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u/sassybeeee · 60 pointsr/Instagramreality

I’m not OP but I use an eyebrow razor (like this one) to shave off my peach fuzz and I find that it grows back really soft. I shave it maybe once a month!

u/redchai · 50 pointsr/puppy101

Very important lesson for any owner of a dog with non-shedding coat. Even if you opt to keep your dog's hair short, (which I do), brushing keeps their skin healthy, it helps them stay comfortable with handling, and it's an opportunity to check them for any injuries, infections, etc. Don't forget to check between the toes! Even though we have Ramses' paws shaved, the hairs between his toe pads obviously stay a little longer, and if he steps in something sticky it's a guaranteed mat, which can irritate the skin pretty quickly. Eyebrow razors work great for gently removing mats from tricky-to-access areas (this process requires many treats).

u/IntrepidBeachcomber · 14 pointsr/AskWomenOver30

I don't have thick/coarse facial and body hair so experiences may vary, but after reading the NYT article on women shaving their faces, I got curious and tried it myself, and I love the results. Twice a month I use a BIC single blade and run it over my face and body wet with water (no soap, just water; I don't want a too close of a shave). Hair grows back thin and soft and I could probably get away with doing it once a month, but the exfoliation is amazing and it makes my skin look very good. Plus I enjoy the ritual, I put on 80s music and sing along in front of the mirror while I do my face, ha ha.

Little razors made specifically for facial shaving are available. Tinkle is a famous brand.

u/sailorchickenstrips · 11 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I do it once a week, sometimes less, for over a year. Great results! My skin has such a nice glow compared to before I started, which admittedly may have something to do with the fact that my products seem to absorb so much better. I use these eyebrow razors instead of a regular razor. I think someone one here on /r/SkincareAddiction recommended them, and I fell in love. For tips on technique, there are tons of YouTube videos or feel free to PM me :)

By the way, I have went a month or more without shaving my face, and it was totally unnoticeable. My facial hair grows in as the same light colored peach fuzz it has always been. It comes back soft, not stubbly, which I was really relieved to discover. One thing though: I skip shaving my upper lip because I am blessed with a thicker lady mustache that I prefer to have threaded. I assume it would grow back in similar to the rest of my facial hair if I shaved it, but I prefer not to take the risk.

TLDR: try it, you'll love it!

u/danytargaryenz · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I use Tinkle Eyebrow razors for upper lip hair ( I usually only have to use it ever week or so. I've heard of people using them all over their face for any peach fuzz, but I just use it on my upper lip. I do have a few chin hairs that randomly come in lol but I'll usually pluck those since they don't grow in that often. You can use the razor for those too if you need to! They're really gentle and won't make you stubbly like a regular razor.

u/SuddenlyALampPost · 4 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I used to have an electric trimmer something like this, and that worked okay but then I lost it during a move. I bought some 'eyebrow razors' and use that just for the center part of my nose with some baby oil, and a small scissors for further inside. I do it about once every week or so.

Cant help if you're looking to actually remove the hair by its root, as I've never done that before. Sounds too painful for me.

u/daenerys-mononoke · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

This is going to sound bizarre, but shave your face! It's what I do, and after suffering through waxing and threading and enduring minor chemical burns from Nair, shaving is what I recommend 100%. DON'T use the kind of razor you'd use on your legs - use a facial razor, like this one: It's really easy to learn how to use (there are tons of tutorials on YouTube), and for me, I only have to do it once every two to three weeks (I don't mind minor hair growth on my face - I just don't like a full-on beard). You can shave dry, but I find that my skin is happier when I shave with some jojoba oil. It works like a charm, and it takes no more than 2 minutes. Couldn't recommend enough!

u/bullshitandbitchery · 3 pointsr/piercing

I have a Christina piercing, but I use one of those eyebrow razor things and it works really well!
like these

u/ClementineOJ · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

If your skin is sensitive to getting tweezed, like mine, then you could use an eyebrow razor. Please do a patch test first before going all out but this hurts less and doesn't show as much irritation.

u/tyrannosaurusregina · 3 pointsr/blogsnark

It's the brand name of a very narrow facial razor. Means pee to me, too.

u/Her_Royal_Vagesty · 3 pointsr/GenderCritical

I have used eyebrow razors, I don't think they're nearly as common as painful tools like tweezers or wax.

I'm cool with my body hair, I just don't like the unibrow and toe hairs.

u/snaildetective · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

They're amazing and you can get them for only a few dollars too! Here's a link, if you're unfamiliar with them:

u/bangarang_000 · 3 pointsr/beauty

You could try using a an eyebrow razor like this(they’re not just for eyebrows). I use them and they’re great because they also exfoliates your skin and they’re really cheap.

u/annawho · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I shave my face. I use Tinkle razors. They are super.

Michelle Money has a good tutorial on how to shave your peach fuzz.

u/helkar · 2 pointsr/Breadit

One of these guys? Interesting, I never even considered doing that haha.

u/Kawaii_Fart_Tits · 2 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I think three things could really help you out.

