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The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children--and Its Aftermath
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12 Reddit comments about The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children--and Its Aftermath:

u/aglet · 87 pointsr/TrueReddit

>Isn't much of the harm caused to the abused child (assuming the pedophile was not violent, which I don't know statistics for) due to the way society responds to the abuse?

There's a book dealing with this issue which suggests that many (not all) of those abused as children were not actually traumatized at the time. Only in retrospect, as they told those around them and saw their reactions, or as they became old enough themselves to feel the act was inappropriate, did the guilt/shame set in.

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u/Freyr90 · 51 pointsr/linux

There are even studies that claim that it's the social pressure causes the trauma rather than an event itself, but who cares [1]? Don't you stumble upon taboos or the society would crucify you. I like how people look at the witchhunting from above while being the same exact people: closed minded, sticking to taboos, lynching people who even question their norms and traditions etc etc.

He is fucking skeptical, he don't have a bunch of kids in his basement, whom he rapes daily, he is questioning the taboo and the arguments behind it.


u/CantHideAnymore_ · 5 pointsr/AgeplayPenPals

First off, I'd like to state that this place gives people a) freedom of speech to express stories, ideas and fantasies that are covered constitutionally ^although ^this ^site ^is ^privately ^owned. b) A safe environment for people with all kinds of urges and desires to be free to indulge safely. Which if we're being honest, is nearly impossible with societies inability to entertain objective concepts about minors and sexuality. Or in this case, just adults with other adults.

That being said...

The post is several years old but it does state specifically, "Today we are adding another rule: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors." Which is the only part in bold and the post was edited in the last 24 hours. That description is vague enough to cover pretty much any story here if they wanted to be Draconian.

For those who aren't aware, reddit and the people who run it, are infamous for censoring content and communities for PC reasons. This is no shock to me. I was honestly surprised to find this place when I did on reddit.

I created another sub focused more on incest, but I encourage ageplay there as well, so maybe join us there if that's your thing? You'll be welcomed with open arms and legs!


Since I'm just in the mood to write, I'll add that I'm also working on another sub /r/Verified_PenPals which is going to be pretty much what it sounds like. A nice, private gated community with only access given to those who have been verified by /r/VerifiedPenPals and other trusted sources. I hope in creating a community like this not only will the content quality be higher, but hopefully so will interaction and replies since you know you're speaking to someone with the genitals you like.

TL;DR Yes it's bullshit but it's probably going to happen knowing reddit.

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u/dudeinhammock · 4 pointsr/tangentiallyspeaking

I don't remember the specific papers I read. It was long ago. But this book seems to cover the same material:


Hope that helps.

u/Doesthisusername · 1 pointr/confession

He's invested himself into the Trauma Myth. Society implores him to feel dirty and deploreable. This is where most of the damage from childhood sexual experiences actually comes from.

u/fzwjhu · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

The best explanation I've heard from this

" .

Clancy calls for an honest look at sexual abuse and its aftermath, and argues that the reactions of society and the healing professions-however well meaning-actually shackle the victims of abuse in chains of guilt, secrecy, and shame. Pathbreaking and controversial, The Trauma Myth radically reshapes our understanding of sexual abuse and its consequences."

u/Svarog123 · 1 pointr/changemyview

There are a number of books on the subject:

The Trauma Myth is written by a Harvard psychologist and uses mountains of evidence to disprove the myth of childhood sexual experience as inherently traumatic when it occurs:

You are asking for methodologically perfect studies which prove a negative- that childhood sexual experience is not inherently damaging or traumatic. It is impossible to prove a negative beyond all doubt- the assumption that genital stimulation, an inherently pleasurable act, automatically becomes psychologically damaging when an adult is somehow involved is nonsensical, and discredited by anthropological (no such trauma is found in cultures with a lax attitude on childhood sex) as well as zoological (children of virtually all mammal species participate in, derive gratification from, and often initiate sexual activity) analysis.

u/trytoinjureme · 0 pointsr/Libertarian

What do you say about all the people that were raped as children that say otherwise? Such as in the controversial Rind meta-analysis.

> I think you don't understand at all what damage that kind of action has on a child.

I perhaps don't. With what reference, if not social, do children ultimately conclude that sex with an adult is bad? If it were socially normal, what would be the cause of psychological harm I wonder?

Btw, many of my ideas comes from studies such as these:

u/ikhezu · 0 pointsr/houston

This is quite unfortunate. Not only is this unfair to falsely accused teachers, it is also insensitive towards real molestation victims.

I also think that this is an issue in the law. I feel as though molestation is too high on the criminal offense meter. Sometimes it can be even worse that actual rape, manslaughter, etc.

I have read this this book and done more research in this subject. And it turns out that sexual contact from strangers usually does not affect the child much, if at all, when growing up. In most cases, the traumatizing cases are the ones that are violent, reacquiring, or with a close family member. More research should be done on this of course so we can get a clearer picture. this can be quite a sensitive topic.