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The World Without Us
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u/postIntelligence · 4 pointsr/MapPorn

Legit answer: We'd run out of fresh water and food and trample all the vegetation...and quickly be buried in our own waste. Disease would be rampant. We'd all begin fighting each other pretty much right away. The economy would both boom and bust in Romania as the old economy collapses and a new economy emerges. We'd probably stabilize in a population of a few million and experience a few decades of dark ages as we recover and relearn everything. Assuming the magic walls holding us in disappeared we'd probably do it all over again just as bad.

Elsewhere. The ecosystem would bounce back in a very big way. Animal/fish/insect populations and forests would flourish and quickly go back wild. Actually, there's a good book about this topic called The World Without Us

u/platosmistake · 1 pointr/audiobooks

The World Without Us Very accessible, and it makes you think about how fragile everything is.

u/yeahnoworriesmate · 1 pointr/audiobooks

Thanks, but I can't seem to find this title on Audible?
Or do you mean this one: ?