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u/fleshman03 · 9 pointsr/science

The downside with not aging is that you're almost guaranteed to die a shitty death.

Here is an interesting fiction book on the topic.

u/crazypeaches · 9 pointsr/booksuggestions

The Postmortal by Drew Magary is amazing.

It's set in a world where a cure to aging is discovered, and made available worldwide. There's the standard government euthanasia programs and cults, but the author also does a really good job of talking about what it would actually be like to live in a world where no one aged - what would happen to the value of our dollar? Where would everyone live? How do we treat the people who choose not to get the age cure?

It's a book that stuck with me a really long time after reading it.

u/etotheeipi · 6 pointsr/tipofmytongue
u/sowtart · 5 pointsr/Writeresearch

The postmortalworld is one guess:

I tend to think the knowledge that you have to live with your mistakes might make us more cautious.

Brain-chemistry wise I expect we'd become more and more incapable of remembering everyone we know, all the things we've done etc. over time.

u/TitoTheMidget · 3 pointsr/shortscarystories

The premise reminds me of The Postmortal by Drew Magary. It's not a horror story, but it has the same dystopic kind of themes. Good stuff, both this and that.

u/overide · 2 pointsr/AskMenOver30

The Postmortal

Its about a world where the cure for aging is found. You can never die from old age, but you can still die from everything else. It gets pretty dark at times, and assumes the worst about human nature, but I couldn't put it down.

u/yettibeats · 2 pointsr/books

The Postmortal by Drew Magary. I wish this book got more love. I'm terrible at descriptions so I'll post a link to AMAZON

u/psylent · 2 pointsr/Futurology

Have you read Post Mortal? It covers one possible outcome of a "cure for aging". Scary stuff.

u/LK09 · 2 pointsr/law

I've just finished reading a novel called PostMortal. You should grab it.

It's the authors first novel, but it's pretty good and he's ambitiously attempted to describe a world where the cure for aging has been discovered. Addresses this question and many others.

I don't know how to write spoiler hiding text, so I won't tell you what he does with this issue.

u/jesuspants · 2 pointsr/videos

This has been done and been done better. Post Mortal was a pretty good book for a sports writer trying to break his mold.

u/kwllstory · 2 pointsr/movies

Woops, it's called postmortal

u/nucleon · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/doncalamari · 1 pointr/books

I'm only halfway through, but [The Postmortal] ( by Drew Magary sounds like it is exactly what you are looking for.

u/DigitalMindShadow · 1 pointr/InsightfulQuestions

No. Very no. A few reasons:

First, the social problems caused by overpopulation discussed by others in this thread and books like The Postmortal.

Secondly, at best it would be really fucking boring after a while, but more likely it would turn into a nightmare. I suppose that if you knew you were going to be immortal, you could make some uber-safe investments and ride them until you were a bajillionaire, and then do whatever you want on this world for as long as it lasts; go back to school and get PhDs in everything and make all sorts of discoveries and inventions, and basically be a superhero. But after you've done all that, then you still have a literal eternity left to live. If you're smart you'll have devoted substantial energy to figuring out how you're going to get off of Earth and onto some other habitable planet before the Sun becomes a red giant. Maybe that's not even possible, in which case have fun enduring whatever surviving is like while the Sun incinerates the Earth. Even if it is possible to travel to another inhabitable world, you'll inevitably run into a similar problem wherever you go next, so in the best case you're probably going to spend untold trillions of years just traveling between different star systems. Which I'm sure is a spectacular experience at first, but anything will get boring after a thousand years, let alone ten billion. In any event, eventually your luck would run out and you'd end up on a planet with insufficient resources to allow you to get to another star system (again, that's probably the one we're on right now), in which case ultimately you'd just end up in a near-endless orbit around a brown dwarf star, waiting for the heat death of the universe to finally annihilate you. (Or not? What then?) Anyone who considers true immortality desirable doesn't understand what it would mean to be alive for literally eternity.

Finally, life just wears you down after a while. Have you ever talked to someone in their late 90s? They're almost universally ready to go. Not just because they're always in physical pain either: they have seen and done enough. Life contains a lot of joy but also a lot of pain, and it all gets to be really tiring after very long.

So no, I just wouldn't want to live forever under any circumstances. If there were some magical way to extend my life an extra 20 or 30, I guess maybe all the way up to 100 years or so, I might cautiously consider doing it, just because I'm curious to see what will happen in the future. But ultimately, I'm glad my life will someday come to an end.

u/pal002 · 1 pointr/booksuggestions

Just started reading The Postmortal by Drew Magary and it is perfect for your needs. Best book I've read all year.

u/skooba_steev · 1 pointr/Futurology

There is a book about pretty much exactly this. It's called The Postmortal. It's really interesting and a pretty short read

u/Meat_Confetti · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I recently read The Postmortal and enjoyed it.

u/PM_ME_UR_FAVE_TUNE · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

You should read the book The Postmortal. I finished it a few weeks ago and found it really good from start to finish.

u/CluelessPinata · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

I always marveled at immortality, thinking it would be neat to have a lifetime to achieve everything I wanted. After reading The Postmortal by Drew Magary, I became skeptical of it entirely. There emerged a business to kill those who had taken the cure for aging, and it's entirely corrupt. Great book, offering great perspectives on not just an infinite life, but our finite one as well.

u/Cheletor · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Already done: The Postmortal

u/SnakeDoc97 · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts
u/VikingRedbeard · 1 pointr/booksuggestions

Recent grad myself here, I just finished The Postmortal by Drew Magary, and it was both really exciting and thought-provoking. It is kind of a darkly comic dystopian thriller about what happens after we find the cure for aging. Lots in there for everyone, and so much fun to read (and talk about!). Here's Amazon:


u/stuckinsamsara · 1 pointr/Futurology

The Post-mortal comes true.

u/jonahwhal · 1 pointr/science

Postmortal everyone, you should read it ;)