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The Tao Speaks: Lao-Tzu's Whispers of Wisdom
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9 Reddit comments about The Tao Speaks: Lao-Tzu's Whispers of Wisdom:

u/golfmade · 43 pointsr/pics

If you're at all interested in learning about Daoism I highly suggest you check out this book. It's really easy to read plus the cartoon drawings are quite cute and fun.

u/raziphel · 6 pointsr/AskMen

not off the top of my head, and most of my experience is with anger and insecurity management (stemming from relationship stresses).

while knowing how to deal with disruptive brain chemicals like this (or with depression, or insecurity, or whatever) is important, as is 'thinking' about it and doing other mental processing, doing it is a whole other ballgame. It takes a lot of consistent practice. the feelings won't go away (usually), and it's always hard, but you do get better at dealing with them and making them go away faster. Humans learn best by doing.

set a goal (more control over that fight or flight response). learn about the problem, dissect it, and find the source (basic biological trigger to 'threat' situations). make a plan to fix it (meditate, join a combat sport, etc), then when a trigger situation comes up, slowly work on not letting it control you (find ways to keep your head on).

be patient, be persistent. expect setbacks and failures, because they just happen, and learn from those negative experiences instead of beating yourself up over it.

perhaps reading up on the Dao De Ching might help. I found The Tao Speaks (among others) to be very helpful. I recently got on some ADD meds, and that helped tone down the emotions.

u/thecowisflying · 3 pointsr/taoism

Its The Tao Speaks is a comic by a Taiwanese author, it's here if you want to spend some money

u/CaseyAPayne · 3 pointsr/taoism

Hmmm… I need to create a "Taoist Starter Kit" article…

As far as translations go… one I like is Red Pine's translation because it has commentary and the Chinese. The nice thing about the commentary is it lets you see all of the different ways each chapter can be interpreted. Political strategists see strategy and alchemists see instructions for spiritual immortality. :)

If you want something chill and direct. I like these comics:

If you wanna compare a bunch of translations…

I don't really think you can go "wrong" with any translation/interpretation if you're planning on reading more than one. If it was just the one, I'd go with Red Pine's.

As for meditation, I would look into Zen or Chan Buddhism close to where you are. You can also get started right away by just closing your eyes and breathing for a minute a day and build up to more as you do more research (via videos, books, seminars, teachers, etc.)

More important than any technique is developing the habit of doing it every day.

This app is awesome and it comes with a bunch of free guided meditations. I just use it for the timer. :)

If you start getting serious I'd look for a teacher of some kind, but good teachers for Taoism seem kind of elusive. I think that's from the nature of the practice and it's history.

Google searches, reading reviews, talking to people, etc will take you where you want to go although in the beginning it's hard to tell the difference between "good" and "bad", but there's no way around that other than to start doing stuff and getting some experience under your belt. :) Also "bad" for you might be "good" for someone else. :P ;)

There are probably some good books for beginners as well, but I'm not familiar with those yet. I'm gonna start ordering and reading through them… (I haven't been a beginner for a long time… that said… I'm still a beginner… lol)

Oh! There's a cool Eva Wong book on Taoism that gives you a nice historical overview and breakdown of the different styles.

Hopefully you'll get some other recommendations! :)

u/uppenbar · 2 pointsr/philosophy

Here is an illustrated (cartoon!) version translated and illustrated by Tsai Chih Chung. I recommend it greatly! You have to admit, taoism explained through cartoons is completely inappropriate.

u/MisterESC · 1 pointr/taoism

I highly recommend It reads like a comic book with great illustrations. It follows the TTC chapter by chapter.

u/yetimind · 1 pointr/minimalist

is minimalism something you are trying to achieve? if so, why?

do you think minimalism will make you happy? i think it will make you less distracted, but probably has nothing to do with happiness.

rather than achieving minimalism, as if it is a race, perhaps try instead to understand your motivations - and yourself.

forget about learning from web pages. you want to be or become minimal, let me suggest a few printed books. don't get an ebook. get paper. hold it in your hands, with no tv on, no cell phone on, no radio. start with an authentic, non-digital experience. i suggest a few books:

"The Tao Speaks" by Tsai Chi Chung

"Zhuangzi Speaks" also by Tsai Chi Chung

And "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff

Those books are a good start. I gave them to my mom about 10-15 years ago when she was going through a patch, and she told me after she read them, they made her feel peaceful.

they are just the tip of the iceberg in the topic of daoism, which is largely similar, but not identical, to minimalism. once you understand, there will be no need to explain. and it won't matter since the dao cannot be explained. yet, the thing which minimalism tries to achieve, is in the dao.

u/baronvf · -3 pointsr/taoism

Edit: /r/taoism hates Tao of Pooh, who knew?

If you are a westerner, do it like how many of us did and read "Tao of Pooh."

It's not the ancient text, it's not anything but one man's take on Taoism through a certain lens.

As far as introductions are concerned, it's the most accessible.

Then go find your favorite translation of the tao teh ching.

Also, this book is cool.