and hate. One of the reasons why so many whites celebrate when non-whites die is because they're only heard of atrocity stories eg non-white harming them. They don't get the context AKA the big picture eg whites started it first.


>First Nations killed our soldiers

No word on breaking mass rape, genocide, theft, and 400+ broken treaties


>Gooks were merciless!

No word on white-inflicted systemic rape, torture, and murder and


>Mexicans bring drugs

No word on the biggest drug cartel on earth [aside from the british "Christian" opium drug dealers]


>China is bullying our friend the Philippines. We need to protect them.

No word on the mass rape, genocide, theft,


White man speak with forked tongue - global proverb


To stop these atrocities from occurring, we must spread the truth and discredit Western media.

u/911bodysnatchers322 · 6 pointsr/conspiracy

Gnostic Media's Jan Irvin and James Corbett do a fine job going into this very subject. The truth is stranger than fiction, and this whole thing is super fucked up:

u/fisolani · 6 pointsr/funny

[CIA and drugs] (

CIA and drugs

CIA and drugs

Not the entire budget, but probably billions of black money for black ops.

The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade

Drugs=money with no strings attached.

u/Stabby2486 · 6 pointsr/actualconspiracies

The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity in the Global Heroin Trade

This book is incredibly thorough, though around half around talks about the economics of the drug trade, how the markets for producers and consumers shift from one region to another, and the legacy of CIA complicity, not their actual involvement, when after setting up the infrastructure for the drug trade in one region their drug smuggling clients turn it into a Pandora's box that can't be shut down even after the CIA leaves.

Narcoland - The Mexican Drug Lords and their Godfathers

Very thorough as well, blowing the roof off US and Mexican government support of the cartels.

u/zenmasterzen3 · 5 pointsr/conspiracy

>The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Central America, Columbia

>The Politics of Heroin includes meticulous documentation of dishonesty and dirty dealings at the highest levels from the Cold War until today. Maintaining a global perspective, this groundbreaking study details the mechanics of drug trafficking in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South and Central America. New chapters detail U.S. involvement in the narcotics trade in Afghanistan and Pakistan before and after the fall of the Taliban, and how U.S. drug policy in Central America and Colombia has increased the global supply of illicit drugs.

u/Three_Letter_Agency · 5 pointsr/news

Everyone should look into CIA complicity in the worlwide drug trade...

I recommend this book but am not sure what internet sources to point to for accurate information...

Did you know that 92% of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan?

u/exithalo · 4 pointsr/news
u/lethargicsquid · 3 pointsr/Drugs

You're right about the fact that high rates of heroin consumption isn't a recent phenomenon in America. The current heroin epidemic is only a spike in a long history of heroin consumption in the U.S. My personal theory is that it's more mediatized because it is perceived as mainly affecting former users of prescribed opiates, i.e normal white tax-paying Americans, a demographic which (from a foreign perspective) seems to strike a chord a bit more in the media. This has caused a shift in policy, and a higher targeting of heroin trade, but drug agencies must adapt to completely different criminal organisations and trade methods.

/u/mcyn66 is definitely onto something. There is enough evidence of CIA interference in the Asian opiate market to take it out of conspiracy theory territory. Perhaps the most authoritative book on the issue is The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, by Alfred McCoy, which is fairly well documented. Its impact was sufficient for the CIA to issue a formal response (they obviously rarely do that), and the latest edition of the book addresses the CIA's arguments (which were apparently quite weak).

As for the cocaine, american policy is clearly dictated by political motivations. Cocaine production and trade is tolerated as long as it's done by enemies of the CIA's current enemies. Consider Colombia for example: the American attitude toward cocaine production by right-wing paramilitaries (which still control most of the market) shifted once the FARCs and Medellin cartel stopped being effective factors of instability for the Colombian government.

