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20 Reddit comments about The Warlizard Chronicles: Adventures with Vodka, Women, & War:

u/RamsesThePigeon · 64 pointsr/casualiama

Listen, /u/Warlizard... you and I have been through a fair amount over the years. We've had some compelling conversations, shared some secrets, and even discussed a collaboration which both of us failed to give any serious consideration. In a very real way, I think of us as the Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel of the site, and not just because of that one time when some guy wrote a weird novella about the two of us tangoing with /u/vargas.

The thing is, despite all we've been through, you've been more than a little bit cold when it comes to one particular topic... and so here, on the anniversary of your most notorious claim to fame – more well-known even than your oeuvre of excellent literature, your many creative accomplishments, or your utterly unflappable sense of ironic wit – I've decided to publicly clear the air as I ask you the same question that I've been approaching you with for the better part of four years:

Can I have some of your french fries?

u/Warlizard · 36 pointsr/announcements

Back the fuck up.

Just so I'm clear, if I post something with an affiliate link, I get shadow-banned for spamming Reddit but when you do it, it's a new revenue model?

Am I missing something here? Is this new? Are you officially saying that Reddit users may now add an affiliate code to anything they link?

In the 5 years since my book came out, it has been linked countless times on Reddit. I can only imagine how much affiliate money I would have made by putting a little code after that and raking in the phat dough.

BRB, adding affiliate links to ALL THE THINGS!


Just to be clear, if I link my book like this:

then nothing will be changed but if I just link it like this:

Then your software will add in a Reddit affiliate link to it and you guys will get the revenue?

Just trying to clarify. I can't see any way this could be abused at all.

Oh, and here's my book, one more time, with affiliate link added, just so people can see an example of how this works:

u/Who_GNU · 29 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

No wading needed, there are automated tools to search your comment history.

I now know you live in Scottsdale, AZ, you have a wife and at least one son. (It also says you have a mother, but I could have guessed that. Chances are you have a father, too.)

You are a writer, here is your web page, and your rather amusing looking book on Amazon.

Also, you are a personal fan of lots of eyeliner. (seeing it, not wearing it)

u/mnmachinist · 23 pointsr/HistoryPorn
u/he-said-youd-call · 17 pointsr/Showerthoughts

On an unrelated note, I just discovered this guy has a book! Totally buying that with my next paycheck. You're one of my favorite redditors, extremely longstanding running joke aside.

u/godofallcows · 9 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Buy his book. It's cheap and amazing. Like "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" but better.

u/russellvt · 8 pointsr/IAmA

Just some linkage for the lazy: "The Warlizard Chronicles: Adventures with Vodka, Women, & War" ... since he was "nice enough" to not include it (ie. self-promote), here.

Edit: Looks like a good book (and I nearly died laughing at Tucker Max's first novel, to which this is compared) ... so (Warlizard's book is) now on my own wish list.

Edit: clarified indefinite article in the previous stealth edit

u/MonkeySteriods · 2 pointsr/booksuggestions
  1. "Emails from an Asshole"
  2. I'll Go Home Then, It's Warm and Has Chairs. The Unpublished Emails (The reviews claim that the emails were published.. but its still amusing anyways)
  3. [The Warlizard Chronicles: Adventures with Vodka, Women, & War] ( By one of our very own reddit users /u/warlizard

    Granted these are humor books so its going to be more entertaining than helpful.
u/AngryWren · 2 pointsr/dontyouknowwhoiam

At least it is shows as available on where it also offers the audible version vor 0€.

Edit: Also the whole book is readable through Google Books

u/Argarck · 2 pointsr/blog

Alright, you win.

I would give you gold, but instead im gonna buy your book.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Movie deal based on the book? I'd pay to see that.

link for people who don't know what I'm talking about.

u/Fuzzy_Pickles · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Every time I see you, I just kind of want to post this. More people need to read that.

u/Barimen · 2 pointsr/tifu

> and so it's fun to see people's reactions when they hear about it. Besides, this is not NEARLY the weirdest thing about me.

Well, you almost had me think you're /u/Warlizard. If you want to suddenly seem perfectly normal, I recommend you to buy his book. GF got me one as a gift. It's... well, it's quite something. I recommend it.

You can find stories from the book in comments he left in various askreddit threads and such.

u/thirdegree · 1 pointr/wow

The Warlizard Chronicles

Anyone who hasn't read it, do so. Dude's fucking crazy.

u/anticommon · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Back in my junior high days the most influential book for me was a toss up between Run, boy, Run and SoldierX.

In highschool, I found No Country for Old Men, The Road, and Fast Food Nation extremely moving. Brave new world is up there as well.

Right now, I'm reading this and it's actually really great.

u/BklynMoonshiner · 1 pointr/HistoryPorn
u/LizardBurger · 0 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

Hello, yes, I am! Have you ordered my book yet?

u/Tsilent_Tsunami · 0 pointsr/subredditoftheday

The Warlizard Chronicles

Haha, I have a few of those stories in my collection, but too much of it is stuff I would never publish. lol Good for you.