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The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama
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u/enigmae ยท 2 pointsr/motivation

I've had similar goals based around fitness and diet and also relationships. I've had stretches of good and stretches of bad, but the thing that helped was changing my mindset (and it is still a daily struggle)

  1. Every action you take, is a decision (or choice), sometimes out of habit or some emotional response, or boredom, but once you realize it is a choice. You have control over it.

  2. Looking at the grand scheme of things 100's of choices a day, messing up a couple is not the end of the world, just try to keep the majority of the choices positive.

  3. When you try to set a schedule or starting on X day in future did not work for me, as I found every time I made a choice I needed to be consistent and working towards my goals. The famous a long journey starts with a single step, and for me it was the choices I make.

  4. try to find the habit(s) and emotional traps that derail positive choices, by discovering this you can help prevent this from making you lose control.

  5. the biggest help for me is visualizing the future goal, etc.. spend some amount of time every day visualizing the success, clothes you will wear, things you will be able to do, living a long life for family and friends.

    I have read some good books on these topics as well for self-awareness and highly recommend them, though some are pretty dense.

  6. power of habit

  7. Rewiring Your Self to Break Addictions and Habits

  8. Facing the Shadow: Starting Sexual and Relationship Recovery - This is good for nofap or if it is a habit and causes. You can do an assessment to see how crazy some situations are, there is hope.

  9. The Yoga of Breath - This is great for helping with relaxation as one of my drivers of bad behaviors was stress, and this along with stretching and transcendental meditation really solved my problems.

    If you really want a wake-up call, for me it was a close-relative who had a heart-attack (smoker, and unhealthy eater and at a young age (late 40's) he survived and recovered fully, but being much younger I discovered it is not too late. I look at it not like your investing only in the future self, but that my quality of life is going up as well. As Shaw-shank-redemption says "Get busy living or get busy dying" , Once you start making positive changes they will keep you motivated as well.

    pm me if you have any questions or need some help.