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The War in Nicaragua
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u/Spiel_Foss ยท 17 pointsr/warfacts

William Walker may be the strangest character in United States history that almost no one has heard about.

William Walker (1824-1860)

Born in Nashville, Tennessee

Was a physician, lawyer, journalist and mercenary.

He declared himself President of Nicaragua and he is still well known and despised in Central America.

Walker was both a hilarious buffoon, a man of his times and a bloody norte americano adventurer. His book can be at times accurate while also being unapologetic propaganda. Walker was considered a criminal in the United States and crossed the legal lines of his day. He was however also reflective of contemporary attitudes in the United States. He recruited enough men to help him invade other countries and the money to buy new Colt revolvers and rifles to arm them.

I first discovered William Walker by accident while searching through a university special collection. His book was published in 1860 and likely had never been read. My opinion was that he was crazy but focused. Obviously his views on race and religion were the mirror of his day. He just had the connections and the balls to get off the oldschool sofa-couch and invade Central America.

But he was also a military idiot because he invaded Central America with like 30 dudes with no solid resupply and no recon.

No surprise, he died in Central America.