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u/TempleOfIron · 1 pointr/MGTOW

>After previous girlfriends hadn't treated me well, I thought I had found someone different.

They never are. AWALT. They may act different. They may appear to be a unicorn. But after they have locked you in, that horn will fall off and you'll find it's made out of plastic.

>As the relationship has gone on, her true nature of being selfish, mean and lazy have become clearer, so I've worked harder to keep us both happy.

Women are solipsistic. They filter everything they do through self-interest. What you was experiencing was the full extent of the betatisation curve. I predict after marriage, a slow decline of sex and affection until it literally hits a grinding halt.

Naturally, you want to fix things. Men logically see an issue and want to solve it rationally. There is no fixing it. You can't fix something that's ultimately flawed. Her base nature is manipulative and amoral. She acts up and becomes a horrible bitch only for you to try harder. She wins either way. It's all orchestrated to gain more from you.

>I work full time while she stays at home

She saw you purely as a meal ticket. And she would have let you played the work mule until you was no longer useful. Shackled to the plantation. She'll also use your children as a weapon.

She brings nothing to the table. Nothing. Just her pussy. Which she's been keeping on a slow drip with a dead bedroom I suspect. Only to give and take away affection as a reward/punishment cycle.

Going to sound controversial but you need to start hating this woman. She's duped you. She's an horrible person. You need that red pill rage. Anger isn't neccesarily bad. But let it motivate you away from her and onto your own path.

>but every evening and weekend I end up looking after them to give her a break.

And what self-entitled life she leads. You bring in all the money. She does a few things around the house. And yet you end up doing everything anyways. She offers you nothing.

>her parenting is sticking on TV, staring at her phone and screaming at them if they do anything wrong.

It's called passive parenting. Single mothers are notorious for this. They are lazy and are distracted by their own solipsism. If they got off their arse and instilled the behaviors in their children that would prevent them from being brats in the first place. Your children are not given her full attention. They never will. She does nothing but sit on her ass like a couch potato.

>We're not rich, but have a nice house

You never will be with her. But you'll find if you go your own way, how rich and better off you'll be even if you do get divorce raped. Men are minimalists by nature. We require very little to thrive. Yet women are materialistic. Thus I suspect most of your expendure came from her. So start a fund for yourself in preparation. I suggest right now you start putting money into cryptocurrency. And hiding cash away. Just say to the courts that you had a gambling issue. They can't do shit.

>She treats me badly, withholding sex or giving me silent treatment with no explanation of what I've done wrong.

Stone walling. Silent treatment. All psychological tricks of an AWALT woman who has severely betatised her partner. I suspect it started going south shortly after you got married. That's when sex declines drastically. She ropes you in with that chameleon behavior. No longer is it genuine desire. For now, she's shifted into transactional desire. Now its the occasional sex if you've treated her to a meal or an holiday. Fuck that. You deserve better than that.

>Now she wants a divorce. She loves me, but she's not 'in love' with me.

I won't lie. It's most likely she has cheated on you. If she hasn't its because she's now cashing in and wants to reclaim her cock carousel riding years. They call it the alpha reinterest phase. When they want to climb back on chad's dick.

They will break the hearts of family and their partners to go live their solipsistic fantasies. The courts give these women no repercussions. Divorce rape intermittent. Start hiding cash. Put it all in cryptocurrency. Say you had a major gambling spree. Otherwise say good bye to it in the divorce settlement.

>She wants to keep the house and for me to move out. She refuses to go into any real detail of what she's thinking. She's not willing to try counselling or anything else to fix us.

They always want the house. Every woman I have broken up with has said the same thing. Even when not married. She's cashing out. Hard pill to swallow but it was her plan all along. They know by locking down beta bucks and buying an house together it ultimately becomes hers. Fight it for all you can. If your name is on the mortgage, you rightfully owe half of it. Don't let her have it. She'll use your children as a form of guilt and bargaining tool. Don't fall for it.

>She hasn't looked at how she'll pay for this new lifestyle once I'm gone.

She has. It's you who will pay her lifestyle.

>Her entitled plan is that she'll meet this new man who she'll love. A stressed, angry, unemployed single parent of 2 will somehow have men lined up to take care of her and her kids.

And let her watch that reality play out. Maybe she'll meet a chump but then he'll have to deal with the frustration and lack of sex in a deadbedroom eventually. Feel bad for the guy. Because somewhere right now there's a guy out there whose future is to be a work mule and drip fed sex from a post-wall shrewd. He is to suffer the same fate as you.

>I look forward to her dose of reality once she realizes how much I'm bringing to the relationship.

She may never realise this. Don't expect her to either. Women are notoriously solipsistic. They only adhere to subjective reality. They can't see reality even if it hits them in the face.

But it will provide some amusement to see the wreck she makes of her life.

>I'm heartbroken most by what it will do to my kids lives. They will suffer immensely from my wife's irresponsible behavior.

And that's on her. Not you. Don't let her subjective reality make you believe otherwise.

You've spent your entire marriage building up a sandcastle but simultaneously batting away the incoming tide as it deteriorates all of that you created. You've tried to prevent the inevitable. Now it has crumbled. But fear not for you have the spade and bucket to build an even bigger sandcastle. This time away from the ocean.

What you are experiencing is the crash and burn of the betatisation curve. Pair bonding instinct within you seeks to survive. This will pass. This woman was absolutely an horrible wife to you. Going your own way will provide you with a million times better life. I can promise you that. Life is beautiful when you are following your own path. Don't falter and pine for her back. She will only bring you pain and suffering. There's no happiness to be had with her.

>And so I am done with women. I'm new here, but I plan to go my own way. Reading the experiences of others here has changed my feeling of my future from the worst thing possible to something I'm now genuinely looking forward to.

I recommend you read The Manipulated Man by Esther Villar. The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi on the true nature of women. You need to spend some time understanding why women are solipsistic and why they lock down beta bucks.

Watch Colttaine's video Domestic Parasitism

My blog post: Dealing with a break up? Get yourself an hobby

Stay strong. And one day you'll be thankful that you got rid of this manipulative bitch from out of your life.

u/arrowsdrunkwithblood · 1 pointr/exmormon

I hate to admit this, but I've been reading The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi. That redpill stuff. I'm pretty good at figuring what's over the top advice, but there's definitely some good to it.

u/Cody_Silver · 0 pointsr/marriageadvice

No, Men and Woman have not changed. Our culture is more femine centric now since the sexual revolution in the 60s.

You will hurt your relationship with women if you start doing chores, etc. Women will tell you all this stuff that they want, but then they will leave for a man that does none of those things.

I encourage you to read this book:

u/Samatic · -20 pointsr/cigars