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Thermalon Microwave Activated Moist Heat Dry Eye Compress
NATURAL HYDRATING EYE TREATMENT: This eye compress offers safe, effective relief for your dry, irritated, itchy eyes by consistently releasing hydrating moist heat; Helps restore the eye's natural defenses against tear evaporation with support and comfortMOIST HEAT THERAPY: The unique microwave actived moist heating compress conforms to the eye and face and provides effective uniform heat that helps to relieve dryness from the eyes. It can also be an effective treatment for blepharitis and other eye irritations.SAFE REUSABLE MATERIAL: Thermalon eye pad is made of a soft, safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and latex-free material; The heating pad is reusable and can be hand washedEASY TO USE: Simply microwave the dry eye mask for 20 seconds and apply for 3-5 minutes for fast acting relief. Place in the freezer for 2 hours and apply for soothing cold.
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6 Reddit comments about Thermalon Microwave Activated Moist Heat Dry Eye Compress:

u/Ophthalmologist · 4 pointsr/Ophthalmology

First off- disclaimer - this is general advice, I am not giving you medical advice, I am not your doctor, I cannot diagnose or treat any conditions through the internet.

Chalazia once they become firm and not swollen or red are often resistant to treatment but they can be treated with hot compresses.

A hordeolum is a warm, swollen, tender meibomian gland and these respond better to treatment with compresses. They can sort of "burn out" and become a firm, nontender, chalazion.

> I'm almost always in public so it's kind of impossible to carry a facecloth around with me, soaking my eye all day.

It sounds like someone didn't explain how to do compresses to you. First off, if you're going to use a washcloth you need a FRESH, clean washcloth each time so hanging around to one washcloth all day is wrong right off the bat. Second, you don't need to soak your eye all day. You need about 10 minutes of continuous heat applied to your eyelids followed by massaging the oil glands and washing your eyelashes. This video explains the compresses and massage.. After you do this, take a clean washcloth with some baby shampoo and scrub your eyelashes clean then rinse well.

Blepharitis, hordeola, and chalazia are treated by doing that whole thing two or three times per day. Do it once when you wake up, once after work, once before bed. No need to carry anything around.

People think a washcloth is effective but really like the video shows this is most easily done by buying a hot compress eye mask like this thing from amazon. It's near impossible to keep a washcloth hot for 6 minutes. You end up having to rewarm it, your eyelids have cooled off by the time you rewarm it, and then you're back at square one and never get enough heat to the oil glands where it is needed.

These are caused by blocked meibomian oil glands. These glands sit right behind your eyelashes.

>I also am someone who wears makeup every. day. Do I REALLY have to give up wearing it?

If you are putting mascara and eyeliner on every day then yes, you should maybe give that up for a while. If you keep plugging up those glands every day while they're obviously inflamed you're going to get more of them.

> I can make a trip to my family doctor, optometrist or an ophthalmologist, but the healthcare where I live sucks and I probably wouldn't get in to see either for a month+.

I really hope you are seeing an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist at least yearly if you are wearing contacts!! Some of this post makes it seem like you've been wearing contacts this whole time but haven't had an eye doctor look at your eyes. That's worrisome and can be way, way more dangerous than a chalazion.

u/SarZanne · 2 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Just a suggestion, but I've been using this product for years for my dry eyes.... It's reusable and you just pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Same exact thing but not a one time use like the starry eyes

Thermalon Dry Eye Compress

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

What if you have to apply heat to your face? I have dry eyes, sinus allergies, and pinguecula, so my eyes can get pretty inflamed and really uncomfortable. The only thing I've found that helps consistently is a daily hot compress, but unfortunately, well, it's hot. And on my skin. My most delicate skin! I'm wondering if there's anything I can do afterward to mitigate the negative effects on my skin?

u/joshuatree15 · 1 pointr/Dryeyes

I didn’t have much success with Cliradex, but this compress has helped me immensely. I do it 1-2 times per day for about 10 minutes. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds and then lie down with it on. It opens up the glands so your eyes will be really blurry after - just put in eye drops after and you’ll be good to go

u/dumpbox · 1 pointr/lasik

I had similar issue but its been about 4+ years & mine has improved a lot. I was on restasis & over the counter eye drops.

I highly recommend you use eye heat mask once a day & every morning when you take a shower... walk up to shower head and let your eye lids feel the force of warm/hot water. I do this for about minute each eye. It will massage the eye & improve your tears. It has become my routine because you take shower every morning anyways. This trick is similar to treatment called Lipoflow for dry eyes. This is from lot of research I have done on reddit & other online resources.

Also get Bilberry its natual for dry eyes.