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Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle, Midnight Blue
Made with Thermos patented vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention, hot or coldDesigned to keep liquids hot for 24 hours, and cold for 24 hoursDurable stainless-steel interior and exterior keep bottle cool to touch with hot liquids and sweat proof with cold liquidsLid doubles as insulated serving cup; twist and pour function allows you to pour without moving the stopperWith an ample 40-ounce capacity, the bottle offers plenty of sustenance on the goIncluded components: decorative-bottles
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37 Reddit comments about Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle, Midnight Blue:

u/Capolan · 18 pointsr/BuyItForLife

So grandad thermos would have been glass lined - you don't want that. you want a double wall stainless steel - which is way more advanced than the old thermos of yore.

Zojirushi is what you want to buy.

Though, new Thermos brand products are quite good - I really like this one - this one for example, I've had ice water in for 8+ hours...still ice floating in it...:

and this one, though it's bulkier - this one is 24 hours...and they really mean that...:

u/GIS-Rockstar · 12 pointsr/scuba
  • A thermos of hot chocolate/soup is magnificent.

  • Bring a Snickers bar for after the dive too. The sugar and protein can get your blood/metabolism pumping and it's a good snack to hold you over until you get to your next hot meal

  • Fill a ≈gallon sized, insulated jug with hot water and do your best to keep it warm (wrapping it in a towel or some neoprene material from a fabric store works great). Dunk your hands in there if they're too cold to move around (it's hard to warm up your hands and fingers). Otherwise, don't forget chemical hand warmers packs (but they stop working once they get wet)

  • An extra towel and a complete extra change of clothes are a good backup

  • Have a setup plan and stick to it to change in and out of gear. Minimize any time where you aren't wearing a hat/gloves/jacket/etc. Body heat is quickly lost and it takes forever to return when you're wet and your body temp is down

  • Ditch your gear, and immediately get out of your wet scuba gear. Break down your scuba rig well after you're dry, warm, and stabilized
u/TELL_ME_YOUR_FEARS · 4 pointsr/Showerthoughts

good call, I hadn't thought of that. Just picked up this bad boy.

u/Quorum_Sensing · 3 pointsr/nursing

I use this thermos. It keeps my coffee hot for over 24 hours. Hospital coffee is shit. Bringing my own real coffee was a game changer.

u/ichabod13 · 3 pointsr/soylent

Might look into a thermos. Something like this

I've used the smaller 24 ounce model when I used to bring one bigger meal and drink it between breakfast/lunch. I would put a few cubes of ice and it would remain cool just fine, even on 100+ days. It helped to make sure it was left out of direct sunlight too.

u/RugerRedhawk · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

You don't need to spend that much on a backpack, an LL bean or jansport will cost less, last you well over 4 years, and are backed by solid warranties. Not saying that pack isn't nice, but with the budget you're working with I'd personally drop that one down a notch.

For coat I'd consider a nice arctic carhartt and maybe a cheap frog togg rain jacket you could toss on over it on a day you plan on getting wet for an extended period.

As far as long johns go, any will last you. Merino wool is a great material for these, but I have several fleece based solutions that are very warm and cost quite a bit less.

I think the thermos you linked to has it's price inflated because it's an older model, something like this will be more than adequate: just avoid any that have glass in them.

u/forgot_my_password99 · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I was lucky enough to score 2 of these at a garage sale (smaller sized) for $1 each! So check your local garage sales!

I use these for chili and soup. Put some cooked rice in regular tupperware. At lunch/dinner time. Just mix the rice w/ the hot chili/soup and you have a filling meal.

u/Rustiest_Venture · 3 pointsr/discgolf
u/chemistrysquirrel · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Thermos brand? It fits all 3 of your requirements.

u/a_flyin_muffin · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Here you go. I know that this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but the lid functions as a cup, and it appears to be relatively good quality, although not necessarily BIFL. I don't think that you're going to find something that unscrews in the middle, and I'm not really sure why you want aluminum specifically. This one is stainless steel.

u/try_another4 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A Thermos brand thermos for road trips and camping! I've always wanted an actual, working thermos.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/bouldering

I don't know how cold it gets where you are, but a thermos and some nice coffee would be the best present I could get this christmas. I've had this one on my wishlist for a while:

u/OneLegAtATime · 2 pointsr/bicycling

how much coffee do you need?\

I can vouch for this one personally. Keeps beverages insanely hot/cold forever. Used to carry 40oz of coffee or tea with me when I would dive all day (hours on hours in 50˚F water for work) and it was a godsend. It used to be stanley that held the gold in the thermos market, but apparently their QC has gone way downhill.

I've seen my friends with the little thermos brand food containers, but they're a bit heavy. Especially if you're going to be nuking the food at work, then you don't need something that will retain heat. If you're a sandwich man, any grocery store will have light plastic tupperwares for that. Otherwise, keep a bowl at work and bring stuff in plastic. If you're worried about it getting squished, bring glass or get back racks on your bicycle to increase storage space.

u/gl1tch · 2 pointsr/tea

A pack stove is what you're looking for. They run on solid, liquid, or gas fuel and span a wide range of prices. Jetboil is a popular but pricey brand with many models. This means you will be carrying the stove, the fuel, and another container for the water.