  1. Cover lashes with a small bit of water proof eyeliner and then curl them, that will hold the curl. EDIT: You guys, this is a popular tip MUA god Wayne Goss uses. I swear I'm not just making this tip up. She obviously doesn't have to do it if it irritates her eyes. It's just a tip. The main point is her lashes need a curl. Then cover lashes with a dark mascara.

  2. Define your beautiful big eyebrows. If you're scared of plucking you can use an eyebrow razor. (I do!) You just want a clean line is all. Edit: If you're afraid of plucking eyebrow hairs then wouldn't you think using a razor designed for eyebrows would be a great alternative? It works amazing for me when I don't have the time for plucking.

  3. Use some highlighter on your cheekbones. That will give you a 'glow'.

    Hope that helps, good luck!
u/iheartyourpsyche · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I do not have hirsutism, but I am very hairy all over my face and body and have struggled with that a lot. The only thing I've found to be relatively non-irritating are the small electric face shavers. This is the one I use, and most shavers in this shape work well for me. I've tried eyebrow shavers like these, but I found that they irritated my skin, especially when I had a lot of acne.

If you end up using the shaver I'd recommend 1) sterilizing it often to avoid it irritating your skin and causing more acne, and 2) being gentle and shaving in the direction of hair growth as much as possible.

Also, while hair does not grow back thicker when you shave, it does have a "blunt tip" which makes it appear so. Because of this, you may want to consider Laser Hair Removal for the long term. Shaving has worked for me, but I think if you have a condition and it bothers you, it might be the best solution. I saw in another comment that you have fair skin and dark hair, and that's the perfect combo for LHR, although the method has vastly improved and almost anyone can get it now.

u/YourBirdCanSing5 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I buy these:

They work amazing for getting rid of my peach fuzz!

u/maria0307 · 1 pointr/teenagers

Wash your face. Try to find a soap that suits your skin type.
I really like Neutrogena's transparent facial bar. Neutrogena offers lots of soaps for different skin conditions. Or, use a simple soap, but do make sure you don't use it for washing another parts of the body.

Use face masks or creams depending on what you want.
If you want to get rid of acne and heal faster, I reccomend the Aztec Healing Clay Mask ( )

Hydration is also very important, If your skin feels tight after washing it or using a dry facemask, then use cream or facial masks for skin hydrating.

The first days, I do reccomend you take out blackheads and pick your skin, but don't be too rough.


If you get your skin to be as healthy as it can be, you can try to remove peach fuzz and facial hair with razors ( ).
Also, Even out your eyebrows. Although, I reccomend threading.

If you do shave your facial hair, I reccomend being extra careful before and after doing this. As you can easily break out.

u/Pickled079 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

They look good! Though instead of plucking, I’d recommend shaving with eyebrow razors because plucking the hair is bad for the follicle, but shaving doesn’t affect the follicle.

u/greenso · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

I use veet and not even the kind specifically for your face. It leaves a bit of redness for a bit but nothing my foundation can't cover up. You can also use one of these things. Or buy waxing strips.

u/Mellaaayy · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

first off you're gorgeous. for brows it depends on what you're going for. i like the thickness of your brows and i think you just need a little clean up around them. you can tweeze around them or use those mini eyebrow/face razors if you want something more shapely you can go to a professional and they'll help you out. to find out what you like best is really trial and error. try eyebrow pencils, pomades and powders. i also have minimal eyelid space lol. it's not a problem to work with. for your eye look to pop put your desired colour on the part of your eyelid that is visible when you open them. you can still deepen the crease by applying a deep brown shade in the crease and bring it just a little above it. i also keep my eyeliner quite thin.

u/cltphotogal · 1 pointr/AskWomenOver30

Tinkle razors! They're the best- they remove hair & exfoliate.

u/crossbeats · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I use these eyebrow razors. Easy to use, and fairly foolproof.

Alternatively, when you get your haircut, ask them to cleanup your brows as well.

u/boogieforward · 1 pointr/muacjdiscussion

This is it! - the guard is that grooved layer against the blade

u/Lumberchick · 1 pointr/TrollMUA

I vary between a soft and hard angle. When I started I got the too faced brow envy kit which was really helpful because it came with guides that I could follow along with. I also use a MAC clear gel to hold them in place as i brush them up I trim off the excess hairs with an eyebrow razor (you can find them almost anywhere.

But if you do this make sure you take off a little at a time, a little goes a long way.

Another thing you could do is get them Plucked by a professional. Plucking is ok but my electrolysis says that its a bad thing. Meh, I'm sure its fine for eyebrows.

Another way you could go is to get them threaded (which is nearly the same as plucking)

You could always go and get them waxed too but that wont thin out the hairs, only plucking and threading will do that ... unless you do that after, or they do it there too. (in my experience the waxing techs don't take excess hairs out.)

Wether you decide to get them waxed, plucked, or threaded make sure you ask around and use yelp to try and find a good place that does it. There are some places out there that are just not good.

At the end of the day just remember if you screw up, its just hair. it grows back. Life will continue.

u/xoxomega · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

In some beauty circles shaving your face is said to benefit the skin by slightly exfoliating when you take the dead skin off with the hair ( However they also suggest using an eyebrow razor ( at 45degrees to your face and dry. Its called dermal planing if you want to look it up. Basically, when people have looked into it, shaving, if done properly, will actually help your skin :)