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TIX Color Code Clock, Silver
LED-illuminated squares in a brushed chrome faceplate display the time to those who know the codeYou can set it to create an ever-changing pattern that always reveals the correct timeSits on desk or tabletop or mounts on the wall
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u/c_onta · 3 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

It's a Tix Clock. You read it by counting the number of squares in each section. In the video you posted there are 0 squares, then 6 squares, and then 0 and 0, so the time is 0600, or 6:00.

u/adve5 · 3 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay
u/Jkuz · 2 pointsr/space

Here you go! It's a clock. If I'm reading it correctly it is 5:25 at the start of the video.

u/andrewism · 2 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

It's called the Tix Clock. Unfortunately I don't think it's available anywhere probably due to a limited batch :(