If you're talking about a day hike then your best option is to get a good thermos just fill it up before you leave. It will be a lot less hassle, weigh less, and take up less space.

u/Redcat1991 · 2 pointsr/tea


the iced ingenuitea makes just enough to still leave room for milk in the thermos, if he likes it in his tea. plus maybe get him a couple of sample sizes of tea to try, maybe cinnamon, candy cane, ect.

u/AmNotLost · 2 pointsr/Coffee

They sell these at just about every major store here that has, like, a camping department. That's listed for beverages, but probably not a big enough opening. I was thinking something more like this and they come 40 ounce plus.

u/LetsTryScience · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I have this style


It has lasted through two years of college being tossed around and abused. The top had an insulated cap with a rubber seal so it can be juggled without spilling. Sometimes I would get coffee at 8am and forget to drink it, getting home at 7pm it would still be hot enough that I had to sip it. They have 16oz-40oz thermoses and shorter fatter containers for food. It is a double wall insulated container. I know the aluminum water bottles are popular now but they are too hot to hold with coffee and lose heat fast.

u/dingdove · 2 pointsr/tea

This one is just amazing, the water is still warm after 24 hours. I use this for the picnic and the water burns me all the time.

And, get a smaller one for the milk, thermos keeps cold as well! I use it for ice in the summer time.

u/saltyteabag · 1 pointr/tea

I have a 15-year old stainless steel double-wall Thermos that isn't all too different from this or this. It certainly does a good job of keeping things warm for long periods of time. I've forgotten it on my desk at work overnight half full, and it was usually still steaming a bit the next morning when I dumped it out (24 hours later). The trick with these or anything like it, is to pre-heat by filling with boiling water and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes before filling it with your beverage.

As for flavor, I've never really noticed any flavor loss, but I've mostly used it for coffee or strong black teas like Earl Grey. I would imagine delicate green teas probably wouldn't do so great being kept warm for long periods of time regardless of what they're in.

u/flipzone · 1 pointr/dapsCA
u/SeraphimF · 1 pointr/tea I have this one keeps things very hot for an extremely long time and is big enough to hold the maximum amount of tea that I can drink at once, basically.

u/trust_me_I_am_expert · 1 pointr/gainit

This thermos holds 1.5 liters

Two of these will be enough for most of your daily milk. Have one pint at home in the morning and another at night and you're set.

u/DRPR · 1 pointr/tea

I will pick something like this

Or something for camping, is good money spent, i have 1 year with mine and is like new.

u/Reysian · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think everyone needs one of these to keep their coffee or whatever drink keeps you going through the day, since you might be doing alot and need a pick me up drink! =] As for me I like this, something to feed my obsession over Star Wars.

u/kevan0317 · 1 pointr/Dualsport

I recommend a nice backpack and something like this:

Fun is an understatement. This thing is a hundred smiles per gallon.

u/tenchi4u · 1 pointr/Coffee

You can get a good insulated container (appropriately sized for your needs) and transfer the coffee from the Chemex to the insulated vessel. I essentially do the same thing everyday to bring my coffee to work (but in a smaller insulated zoijurishi).

This is a good one that's pretty large and not too expensive :

u/Hobbsizzle · 1 pointr/Coffee

Screw break room coffee! Thermoses are definitely the way to go for taking your brew to work. I got one a Stainless Thermos
and that puppy keeps my coffee piping hot from 7am until at least 1 or 2pm. It's black magic.

u/zydeco100 · 1 pointr/chicago

You mean like a Thermos? Or is there something special about the straw?

Why not just get one on Amazon?

u/Stang1776 · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Get one of These

And one of These

I have that Thermos and take it to work with me everyday. I was spending $2 a pop at the coffee joint everyday for their biggest sized cup. Now i take the thermos. Some days ill have 1 cup. Some times 3. A few times ill polish the thing off. You never know what kind of day youll be having. Either way your coffee will stay hot all day. Hell the coffee is still warm in the morning when i dump the excess out the next day.

Maintenance is easy. I personally have never washed mine but i think the ol lady has a couple times. If you are a cream and/or sugar guy then id wash it...or buy a bundle and keep it at your desk.

u/60s_Spiderman_Meme · 1 pointr/tea

Hello im new to drinking Tea and have a question

i want to fill a very large thermos with tea using an infuser

in this container

my question is how much loose tea will i need to make a strong/ non bitter tea.

ALSO is there a good stater set i can buy to try different teas again im new to this

u/irishcocacola · 1 pointr/Frugal

I would invest in the following:

  • Iced Tea Maker
  • Tea [$2-3] for 100 bags, Coffee [$5-10]/lb
  • Water heater/Electric Kettle
  • A French Press/Coffee Maker.
  • A good Thermos [$20-30]
  • Sigg Water Bottle [~$20]

    Diet coke can be addictive. I was drinking it for the caffeine - but I realized how expensive it was and switched to making my own coffee/tea/iced tea in the morning and packing it in a large thermos for work. I probably saved ~ $500 doing this for the past year.

    I also mention the Sigg Water bottle because I was getting dehydrated and bottled water is a huge waste of money. So I would always pack a water bottle as well to stay hydrated.
u/a_proper_potato · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Buy a well insulated bottle (e.g. this) and fill it with ice, then whatever space is left fill it with water. Unless it's sitting directly in the sun all day, it should keep cool and you can keep refilling the water.

Alternatively, buy a giant 2L jug of water, take the cap off and freeze it overnight, and bring that with you the next day.

u/ShamrockShart · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Indeed. I do a pour over batch in a thermos in the morning.

Fills this mug three times. I drink two and my wife drinks one every morning.

My physical dependence might be a result of many years of consuming copious amount of caffeine or maybe just my own special genetic predisposition to migraines, to be fair.