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The Un-Civil War Shattering the Historical Myths
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u/jedderbob ยท 2 pointsr/gtaonline

You are so wrong about all of this. I suggest you educated yourself.

The South had every right to secede, it's a right granted to all states by the constitution. The North fired the first shots, needlessly starting a war that killed more North Americans than any other in history.

The North was occupying Fort Sumter, a Confederate fortress. The South asked them to leave and then they got shot.

Also, to say that they seceded for slavery is blindly stupid. They seceded for a multitude of reasons, slavery being one of the smaller ones. The only people in Antebellum South who owned slaves were the equivalent to the modern 1%'ers.

The vast majority of southerners were fighting for self determination on a wide variety of issues. Not just for slavery.

Read the following: "The Real Lincoln"

"The Un-Civil War, Shattering Historical Myths"

Educate yourself before you start calling people racist, elitists or traitorous. Your right that the flag represents things deeper than you can currently comprehend. I've got a reading list a lot longer than that for ya buddy, that's just the start.