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Tracfone Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Glitz A463BG
4G/Wi-Fi CapableAndroid 4.4, KitKat1.3 GHz Dual Core Processor2 MP Camera/Video RecorderBattery Talk Time up to 5.7 hours1
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13 Reddit comments about Tracfone Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Glitz A463BG:

u/DHThrowawayy · 15 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You can get a basic android phone for as little as $20 or so. It's a basic communications device that's pretty much necessary at this point.

Not to mention, we have libraries with free PC access if you have a library card, McDonald's hotspots to connect to internet, etc.

Chances are, OP doesn't have an iPhone 7, but that doesn't mean he/she can't connect to the internet.

u/currypotnoodle · 14 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

I'd be happy to send you one of these

or another affordable replacement android phone if you like. Please let me know. Prime can get it there quickly. I would hate to see you banned because of this unfortunate accident.

u/slolift · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

this thing is great. if you are already taking a camera I'd recommend this cheap Trac phone. It runs gps and plays music. It's all I need.

u/cmlaney · 3 pointsr/homeassistant

Or even a fire tablet, if you can get one on sale.

Edit: Here's a tracfone for $20

u/worldspawn00 · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Hell, I can get a cheap pay as you go android 4.4 device for $19 that is probably sufficient for an authenticator...

u/lirakis · 2 pointsr/VOIP

honestly .. i went and got a cheap android "trac phone" on sale at my local grocery store for $9. It just uses wifi - no cellular data. I put Grandstream Wave on it and gave it to my 2 year old so she can "make phone calls".

It's crazy to me how much you can get for $9 lol.

Any "wifi sip phone" is gonna cost you a lot more, and probably not function any better (if not worse) IMO.

u/pugna99 · 1 pointr/perktv
u/Jack41096 · 1 pointr/ShadowWar

Dont know where you found the Moto e 1st gen for $20, but heres one for $16

u/tomkatt · 0 pointsr/truegaming

> og psp. gets you emulation access to all consoles through n64 with homebrew

Except no special chip SNES games, somewhat janky SNES for many games, and N64 very hacky, sometimes without sound or with tons of frameskip when it works at all. The PSP is a really poor choice for emulation today. You can literally do better in most regards with a budget $40 smartphone and controller. There's actually a $16 smartphone that's technically better for emulation in all regards excepting native PSP games.

u/throwaway56useless · 0 pointsr/emulation

i may have found a good cheap android cell phone for emulation?

this one right here don't let its specs fool you. It will run gameboy color/gameboy advance games at 8x speed fast forward with no lag. one con though is the phone can't not go in landscape mode for some odd reason ): nes and genesis emulators should work excellent as well (haven't gotten around to testing them out yet)