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TravelChair Slacker Chair, Tripod Stool, Red
DURABLE FABRIC: The Slacker is engineered with durable Nailhead fabric and 600d Ripstop polyester for dependability on and off the trail.DURABLE FRAME: The Slacker is reinforced throughout its frame to provide a reliable and long-lasting stool.COMFORTABLE TRANSPORT: Integrated is a carry and closure strap for your ease and comfort in transportation.COMPACT STORAGE: The Slacker folds to the size of a rolled-up newspaper, taking up less space and making travel easier on the busy camper.SIMPLE CLOSURE: Includes an integrated velcro strap for easy storage and packing while on the go.
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4 Reddit comments about TravelChair Slacker Chair, Tripod Stool, Red:

u/doctor_boombot · 3 pointsr/gaming

A small foldable stool and a handheld gaming device. Makes line waiting way less miserable

u/blahgg · 1 pointr/massage

Yup, me too. My practice is 100% outcall, so I have a table in the trunk at all times. Sometimes a chair in the backseat too. I've never had a problem.

I think most cars can fit a table in the trunk or at least the backseat. The thing is you have to pare down your supplies and get a suitable table case that can hold everything. In my table case: table (obviously), one set of linens and blanket (the rest go in a stack in a canvas bag in the car that I replace at the end of the day), oil/lotion, small fold up chair , travel hand sanitizer, travel clock, bolster, etc. And I still have plenty of room to throw in a bottle of water and whatever else I need for that particular client.

Easy peasy.

u/ColtPale · 1 pointr/comiccon

Get a comfortable 2 strap backpack and pack it with -

cell phone charger
water bottle
small tripod chair
a book (seriously so many lines)

Other things I learned (this was my first time also)
Book a hotel away from the convention center - I booked at the Summerset Suites for around $110 per night. The room had a full kitchen so we could eat on the cheap, and continental breakfast. They also have a free bbq for patrons every Friday night which was awesome. Between that and carrying around Cliff bars we maybe paid out $30 per person per day for food and alcohol. There were a lot of good restaurants around the hotel, and it felt really great to get away from the madness.

Take the bus - the 3 and 11 got us to the convention center from the hotel in about 20 minutes for $2.25 a ride.