Finally, another factor favoring action against cocaine production and trade is the fact that the main cocaine market axis (Colombia, Mexico, etc.) is more centrally located within the U.S' sphere of influence (this is more debatable though). The opiate production and refinement market (the so-called golden triangle) is located in East Asian countries where the CIA and other American agencies' power has been lessened recently. Afghanistan is of course a clear exception to this, but disruption of opium production is often considered less important than other objectives in the region.

u/shylock92008 · 2 pointsr/conspiracy_commons

>Yeah, you're wrong and u/PrickleyPearTaco knows what he's talking about. Since 2000, up until recently, Afghanistan opium production accounted for nearly 80% of the worlds opioid production.
>\^\^\^\^\^\^I was actually saying 90 percent or more. Since the rise of fentanyl the mexico harvests are declining and selling for a percentage of what the did a few years ago.
>Since the war there kicked off in 2001, all Taliban operations stop for two weeks while it is harvested. It's a cash crop. While you make the claim that Afghanistan is too rocky, you might pull up a map of the country. Admittedly, it is only really grown in the west, but is heavily water dependent and the government goes in and out on allowing it legally to grow.

\^\^\^\^The person who claimed that the Taliban controlled area was inferior for opium growth is an expert in the area and is correct. the US disproportionately blames the Taliban when infact it is more the US allies running drugs

>Afghanistan opium doesn't go to Asia, like you alluded two with your links. It goes up north and then into Europe, mostly Germany, Kazakhstan, and Azberizjan
>\^\^\^\^Î never said that it did. the Russians are pissed off and complaining . some does go to europe also. stop putting words in my mouth. You are a internet fake probably posting under 2nd name., TELL THat to Bo Gritz about the opium.

>. The CIA has no play in the trade, although Afghanistan government officials have been known to pay the Taliban to move shipments. There's even a neighborhood in Kabul called the "Opium Highway" where a bunch of 'mansions' are all paid for by the opium trade. (All the owners get bags of cash from cia)
>\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^Your a liar. this is entirely a CIA game to make money

Brother of Afghan Leader Said to Be Paid by C.I.A.


19 October 2009 Classified Embassy Cable: Afghan Vice-President Ahmad Zia Masood was stopped by DEA with $52 million he was ultimately allowed to keep without revealing the money’s origin or destination



>The US is not protecting the opium fields in Afghanistan, and all the pictures of soldiers there are them just patrolling the area. It's not illegal (most years) although we will burn raw opium on objectives if found because of the claim that it's "funding terrorism". The matter of the fact is, it's not illegal to grow in Afghanistan and makes the most money per acre by far of anything else there.
>\^\^\^\^Never said it was illegal. that is you making stuff up. The afgahns did fine with reguler crops beofre the 1990s but because of war and the fact that it requires less water and the crop does not rot, they are more inclined and paid to do opium
>This is set forth in the book POlitics of Heroin in SE asia
>Just for fun, I saw the first DEA agent slowly turn toward depression when he came to Afghanistan in 2002. Dude thought he would win the war on drugs, then finally realize that growing opium wasn't illegal.
>\^\^îf you export to the USA it IS illegal and you will be indicted in US court like many already have,

u/Brando2004 · 2 pointsr/POLITIC

Lol, CIA troll boy want to talk about the supply of heroin by hezbollah! "Before you start pointing fingers...make sure your hands are clean! ;)


u/BLeakert · 2 pointsr/conspiracy

Anyone interested in this topic should check out The Politics of Heroin by Alfred McCoy.
It's not an easy read but it's very interesting.

u/mdrnkix · 2 pointsr/news

Since all people seem to be giving are Wikipedia articles and YouTube videos, why don't I suggest a well-written, dense, informative book on the subject.

u/avengingturnip · 2 pointsr/Intelligence

If you are uncomfortable with the Larouche angle, there is The Big White Lie and The Politics of Heroin.

u/scannablefakeids · 1 pointr/fakeid

It's been happening for decades, it's not a conspiracy theory it's been proven again and again.

u/systemhost · 1 pointr/worldnews

I had a hard time finding some old reports and documentation I had from the CIA regarding opium cultivation, extraction, and converting it into heroin or painkilling pharmaceuticals. There is tons of evidence out there, though naturally, the US government won't admit or deny any involvement. Here is just one peer reviewed book

Though this is not at all what I had intended to post here. I'll just say this one thing and be on my way. Over and over through out history there was been a pattern of repeated abuses of power by those who hold it. Very few are capable of holding a position of great power without using that power to benefit themselves in one way or another. Why is it that most americans like the think that there isn't still a huge amount of corruption and exploitation within our government, just as it still exists throughout the world.

