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This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution
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2 Reddit comments about This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution:

u/lnvalidEmailAddress · 2 pointsr/sustainability

You'll get a real kick out of his books too then.

Many evolutionary biologists don't buy this perspective. I'm an evolutionary ecologist (I study birds and their habitat) and I'll proselytize this all day... We're animals and evolved in small groups. There are strategies we can use to be better groups. These core design principles set us up to have robust, resilient, and happy small groups, and the only thing that limits them is outside institutions which don't respect their autonomy, and an economic system which tips the scale away from small group cohesion. Even if it's not scientifically sound from an evolutionary perspective, the outcome of applying this method of thinking and these core design principles is happiness and group cohesion. So fuck it.

My interpretation of the world and the current state of affairs is precisely as you say. We're all locked in a prisoners dilemma, at every level.

Why should I hamstring myself in an economic system devoted to consumption and individual competition? Suffering the economic consequences is unthinkable because I am "less fit" than the other individuals in my community, and thus I am compelled to spend and produce to keep up with them lest I become antiquated. If we all recognize this vicious cycle, which has lead to unsustainability and incredible health issues we can solve the prisoners dilemma, and all suffer the consequences together...Thereby are there really any? So let's demand great public transport and local quality of life increases through sustainable means, and each solve the prisoners dilemma by doing the unthinkable.

I'm sure you can think of more examples.

I think the use of an economic system which depends on indefinite continuous consumption by multiple has lead us to now: an economic cowboy standoff with higher institutions hellbent on eating the world trying to topple each other, and the people who inhabit the world being brushed off.

u/Cheddarlad · 2 pointsr/brasil

Que legal! Eu lembro de um aperfeiçoamento que eu fiz em neurociências que o prof falava o tempo todo em homeostase. É o movimento que faz com que nos mantenhamos funcionando o tempo todo, inclusive de forma intracelular.

Não imaginava que tinha teorias com implicações maiores. Com certeza, vou dar uma olhada. No momento estou lendo o This View of Life, do David Sloan Wilson, que fala sobre uma ordem maior derivada da Seleção Natural darwinista, que pode ter implicações comportamentais e culturais. Acho que pode te interessar, também. Valeu pelas recomendações.