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The Solitaire Mystery
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u/brewgato ยท 2 pointsr/Weakpots

yes! it looks like The Solitaire Mystery is out of print, which makes me super sad because I've purchased it, lent it out, and then never gotten it back at least three times, so I don't currently have a copy. But you can probably get it with your super librarian powers

Yeah I feel very complex things about the Southern Reach. It similarly hasn't left me, even though I read it about a year ago. I again stalled out about halfway through the final book but I bought a paper copy to try and commit to actually finishing it.

The first time I read the Blind Assassin (I was probably 17 or 18?) I was absolutely fucking devastated at the end. Like, sobbing in the dark by myself, Requiem for a Dream levels of despair. But I read it again a few years ago and I felt this sense of peace at the end. I could see the ways that it was actually a happy ending. Something something aging and accepting mortality and all men must die.

When I reread the Handmaid's Tale it was like, oh yeah so this is the most accurate dystopia we have, actually. The world we're living in now is this fucking bizarre mix of the Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World, and Oryx & Crake (every time I see a store or product spelled the way she does things in that book, like the fucking Younique Makeup MLM, I'm pretty sure Margaret Atwood is a prophet. that book came out in 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!)