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The Sport Psych Handbook
Author(s): Shane MurphyPublished: 10-18-2004SHK01106
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u/exlaxbros · 6 pointsr/AdvancedFitness

I coach HS men's lacrosse and college men's rowing

My major was sport psych, so I learned a lot of useful tools in the classroom but also found it really helpful to read about other people who actually applied stuff in the real world. Even if our situations aren't the same and it's not 100% applicable, I like to read about successful coaches just to see what I can pick up from them.

Textbook: Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology. It's cheap and really useful as just what it sounds like--laying a foundation.

Textbook: Sport Psych Handbook. Also cheap and useful, lot of good information.

Pick up something by John Wooden and read it. You don't have to believe 100% of what he says, but every coach should know some basics of positive coaching and sport psych, plus just having it as a piece of cultural literacy.

When the Game Stands Tall was a great book about a coach who took a program from nothing to The Streak. Haven't seen the movie.

Education of a Coach by David Halberstam, a fantastic sports writer, about Bill Belichick. Biographical and written with a lot of input from Bill himself.

If you have anything you're particularly interested in, let me know and I can maybe provide some more specific recommendations. Regardless of what sport/age you coach, the above are all good and useful books.

u/mrnaughtyboy · 1 pointr/seduction

Just posted this in another sub-thread:

I have a book called "The Sports Psych Handbook", which I picked up at a used bookstore on a whim. Once I paged through it, it made me wish I would have looked into the subject sooner.

The book is intended for coaches.