Reddit Reddit reviews The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe

We found 13 Reddit comments about The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe
The War on Cops How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe
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13 Reddit comments about The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe:

u/Me-Mongo · 10 pointsr/politics

Here's a book that mentions the "Ferguson Effect":


Police group director: Obama caused a 'war on cops':


It's another "Us vs. the Libs" issue

u/MoonCricketJamFace · 5 pointsr/The_Donald

Seems to be a book. Would like to know where she got her numbers though.

E: link to purchase book for anyone interested:

u/PuppieWayne · 1 pointr/pics

> - "publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes." - "The study is more than a decade old, published July 2003." But again,

I think you need to do better than that. None of these website you have linked are creadible and been known to push their own agenda.

What proof? Something that is done by credible sources will be nice.

As for the aclu link about the sentencing. Can you show me where in the report states if these black had a rap sheet or are repeat offenders as that WILL affect their sentencing time.

You should pick up this book and have a read, hopfully, it might change your mind.

One other thing:

So what they are doing is essentially, against and law and they could all have the books thrown at them. Should they - I don't think so but it is nice to know when it suits their purpose, they can just ignore the law.

u/skillDOTbuild · 1 pointr/samharris

It's already on my reading list. I'd recommend this one for you, if you haven't read it. I agree it's not something that will be solved over Reddit, that's for sure.

I'll end saying that making excuses for crime isn't the way out, in my opinion. You're stomping on ambition when you talk about vague systemic problems with no answer. The way out is to demand more, to be honest and to not condescend (lower the bar). Pumping money into education isn't solving this problem (bad performance). Bad culture is the problem.

u/Milenor · 1 pointr/samharris

The FBI statistics show that Blacks, although they only constitute 13% of the population are responsible for almost 50% of homicides. Other official statistics you can read more about in this book suggests that victims of violent crime report a disproportionate number of assailants being Black or Latino.

And much of BLM while histerically lashing against the entire police based on a few clear examples of racial basis. Their community meanwhile is decimiated by the gang warfare. And where are the black protests against gang violence ?

This is quite similar to the left lashing out to a few clear examples of hate crime against Muslims, white ignoring the plight of millions of Muslims under the tryanical Islamic theocracies.

So yes both are forms of pernicious regressive left that are ethically despicable and intellectually dishonest!

Regarding the Hitler bit, I was talking about the late 1920s and early 1930s violent clashes between Nazi and Communists within the Germany (not the much later pact between Soviets and Nazi Germany). And I am not saying the history repeats itself, but as the quip said it certainly rhymes!

u/DDplusgood · 0 pointsr/gifs

I'd say they're reasonable given that the premise of the """movement""" is flawed. What is BLM even protesting?

That cops kill twice as many whites as blacks?

That black and hispanic officers are more likely to fire at blacks than white officers?

That blacks kill more cops than cops kill blacks?

That blacks are 23.8% less likely to be shot at by police than whites?

This "'"'"'"'"movement"'"'"'"'" is evidence of what happens when you allow your worldview to be governed by hysteria rather than data.

u/Chutzvah · -2 pointsr/chicago

Not attacking you, but the ACLU is a joke of an organization. Suggesting that white privelidge is everywhere, Christian Conservatives are a threat to our country more than radical Islam is some of their stories.

The police can't do their job if they are under public scrutiny for every arrest/crime they come in contact with. The decline in policing is helping give rise to gun violence.

On your link, the police are not bothered on people smoking pot, they have bigger fish to fry, particularly with distribution of drugs, which statistically says according to the Brookings Institute that is generally done in the black community.

That said, there's an interesting book I'm finishing up called The War on Cops,. If you have the time I'd read is because they cite Chicago violence/crime in roughly every chapter. It's well sourced and is a good insight to the other side if your interested

u/-Skinwalker- · -16 pointsr/news

When we are talking about violent crime and drug distribution rather than misdemeanor offenses or drug possession charges (both of which are usually pleaded down), this is not true at all. These are serious crimes without much subjectivity or room for profiling in the prosecution.

As for the enforcement side, police deploy in higher crime areas where they are needed the most. These communities are often poor black/hispanic/white communities. This is not racism, it is good police work.

If you are interested in the topic I would recommend this book. It essentially breaks down sentencing disparities and shows they are directly correlated to the severity of individual charges rather than a systemic bias. It also goes over enforcement, the war on drugs and the black community, and police shootings. Very good book.