The CIA literally has been bribing officials/polititions/police in governments all around the world for decades. That's why they are so secretive, that's why an INTELLIGENCE agency is operating drones of such destructive power. Its very difficult to know for sure what all the CIA and many other unnamed agencies have had their hands in. Ever wonder why the FBI is always pushing for more and more power as if they're being left out of the party that all the big kids get to attend?

Its not our job to prove the corruption that continues to happen in this country day after day. It should be the job of every person in whatever country they live in to question authority when they do not agree, to voice opposition if they feel cheated, to not forget the mistakes we have made in the past by putting too much trust in man's ability to control his desires and to ALWAYS demand more transparency inside and outside of government.

Of all who have seen the video's released by Brad Manning, who still thinks he should be in jail. Who honestly can watch US forces gunning down civilians and even two reporters and think that we are doing anything just or honorable anymore.

/End rant.

u/geneticdrifter · 1 pointr/worldnews

my bad, bad reading skills on my part. and we have been involved in that market and that region since the cold war. this is a great book on the history of the french and mainly american intelligence services using the drug trade, heroin in particular, to finance their operations. great book.

u/Thevents · 1 pointr/IAmA

How strong do you think the evidence is that the CIA sells drugs?

Note: Some people will think this is just outrageous conspiracy theory but there have been serious scholars, journalists and politicians that have made this claim.

u/strangelite · 1 pointr/politics

I'm a historian of Latin America, so I really only know about the US-Latin American cases or the US/Canadian/European - Caribbean cases. Peter Kornbluh has published a lot of declassified US primary source documents that relate to US interventionism abroad.

The Pinochet File, about Chile
Bay of Pigs Declassified, about Cuba

A really good secondary source is Greg Grandin's book Empire's Workshop.

A great secondary source on this sort of stuff occurring during the 1970s in Southeast Asia, by Alfred McCoy, is The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade. Meticulously researched (the book is over 1000 pages, the footnotes are endless). McCoy is a pretty tremendous historian, out of U of Wisconsin. His area of expertise is Southeast Asia, not the US, and like me, he stumbled into a much darker story than he ever expected to find.

u/Sonmi-452 · 0 pointsr/news

> Why are they inherently bad or dysfunctional?

We hold these men and women to a higher standard. Period. And because the police in America are becoming more militarized, more brazen in their abuse of citizenry, and less accountable as their behavior is normalized.

>So, at best, the whole "CIA is responsible for crack" is maybe an indirect result of a poorly run, short-sighted program concocted by people living in 4 year cycles

A Pentagon official officially denying connections - are you seriously offering that as a refutation of the CIA's involvement in drugs?

The CIA has been involved in drug running operations since it was called the OSS - building up the opium, heroin, and cocaine trade in the Golden Triangle. Then again during the Viet Nam war in Laos and Cambodia in an attempt at destabilization. And again in Afghanistan when the Russians were occupying.

To deny the ongoing existence of drug operations directed by American clandestine services is to lose all credibility.

Perhaps you need to go deeper - the problem is endemic to clandestine organizations and their revenue streams . You're obviously a smart person arguing from a point of ignorance. Clandestine services have been involved in the drug trade from the very beginning. And anyone making millions on the backs of crackheads in the 80's when cocaine was plentiful and cheap bares some responsibility - though it's the complete absence of oversight with regards to a powerful government agency with extralegal powers to commit crime that is troubling to me. But we were talking about the ones hired to be the Janitors after the city goes to shit - the police department.

u/Zooicide86 · -1 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays