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The Sibley Guide to Birds
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4 Reddit comments about The Sibley Guide to Birds:

u/MisanthropicScott · 6 pointsr/birding

Personally, I like the National Geographic Guide to the Birds of North America for a guide that you can carry.

Sibley's is the definitive best guide, but is more of a desk reference. It's a bit big to carry around. Though, there is also a Sibley's app if you like to have the guide on your phone.

u/madgraf · 4 pointsr/birding

I prefer Kaufman's field guide for carrying with me while I'm birding. It's well organized and has a lot of great info/illustrations:

At home, I like to use Sibley's book (which is far too large to carry with as a field guide). It has even more illustrations and is a bit more in depth than Kaufman's field guide due to its size:

u/katzenjammer360 · 2 pointsr/birdsofprey

This is a great one if you're interested in just raptors. My local Barnes and Noble has it, too. If you want lots of bird species, a trusted favorite is Sibley's.

u/Kaeleira · 2 pointsr/birding

For field guides the more generalized ones are usually easier to get a hold of. A few you could look at are from National Geographic, Peterson, and Sibley. There are also some books for getting started, such as Sibley's Birding Basics. Backyard Bird guides are also a good place to start.

For North Dakota specifically I found this great pdf that covers all the basics of bird watching, and this field guide. Hope this helps!